“Without going around, you are like Hai Phong…”, the small sounds begin to return, the audience expects regular flows with a bit of the real “groovy” variation commonly found in Binz, but instead, there is Something strange started to happen. Binz “enters the verse” one beat behind the beat. His next words also seem to slip away from Touliver’s background music, making many people wonder: what’s going on with Binz’s music?

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Rhymastic shares trade-offs in developing new directions in music | Photo source: Facebook Vu Duc Thien

According to the flow of history, any phenomenon or invention that is born must also go through the eyes of scrutiny, investigation and conflicting opinions.

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But in the Vietnamese rap community alone, we often make the mistake of thinking that anything new and difficult to accept in that moment is wrong. Most of those people are not in the most objective position to listen to music, nor do they learn more about the issue before expressing their subjective opinions, leading to creating a mixed public opinion. deserved, inadvertently drowning and killing new things they could have learned.

Rap music in Vietnam has a great potential, and this is considered the defining period of this music in our country, the community needs to learn more to take advantage of this opportunity to thrive. Through “BIGCITYBOI”, the surrounding events and the article, hope that readers will gain a more objective view, absorb creativity as well as new techniques and knowledge in music, together. share, build and develop the Vietnamese rap music community.

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