ACB is now becoming one of the leading banks in technology, especially in domestic card products, credit cards are highly appreciated. And to get more information about ACB, know what ACB is, state-owned or private, as well as understand more about these banking products and services. below information provided by Infofinance.

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Learn about ACB

What is ACB Bank

ACB is just the written name of the bank, the full name is Asia Commercial Joint Stock Bank. Thus, it can be seen that this is a bank operating under the commercial model, with the capital contribution of many domestic and foreign individuals and organizations.

However, in essence, being a Vietnamese bank, operating and established in Vietnam, the current shareholder structure of Asia Commercial Bank is as follows:

Domestic shareholders: 70.04% with Legal entity 24.66% and Natural person 45.38% Foreign shareholders: Legal person 29.94% and Natural person, total 0.02% 29.96%

ACB’s shareholder structure

Ac bank is a public or private bank

ACB is a joint-stock commercial bank, however, it is a private bank, not a state-owned bank or with State capital contribution. Looking at the shareholder structure, you can also imagine that there is not any % of capital owned by the state. In which, personal capital contribution is the most, including domestic and foreign.

Although it is a private bank, it still operates under the management and legal framework of Vietnam, under the close supervision of the State Bank of Vietnam.

The history of the establishment of ACB

The bank was licensed by the State Bank of Vietnam (“SBV”) on 24 April 1993 with an initial charter capital of VND 20 billion. Currently, ACB has become a rapidly developing bank with many of the best products and services in the market, raising its charter capital up to VND 9,376,965,060,000.

With rapid development, surpassing many other large banks in banking and finance, building a banking network throughout the country and abroad. ACB has 350 CN/PGD modern trading space; 11,000 ATMs and 850 Western Union agents nationwide.

With that remarkable development process, the bank has achieved many outstanding achievements such as:

Latest ACB bank logo

The ACB logo has also been changed many times, until now, it has the same symbol as above

Designed with the letter ACB of the same color, neatly designed, not stylized, showing prestige and reliability. In general, the three letters ACB have meaning, A – Attitude (Attitude), B – Behaviour (Behavior), C – Capability (Capability). With blue color, aspiration, activity is always transparent and transparent. looking to the future, putting the interests of customers first. People see that the middle of the letter C on the logo has a blue dot, which means that the bank focuses on capacity, promotes the operation of the bank to gain experience, capacity and expertise as the focus of the bank’s development, to serve customers.

Details about ACB

ACB’s business activities

Individual customers:

Mobilizing short-term and long-term capital: Bank savings, bank depositsOpen payment accountsCard products: Debit and credit cardsDomestic and international payment servicesMoney transfer and receipt servicesReturn services Foreign money Loans: Home loans, car loans, mortgage loans, consumer loans… Online banking: ACB online, ACB mobile, SMS Banking ACB, and many other automated service experiences, other online services Life insuranceAnd many other financial and banking services

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Corporate customers:

Capital mobilization: Term deposits, demand deposits Financial services: Bill payment, payroll service, tax payment, fast money transfer, payment intermediaries, custodial services… Trade finance : Export financing, import financing, international payment services… Credit – guarantee: Short-term credit, medium-term credit; Overdraft, Factoring, Construction and installation contract financing, Domestic commercial contract financing…investment in production and business investment in fixed assets/projects, financing of real estate investment projects, dn – smefp funding projects, rural finance projects – rdf, loans from green credit funds, preferential loans from jica… Foreign exchange, online foreign exchange services Online banking services, transaction banking services .

Is ACB good

ACB’s interest rate

With interest rates, we refer to savings interest rates, loan interest rates for individual customers only, not services for businesses.

ACB savings interest rate: ACB savings interest rate will range from 3 to 6.20% for 1 to 36 months, according to that term, the interest rate will gradually increase. => With this interest rate, in terms of the market, it is only average, not too high, so the competitiveness of interest rates is probably not the advantage of Asian banks in terms of deposit products.

ACB’s loan interest rate: The bank’s loan interest rate is also high, no short. In terms of the system of private commercial banks, it is at a competitive level, but it is much higher than that of State banks.

abc bank transaction counter

Limitations of loans at ACB: Strict conditions, difficult to borrow and no consideration of subjects, not considered as state banks because banks operate for the main purpose of profit.

ACB bank cards, card services

The main card is the best choice as well as the product chosen by many people today for ACB. When asked which bank card should I open, many of my friends recommend ACB, so to see what’s outstanding about ACB card:


Designed with many card products, special cards are connected with many major payment companies in the world, so the scope of use is wide Credit card with many great incentives compared to credit cards of banks in the world Payment card service is quite good, because it is accepted in many places, brands, stores, restaurants, hotels, other entertainment places Cards with low usage cost, card service is supported quickly with low cost. Cheap and free fees for card transactions Eye-catching, modern design with luxurious colors showing class as well as high aesthetics Cards are used flexibly, with secure chip card technology

Card limitations:

The bank’s ATM system is also small, limited in regions, the ATM system is also limited. The card used sometimes has unreasonable costs. The need to open a card is much but limited in terms of branches. support online card opening, online

The bank now has an automatic CDM system that supports fast card recharge without going to the bank.

Should I save money at ACB

As mentioned in the interest rate section, ACB’s savings products are not optimal in terms of interest rates, savings interest rates are lower than those of the State Bank in some terms. Although there is support for online savings, the online savings package does not have many advantages over the over-the-counter package.

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Savings products are diverse and have special characteristics, but there is no outstanding product that is both generic, in terms of interest rates, there is no difference, or great incentives. However, this is still a reliable, reputable brand with a sustainable growth rate, so there is no worry about bank bankruptcy, the bank does not have rumors about losing money, protecting customer information. good.

Is ACB reputable

Whether ACB is reputable is a question that many people are curious about, especially those who need to open a payment account, money transfer service, receive money, credit card, and save money.

This is a very reputable bank

Although it is a private bank, it is still under the general management of the State Bank.

Since 1993, still operating and being awarded the Asia’s most sustainable development bank award, it is impossible not to be discredited, because with banking and finance, it is only when there is trust, prestige and trust. trust, new customers use it a lot. The current charter capital of the bank is also in large numbers.

The most prestigious private banks in 2020

Cost of ACB banking services

The cost of using the bank’s services is also nothing special, the usage cost is not too high, the bank’s design and fee regulations are quite reasonable, not inhibiting when using the service. In general, for many banks, that cost is also considered low, not too high from card, account, money transfer and payment services and also very few unreasonable and forced costs like some banks.

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Customer Service of ACB

With the ACB banking system, the staff’s attitude is quite good, happy and enthusiastic, without any harassment or attitude to customers when there is a problem.

Support service channels are also fast, online support is quite fast and professional. Besides, at the counter or switchboard has also improved significantly compared to the previous time, the way the bank works is also faster and simpler, the trend of simplifying paperwork is considered an advantage. .

ACB’s online banking

ACB’s online banking is considered a pioneering service, loved by many, and highly appreciated by many users who experience the service. ACB’s e-banking service with many preeminent features, intelligent user interface, does not take much time to learn and use like other banks.

Using high security technology, providing the best banking services to customers. The cost of reuse is very reasonable. Used with annual fee is free, transaction fee is as low as 0.01% only.

However, for the ACB Mobile product, it received a lot of negative reactions, not as popular as InteBanking.

User reviews about old ACB online

However, with the current updated version, it has basically fixed the old errors, so everyone should use the latest ACB mobile version to have a better service experience.

ACB’s switchboard

For emergencies If you need help, need advice but cannot go directly to an ACB bank branch, everyone should choose the option of contacting the bank’s switchboard for the fastest help. People can be contacted during office hours, outside office hours. 24/7 support call center, even on holidays, there is still a support staff.

☎️ Hotline 24/7: 1900 5454 86

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Or people can contact the number: 028 38 247 247 when the hotline cannot be reached.

But most people will get quick support during office hours, and outside of working hours sometimes people have to call 1-2 times with a limited number of staff on duty than normal working hours.

ACB working hours

Learning about ACB, of course, cannot ignore information about the working hours of ACB’s branches today. Everyone should understand the working hours of the bank to avoid arriving at the wrong time, losing time traveling many times.

The bank works from Monday to Friday every week and on Saturday morning, except for public holidays as prescribed by the State.

Morning: 7:30 – 11:30 Afternoon: From 13:00 – 16:30 Saturday Morning: 7:30 – 11:30

However, people can still transact outside office hours if in Ho Chi Minh at the following hourly transaction offices:

ACB’s out-of-office working hours

Find the nearest ACB bank branch

If you need to find the nearest ACB bank branch for transactions, to find out information or have other problems, people can do it in the following ways:

Quick lookup via InteBanking – ACB onlineQuick lookup ACB mobileLookup via SMS Banking ACB, texting with correct syntaxOr quick lookup via the bank’s website with Google Map tool.

To find the fastest ACB bank branch, please click: Here

Should I work at ACB

ACB staff salary

Previously, the salary that ACB bank employees received ranged from 12 million/month, and was evaluated and ranked at the bottom of the domestic banking and financial system chain. However, that is not the actual number, because while ACB only spent 1,224 billion VND for salary and allowances, other expenses at the parent bank amounted to 1,594 billion VND. Thus, the income received by 1 employee is 29 million VND/person/month.

Thus, it can be seen that this is one of the banks worth working for if you want a high salary. However, that high salary is not for all bank employees, with regular tellers will have a much lower salary, here we are referring to the salary of credit officers.

How much is ACB’s Tet bonus

Also depending on the bank’s salary, ACB also has a fairly high bonus in the current banking system.

The Tet bonus will range from 1 to 6 months’ salary and what is the business result of that bank.

Thus, the maximum of a person receiving a sacrificial reward can be up to 40-50 million, which is normal. However, it depends on everyone’s capacity and productivity.

Is ACB’s working environment good

The working environment of ACB is quite good, dynamic and professional than many other banks. Young, professional working environment and putting working capacity first. Especially, the competition is quite large with individuals working in the credit sector, the pressure is very high, especially when it is easy to be eliminated.

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The above is the basic information so that people can know what ACB is, thereby helping people have more knowledge about this bank to help choose better products and services. In general, ACB is still a good bank with reputable and reliable operations, so everyone should try the service.