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Germany wrote:

Can you add more exercises? I find the exercises but it’s so hard, I’ve learned to part 3 4 but I want to do the exercises there but I can’t????

Hieu wrote:

Trung Hieu wrote:

In lesson 3, I tried to follow the example, but it gave different results than yours. There is a very long sequence of numbers. So what are you?

Doan Quang wrote:

Very good and detailed, But if you only learn the theory, it is difficult to master the skill. Can you add exercises from basic to advanced for each lesson?

Dao Ha Thiep wrote:

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Your tutorials are so good and easy to understand!! I’m new to C, so I want to download and read it for convenience, but I don’t know where to download it…. Can you send it to me via gmail?

I’m studying coding at a center. I’m currently studying C and see that everyone in their class absorbs the lesson quite quickly, but I’m too sluggish. After studying for a month, they started to solve the problem. Some people did quite well but I was still slow. Is this because I don’t have the skills to learn programming? and do you have any good documents in Vietnamese for me to refer to.

admin, why are some c++ users using cout but their children can’t learn to use printf, so which one is correct?

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May I ask if there is a function + character in C? for example s1=’abc’, s2=’def’ => s=s1+s2=’abcdef’ ??? and then has a function to convert numbers to hk character strings? I thank you!!!

Can you list the keywords in a list, summarize the uses and properties of the keywords, please? I don’t understand and have a hard time remembering these. Your blog is very clear, thank you very much!

I really like virginity. But I don’t know the virginity. Thank you for reading this article, I’m very good at this. Thank you for your kindness. You have the best skin.

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