What is FPS? FPS in the game is an important indicator of the quality of gamers’ experience, but not everyone knows and understands it all. In this article, Viettel will help you learn about FPS parameters and answer questions when applying in the game.

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What is FPS? What is the best FPS for gaming?

What is FPS?

FPS is an acronym for Frames-per-second, the number of frames per second. FPS is a metric that measures the number of images your graphics processing unit (GPU) can render and display per second on your screen. Or is also understood as the quality of the video card rendering how many images in 1 second displayed on the screen.

FPS is the number of frames rendered and rendered per second

So what is FPS? Here’s an easy example: If you’re playing a game with an FPS of 1, you’ll only see 1 image every second that passes. This speed is “too slow” for game applications and is only more suitable for video presentations. And certainly, no game will be truly “perfect” if at FPS 1.

FPS Scale

The eye is an advanced organ that can perceive the smoothness of image quality, but it will be difficult to tell the difference between the displayed frames in a few seconds. In technology hardware standards, FPS is divided into the following levels and ratings:

– 30 FPS: aimed at handheld game applications (console) and low-end PC games. With an index of 30 FPS can be considered temporarily acceptable, but if they drop deep below about 20 FPS, there will be a lag, unstable phenomenon.

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– 60 FPS: is the standard setting of current games. At this level, you will eliminate game trask situations, which is most evident when experiencing the two most popular games today, PUPG and LOL.

To check your device’s FPS, you can install some software that supports FPS testing

– 120 FPS: this speed usually appears on 120 GHz or higher screen lines, accompanied by a “smooth” graphics card. The image quality will now be significantly improved, smoother and sharper, thereby improving the quality of the game experience.

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– 240 FPS: this is the highest frame rate, usually only found in high-end devices, super products with powerful hardware.

The higher the FPS index, the harder it is for the human eye to distinguish, because the number of frames appears “too much” in 1 second of display. Humans can tell the difference between 30 FPS and 60 FPS but at 120 FPS – 240 FPS it is difficult to distinguish and compare when side by side.

What FPS is the best game application

?What is FPS? What is the best FPS for gaming? These are frequently asked questions by gamers. To answer this question, Viettel has the following opinion: no frame is the best, the most ideal, because each game will have a different standard and configuration requirements.

Basically, evaluate the FPS parameters as follows:

– 30 FPS: suitable for single games

– 60 FPS: suitable for fighting games, helping to improve reaction time – the key to winning.

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– 120 FPS: for professional gamers, demanding intense competition, maybe in game competition

– 240 FPS: also for professional gamers, but the improvements compared to 120 FPS are insignificant and difficult to perceive.

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60 FPS or more is perfect in game apps

Above is the answer to what FPS is and the evaluation of appropriate FPS parameters for the game. According to experts, 60FPS is a standard indicator for games, while 30 FPS is an acceptable parameter, and 120 FPS – 240 FPS will be more suitable for professional or demanding gamers. High demand to experience the game.