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Customer data in business is an important factor determining the development and existence of the business. If you are a business owner or a marketer, you are certainly no stranger to this concept. However, how to have customer data in business, many people do not understand. Our article below will help you learn more about this issue!

1. What is customer data

?What is customer data?

Customer data is a collection of information about customers who use your products or may have been interested in your services and products. It helps us to know full information about the customer, including full name? What do they want? Why do they want it?… Especially this data helps you to know the detailed information of customers such as zalo, facebook, etc. to help with the best marketing activities.

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Businesses that have high-quality customer data will easily take care of old customers and reach potential new customers. Through statistical analysis, businesses know the interests and needs of customers. Not only does this help increase sales, but this also creates a basis for sustainable business development.

2. The role of customer data for a business

There are many methods by which you can collect customer data.

3.1 Focus on building website content

The online network is growing rapidly, so you need to take full advantage of it in your business. You need to create a website with a beautiful appearance and thoughtful, useful content. Focus on researching keywords that customers often search for related to your business and incorporate those ideas into your website content.

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Blogging is also one of the easiest ways to create content. Through customer searches on the internet, you can generate new leads with relatively little effort and at a reasonable cost.

3.2 Develop more apps to meet smartphone trends

Obviously, the mobile app allows users to shop more easily and easily return to purchase without having to go through complicated steps. On the other hand, the app’s popularity also lies in the development of convenient mobile payments anytime, anywhere for customers.

Sales App will help businesses analyze customers quickly and easily. Some apps require location access, so the developer will know which areas their customers are concentrated in.

When users decide to install your app, it also means they don’t have to remember your website name every time they need to make a purchase. Each business customer has also means that the business can inform about customers, their behavior and preferences on the app. A typical example is the form of Chinese goods import service, many units have built their own apps and software for their customers to log in, recharge, track goods, track and thereby create relationships. system and get huge customer data. Some ways to build an app you can refer to: Vo Minh Thien, Ordertaobao, Super speed import, …

3.3 Take advantage of social networks

Create a Twitter campaign and share to your followers the chance to get a free gift when you enter your email address to download the document.

You can use Fanpage, personal facebook page or post to groups related to your business to share gifts as well as request to enter email address to receive.

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Value the gift and stop using provocative words to call to action. For example: There are only 2 days left to receive free gifts from the program… Don’t forget to give requests like, share to receive gifts to help your gift giving program become more known.

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3. 4 Collect emails from hosting related conference events

By organizing events, seminars, and consulting related to your business, you will help you collect online emails from your subscribers. You can apply many different channels to advertise events such as Social Media, Email, etc.

Usually, online events are easier to attract registrations. Therefore, you should organize online events regularly and do not forget to call for sharing from participants!

3.5 Organize Webinar sessions

Webinar is an application that allows to organize online courses, quality seminars. Presenters can share by presenting video, powerpoint slides, whiteboards, or other multimedia data to attendees everywhere.

Attendees interact directly with each other through microphones, webcams or chat windows to give opinions, ask questions about certain issues.

Webinar application is very popular in the world, allowing businesses to save costs and improve business performance. Thanks to these utilities, free webinars always attract a large number of subscribers. It will also be an opportunity for you and your potential customers to get to know and warm up the relationship.

3.6 Using advertising leverage

Using advertising leverage is considered the fastest way to increase the amount of customer data for businesses. Campaigns running ads on search engine channels and social networks will help you quickly connect with potential customers, of course, to do this, you need to spend money.

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Facebook is considered the most effective advertising channel today, it can give you the option of targeting the right audience, gender, age, region, and interests. Moreover, the cost for an ad with interaction is not too high.

Facebook will continuously update you with statistics and analysis of ads since the ads started working, making it easy for you to track and adjust accordingly, optimizing the most costs.

3.7 Collaborate with partners

You can with partners using a variety of programs such as:

Work with your partner to run a promotion on your partner’s website or on an email newsletter to get email addresses. . With a limited marketing budget, advertising cooperation will help businesses increase their reach to target customers. Cooperation and sharing advertising costs will help businesses save costs. advertising, improve the quality and increase the frequency of advertising. To avoid stepping on each other in sales campaigns after having data from cooperation programs, you also need to pay attention to finding other partners in the field. your business area.

3.8 Invest in direct marketing messages

We recommend investing in direct-to-customer marketing mailings. Although most people use email today, direct mail is still alive and well.

Compared to electronic mail (Email Marketing), direct mail often attracts the attention of recipients more effectively. Don’t forget to include an invitation to your potential client to a conference event so you can meet and exchange specifics with them.

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Customer data is an important factor for a business. Hope our article has helped you better understand customer data and have methods to have customer data in business.