Not only is there a holiday for couples like White Valentine or Red Valentine, but the singles association also has a Black Valentine’s Day on April 14.

There must be some. People will only know about Red Valentine’s Day on February 14 or White Valentine’s Day on March 14. This is an opportunity for couples who love each other to express their feelings for each other.

However, it’s not just couples who have anniversaries. The Association of Singles also has a special anniversary that is today (April 14) – Black Valentine’s Day.

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Did you know that April 14th is Black Valentine’s Day for singles. (Photo: Instagram)

Black Valentine – Singles’ Day

Known April 14 – Black Valentine’s Source from the land of Kim Chi (Korea). This day is dedicated to those who have not yet found the perfect half of their life, or this day is also for those who are worshiping celibacy. If speaking in the language of young people at the moment, Black Valentine is a day dedicated to FA (Forever Alone).


April 14 every year is taken as Black Valentine’s Day – a day for the FA association. (Photo: Instagram)

Every year on this day (April 14), young singles in Korea celebrate. Although no one knows when Black Valentine’s Day originated and why they chose April 14 to celebrate, young people in Korea in particular and some countries around the world in general still respond to this day. This holiday is loud and full of joy.

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What to do on Black Valentine’s Day?

For couples who love each other, on White Valentine’s Day or Red Valentine’s day they often date, eat and drink together. each other to celebrate love, the association of lonely people on Black Valentine’s Day will also often gather to have fun. In Korea, usually on this April 14, people will wear black clothes, gather at any house, talk together and eat JaJang noodles (black bean paste noodles).


During Singles’ Day in Korea, young people have a habit of eating JaJang noodles.

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(Photo: Twitter)

The name of this holiday seems a bit gloomy, but many young FAs have “varied” and made Black Valentine different and exciting. more heat. Instead of sitting in one place “gnawing” loneliness, the FA will dress up beautifully, then invite their “teammates” to go shopping and walk the streets.


FA association often invites each other to go shopping or eat on Black Valentine’s Day. (Photo: Pinterest)

However, currently in Vietnam, still in the days of social distancing, walking and shopping is not feasible. So, the FA association also don’t be sad and feel sorry for yourself. There are still many more days to gather with my single sisters. Today, why not try sitting at home reading a book, order a cup of milk tea or your favorite delicious dish and enjoy?

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CĐM: “Order a cup of milk tea and facetime with your best friend”

Although Singles’ Day – Black Valentine this year is not like previous years because the whole country is implementing social distancing, Vietnamese young people are still excited and preparing “a beautiful soul” to facetime their hearts. big and small love with the FA sisters. Besides, some “keyboard heroes” also left a series of humorous comments that made netizens laugh out loud.



Some comments from netizens. (Screenshot)

“You have to order a cup of milk tea in the afternoon and then call your child to have a new job.”

“Every year, around this time, I prepare a pretty face with a pretty card to go shopping for this singles day.”

” This year, let’s celebrate at… at home, buy fried chicken and a cup of milk tea, eat while watching a movie.”

“Day honoring the beauty of the unique people. dear.”

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In recent years, Black Valentine seems to have gradually spread to countries around the world and received a lot of response from young people. Not only that, Black Valentine’s Day also brings a meaningful message: Those who are lonely will appreciate themselves more.

Black Valentine’s this year is not crowded like in previous years, the FA is at home and what will we do to celebrate this day? Share with us.

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