SAP software is the name of a large company in Germany and also the name of a type of business planning software. Read on to better understand what SAP software is!

What is SAP?

SAP stands for the English phrase “System Application Programming”. It is the name of a famous software supplier company in Germany in particular and the world in general. SAP is also in the list of 4 largest software companies in the world. This cult enterprise is the “father” of SAP ERP software that is loved and used by many companies around the planet.

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What is SAP software

?SAP is headquartered in Walldorf, Federal Republic of Germany. This company has two headquarters in Vietnam, they are located in the two “headquarters” cities of our country, the capital Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, respectively. 2 SAP Vietnam facilities under the SAP Asia chain. SAP Asia’s head office is located in Singapore.

As of 2018, SAP served over 400,000 customers in 180 countries around the world. Small and medium businesses especially love SAP ERP software, they account for 80% of all customers who come to SAP. Thanks to the development and sales of this product, SAP has earned huge profits.

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Its 2017 revenue is estimated at around $27.4 billion. It is honored to be ranked 12th in the list of the largest enterprises in the world voted by Forbes magazine.

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What is SAP software?

SAP software is also known by a more complete name, which is SAP ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software. It is a business planning software created by the German company SAP. It was first hit the market in 2006.

It is still constantly evolving and being improved into newer, better versions. SAP offers customers utility applications such as financial management, human resource management, product line management, supply chain management, customer relationship management, etc.

Main Features

Following the concept of SAP software, let’s dive into the main features of SAP and analyze each feature in detail!

Sales management: The business’ sales process will be closely monitored by the SAP ERP system, so that businesses can conduct revenue analysis, forecast profits, and find potential opportunities. capabilities through indicators and reports. SAP will help businesses manage customer relationships; help them understand and understand the psychology of customers, thereby selling successfully Purchasing management: SAP software can help you build, manage and maintain relationships with suppliers. Items such as orders, quantity of goods, profit level, outstanding debt, etc. will all be strictly managed.

The main features of the SAP system

Warehouse management: Warehouse management is a complicated job, but just taking advantage of the help of SAP, businesses can “lighten up” a lot. This system will help you manage inventory, pricing policy… in a thoughtful and effective way Financial management: This is an extremely important task of every business no matter how big or small their scale. . SAP ERP will help you manage accounting and finance related activities such as: general accounting, journal entry, budgeting… It will also provide you with full reports on the above activities. above

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Benefits of using SAP software

It is no coincidence that SAP software is trusted and used so much by small and medium enterprises. Let’s learn about the benefits when businesses use SAP ERP!

Helps reduce costs in order processing, distribution and shipping costs Reduces the time businesses have to spend to calculate selling prices Reduces the amount of loan needed

Benefits when businesses use SAP software

Increase cash flow Increase potential investment Create a more efficient and flexible working environment for your employees Provide the information your business needs accurately and quickly Suitable for many types of businesses , meeting all the special requirements

Above is our article about SAP. Surely you already know what SAP software is, its features and the benefits it brings to businesses, right? Hope these insights will be of great help to you in your accounting work!