Having a baby in 2020 is the best month to give birth to a child of the parents’ age, what destiny is is always a concern and cherished in the hearts of many parents who intend to have children this year. If you are among those who have this problem. Follow the following article to choose the right time to have a baby in 2020.

This will not only benefit your life horoscope, and your children’s fortunes. Besides that, the harmony of fate and age can help our career path, career and life become much brighter and more successful.


Is it good to give birth in 2020 with the year of the Rat

?Canh ty is also known as the year of the rat. Giving birth in 2020 Canh Ty means you have given birth to a smart and agile son

Year of the Rat is considered to be the most intelligent, agile and flexible animal among the 12 animals, people born in the year of the Rat are not only intelligent but also strong and decisive.

Rats are rarely affected or affected by other people. At the same time, the Rat is very good at finding success and happiness

Rat is a man who is strong, extremely skillful, able to quickly adapt to new environments. They are also very intelligent, creative and masters at taking advantage of opportunities. However, the weakness of the Rat is that they sometimes lack the necessary courage.

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Rat women are traditional type women. They like to do housework, keep the house tidy and value the family. Rat women like to take care of everything in the house and the husbands of Rat wives have nothing to worry about at home.

Life’s destiny

The Rat people always respect above and below, they always take care of children, and always trust those above them. A boss in the year of the Rat will be very concerned about employees about work or eating and sleeping, but if it comes to salary issues, they will find ways to avoid or ignore and forget.


If the year of the Rat marries the age of the Rat, then a good marriage, with the age of the Ox, a good marriage, with the age of the Monkey, a happy marriage.

In 2020 is the year of the Rat – par Tho – Will Bich Thuong Tho give birth to a child? Fort

The outstanding feature of the personality of Bich Thuong Tho people is balance, mentality and firm stance, not easily swayed by public opinion in life. In them, there is a clear distinction between love and hate – hate is hate but love is love, not black and white.

Bich Thuong Tho always shows that he is a person of integrity, integrity, and at the same time always adheres to the rules and standards he sets himself, if he commits those things, they always feel remorse and regret. .

Based on the image “land on the wall”

Having the meaning of protecting and protecting others, therefore, Bich Thuong Tho people have a very good character to help others, ready to sacrifice and dedicate without thinking or calculating. With this quality, they can go far in the future.

However, for that reason, sometimes people who are destined for Bich Thuong Tho are too rigid according to the framework, less able to improvise in life and work, which can lead to them becoming outdated and outdated.

This type of land is meant to bring a peaceful and safe life to people. Those who carry the destiny of Bich Thuong Tho enjoy good fortune, success in life and have a lot of luck.

What is the best age for parents to give birth in the Year of the Rat in 2020

If calculated according to each factor separately, the following parents should give birth in the year of the Rat:

Calculating according to the three unions, the year of the Rat in 2020 is compatible with the Than, the Thin, according to the year of the Rat, according to the age of the Ox, according to the can chi, the son of the year of the Rat is compatible with the At. with Fire and Metal

Thus, the Ox, Dragon, and Monkey year old parents are all harmonious ages to have children in 2020

Which month is good for feng shui to give birth in 2020

In 2020, Canh Ty, Menh Bich Thuong Tho. Should be born in the Four Quarters, Summer and abstain from the Spring months. Therefore the good months 6, 9, 12, 4, 5

The four quarters are the months of March, June, September, and December. Spring: 1-3 ; Lower: 4-6; Autumn: 7-9; East: 10-12 (Usually calculated according to the lunar month)

What is the best month to give birth in 2020?

Born in the 1st month of the lunar calendar (the month of the Tiger): Rats born in the spring period are often talented, so they have a full material life. However, due to my self-conservative nature, always thinking that everything I do is right, my life is not as good. Besides, when they were young, they were very playful, lazy, and passive, so after 35 years of age, they were successful in their careers.

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Born in February (the month of the Rabbit): A shy, mild-mannered, well-connected person, although he doesn’t like excitement, he has a predestined relationship with noble people. The lucky few often face hardships and worries. If you are inclined towards literary career, you will have a chance to become famous.

Born in March (Month of the Dragon): An independent, introverted person. Although he has wealth, he always feels that everything is vanity. Not being able to ask for friends, on the contrary, sometimes being bullied by friends harm. Be on the lookout for bad things that might happen.

Born in April (Month of the Snake): A person who is romantic, passionate and often can’t control himself. There are many social relations, the number is frugal, but there are many dangers. Need to prevent minor harassment.

Born in May (Month of the Horse): A person with a high self-esteem, admired by many people. Some are rich but enjoy late happiness.

Born in June (Month of the Goat): An intelligent and generous person. The road to fame, career is open, life is more blessed than friends. However, they like to do things beyond their ability, so they often fail. At work, it is easy to have conflicts with superiors. To prevent illness due to hot weather, it is best to live in a place with cool water

Born in July (Month of the Monkey): A person with a resilient temperament but very peaceful, rich in heart, discreet thinking. Blessed by God, full of life, prosperous middle age. Need to prevent minor harm. In great things, there needs to be tolerance and generosity.

Born in August (Rooster month): A person who is intelligent, more intelligent than other people, sensitive, has wide relationships, and is successful. The number of people who support you, if you have an unsatisfactory job, you will need to be patient. If you are a man, you have a number of pompous numbers, if you are a woman, you are charming and virtuous

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Born in September (Month of the Dog): Rats born in this month are usually honest, careful, sensitive people but do not want to communicate widely. They are good at making money, start their own businesses, have a tendency to be commanders but lack confidence in themselves.

Born in October (the month of the Pig): A person who is visionary, has good judgment, and is independent. If you are a man, you often have low self-esteem in front of women. Material life is not stable because good opportunities are missed. After the age of 30, he has a career of his own.

Born in November (month of the Rat): Domineering, conservative, few relationships. Peaceful life, few enemies. Although the career came late, it was very successful.

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Born in December (Ox month): Rats born in Tieu Han period are enthusiastic people, always busy at work. A life full of happiness, prosperity, and a lifetime of happiness.

When is the best time to give birth in 2020

Born in the time of the Rat (23h-1h): Career smooth sailing; if you get married late, your children will not be as favorable. Born in the Ox hour (1-3 o’clock): Usually a high-talented person, some go far, peach blossom, few friends. Numbers suitable for women, not suitable for men. In life, we often encounter unlucky things such as lawsuits and disputes. Born in the Tiger hour (3-5h): Successful career, high house, wide door, meeting bad is often resolved. Numbers suitable for men, not suitable for women, see boi love for more details. Born at the time of the Rabbit (5-7h): A bold, brave, courageous person. Although his career is not highly developed, he is still respected and admired by others. Born at the time of the Dragon (7-9h): An unstable person, living far from his hometown. However, life is quite favorable, enjoying full happiness. Born in the Snake hour (9-11am): They are less fortunate in life, people who think one thing and do another, have to go a lot. Should beware of failure in life and career path Born in the Horse hour (11-13 o’clock): Leisure number, rich family, good fortune. However, he often encounters abuse and injustice. Born in the Goat hour (13-15h): A smart, agile, vivacious person. Normal family life, career in success, failure Rooster (17-19h): The number is blessed, the children are crowded, the life is warm. However, it is necessary to watch out for river accidents. Born in the time of the Dog (19-21h): A person with little luck in life; should be patient in communication and know how to wait for the opportunity to advance. Born in the Pig hour (21-23h): A person with authority but facing many disadvantages in relations with people. Should take care of the body, prevent accidents and poisoning

Above is information about: “What is the best month to give birth in 2020”. Hope the parents have had more useful knowledge!

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