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What is CSM?

CSM stands for “Content Management System” in English.

Meaning of CSM

CSM means “Content Management System”, translated into Vietnamese as “Content Management System”.

What does CSM stand for?

The phrase is abbreviated in CSM as “Content Management System”.

Some other types of abbreviated CSM:

+ Customer Service Manager: Manage customer service.

+ Common Sense Media: Common media.

+ Conceptual Site Model: Conceptual site model.

+ Company Sergeant Major: Sergeant Major.

+ Customer Service Management: Manage customer service.

+ Coffee Shop Manager: Manage the cafe.

+ Certified Scrummaster: Certified scrubber.

+ Community Service Manager: Manage community services.

+ Come See Me: Come see me.

+ Condom Social Marketing: Social marketing of condoms.

+ Certified Survey Map: Certified survey map.

+ Cottonseed Meal: Cotton powder.

+ Complex Statistical Models: Complex statistical models.

+ College of Science and Mathematics: University of Science and Mathematics.

+ Cerebrospinal Meningitis: Meningitis.

+ Climate System Model: Model of the climate system.

+ Computer-Assisted Survey Methods: A survey method with the help of computers.

+ Common Standards Monitoring: Monitoring common standards.

Certified Safety Manager: Certified Safety Manager.

+ Cluster System Management: Manage the cluster system.

+ Convention Services Manager: Manage conference services.

+ Customer Support Manager: Manage customer support.

+ Certified Shopping Center Manager: Certified shopping center manager.

+ Computational Structural Mechanics: Computational structural mechanics.

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+ Customer Service Measurement: Measure customer service.

+ Customer Satisfaction Manager: Manage customer satisfaction.

+ Circumstellar Material: The surrounding material.

+ Computer Software Management: Manage computer software.

+ Creative Sales Marketing: Creative sales marketing.

+ Code Security Module: Code security module.

+ Computer Supermarket: Computer Supermarket.

+ Certified Strategic Manager: Certified strategic manager.

+ Communications Support Module: Communication support module.

+ Cost and Schedule Management: Manage costs and schedules.

+ Constant Speed ​​Motor: Constant speed motor.

+ Command Storage Memory: Memory to store commands.

+ Compartmented Security Mode: Compartment security mode.

+ Class-Specific Method: Class-specific method.

+ Corporate Security Manager: Director of corporate security.

+ Common Signaling Mode: General signaling mode.

+ Corrupt Society Magazine: Journal of social corruption.

+ Computer System Manager: Manage the computer system.

+ Cell Service Module: Cell service module.

+ Corporate Systems Modernization: Modernizing enterprise systems.

+ Cross Spectral Matrix: Cross Spectral Matrix.

+ Continuous Signature Monitoring: Monitor signatures continuously.

Chief of Staff Memorandum: Memorandum of Chief of Staff.

+ Commission for Synoptic Meteorology: Committee of Meteorology.

+ Cold Sky Mirror: Mirror is cold.

+ Cryptographic Service Message: Cryptographic Service Message.

+ Cross Spectral Metric: Cross spectral data.

+ Combined Symbol Matching: Combine matching symbols.

+ Congress and Seminar Management: Congress and conference management.

+ Chemical Surety Materials: Chemically sturdy materials.

+ Cooperating Security Manager: Collaborative security management.

+ Computerized Structural Mechanics: Computerized Structural Mechanics.

+ Condensed Skim Milk: Condensed milk with sugar.

+ Cafeteria-Style Management: Manage the cafe.

+ Control Signal Monitor: Monitor control signals.

+ Community Service Movement: Movement to serve the community.

+ Customer Sector Manager: Customer sector manager.

+ Commercial Switch Module: Commercial switching module.

+ Church of Swedish Mission: Swedish Mission Church.

+ Collaborative for Disaster Mitigation: Collaboration for disaster mitigation.

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+ Combined Signal Monitoring: Monitor the combined signal.

+ Command System Manual: Guide the command system.

+ Custodial Step Mom: Stepmother.

+ Core Switching Matrix: Core Switching Matrix.

+ Customer Success Methodology: Customer Success Methodology.

Command and Staff Manual: Instructions for commanders and staff.

+ Combined Security Mechanism: Combined security mechanism.

+ Channel Supervision Module: Module monitoring channel.

+ Combined Sensitivity Measure: Measure the combined sensitivity.

+ Computer Software Module: Computer software module.

+ Citizen Service Management: Manage citizen services.

+ Capacitor Start Motor: The motor starts the capacitor.

+ Corporate Solution Manager: Business Solution Manager Karma.

+ Card Services Manager: Manage card services.

+ Control Status Maintenance: Control the maintenance status.

+ Communications Society Magazine: Journal of Social Media.

+ Cycler Shedder Module: Cycle module.