The Avatar game social network is constantly evolving with major changes to the operating system to meet the needs of players. Download avatar game with the features of avatar hack including: avatar auto farm, avatar auto fishing, avatar auto diamond. Always ready to support you with entertainment and farm duties.

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Auto avatar game function

Avatar auto farm: take care of the super-fast farm avatar with the automatic feature in the menu. There is fertilizing, harvesting, sowing seeds for crops and pumping medicine, feeding, selling livestock services.

Avatar auto fishing: automatically fill in the arrow string when the fish bites the hook. Automatically buy bait, sell fish in the inventory quickly, with just one action.

Avatar auto diamond: blue diamonds are obtained when playing cards at the amusement park. Selling blue diamonds will get quite a lot of money. Play the latest avatar game to turn on the nick hang mode, maybe one day you will become a giant.

Download avatar hack apk for android

Download avatar hack according to the link at the end of the article. Scroll down and select the avatar auto farm file that supports android and ios phones respectively. How to download avatar hack game and install it in just 4 steps:

+ step 1: delete the old version being used on the device.

+ step 2: download the avatar-auto-farm.apk game file or the appropriate avatar-nong-trai.ipa game file.

+ step 3: open settings as usual.

+ step 4: join the game.

Avatar Game Introduction

The farm avatar mini game has been around since the 2010s, when inte was just developed in Vietnam. At first, the game brings a virtual world where every player wants to immerse himself in it.

Step into the magical, dreamy city by creating cute and personal characters created by yourself. Control the character to take care of plants – farm animals or make friends – chat at parks and shopping malls. The development of a simple hack avatar game that combines beautification, house building, etc., is available in the virtual world.


There is no script available in the game, downloading the avatar game revolves around the way of thinking that gamers bring. Through culture, the way of life builds up its own activities.

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avatar game area map

The latest avatar game harmoniously comes close revolving around the life of a hard-working farmer. You transform into a farmer who owns fertile land, a thatched house and a miniature mackerel pond in the farm avatar. On that land you grow trees, raise livestock, release fish and take good care of them until the harvest takes place. Exchange the results obtained with money to help improve life.

Register for an Avatar Game Account

Sign up for a completely free avatar auto farm account with an easy action guide. It is convenient to use a personal phone number or gmail to manage new accounts. Accounts and passwords are two things that need to be kept secure, to avoid outsiders knowing because bad guys can change information or steal it. After registering for the latest avatar account, you will come to the step of logging in to the game.

P/s: Login -> create character -> start playing. Note to visit .mobi websitegame download avatar hack game for phones.


After success, gamers choose one of two representative characters, namely Male and Female to participate in free avatars to receive rewards. Move back and forth by acting on interactive keys such as up, down, left, right.

The avatar hack character has human-like actions and emotions, some basic functions such as sitting, jumping, lying, crying, laughing, sad, lazing. Based on the above actions, the character will be limited by 5 stats, including: friendly, disruptive, stylish, fun and health.

The indicators are no different from a person’s emotions, protect health, live in harmony, avoid causing trouble, etc. Limit chat with bad content if you don’t want to be locked or banned from playing forever.

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Details of areas when downloading avatar hack game

Farm Avatar

Besides the farm avatar, there are shops that buy and sell agricultural products, specializing in providing seeds, breeds, fertilizers, and food for farming.

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In addition, the player leaderboard plugs right next to it, allowing you to find out other player information. Statistics ranking Shen Nong, Phu Nong, the people with the highest level or the most agricultural products avatar auto farm game.

Download the latest farm avatar 2020

The process of growing plants on the farm’s land may appear weeds, pests, etc. Please stop by the store to buy items that kill them before harvesting (the highest yield when there are no worms, grasses, etc.) ); Hungry or sick pigs and chickens also sell medicine and instant food. Exploiting avatar auto farm effectively that benefit brings a lot of coins.

Note: the number of pets of the avatar game is limited by species, they have different units. For example: 2 cows + 1 pig + 1 chicken + 1 dog = 2×3+2+1+1=10 units.


The shopping area is a place where people can freely buy and sell, beautify, and equip themselves with unique items.

Download avatar game not only for shopping, you are free to visit the Shop (specializing in selling) clothing design with a variety of designs); Beauty salon (specializing in changing hairstyles, funny eye colors); Gifts (fairy wings, sunglasses, candy, flowers,…).

Park area

Go to the park, which organizes community events such as teaching English, getting married or hanging out in the open air.

download avatar hack game 2020

The avatar auto farm game answering the English teacher is considered a rather prominent activity. The teacher asks questions about vocabulary up to 300,000 words, providing the ability to learn and play effectively. If you answer correctly and quickly, you will receive 1 more happy point.

Ecological zone

A series of fishing ponds built into clusters, each serving a specific type of fish. Avatar auto fishing activities take place excitingly, helping you to practice perseverance and patience.

Gamers who want to fish must buy enough fishing rods, fishing tickets, and bait for each fish strain. Move to stand next to the store and then chat “cauca” to make a buy-sell transaction. Download avatar game with very rich price, the higher the price, the better the item. However, they all have an expiration date (unless you buy in volume).

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Hack avatar auto fishing latest 2020

In order to serve anglers more easily, the fishing ponds are classified by character level, divided as follows:

+ Perch fishing lake (easy level): enter through the door on the left of the ecological area, there are perch and goby.

+ Snakehead fishing lake (medium level): enter through the gate on the right of the ecological area, including most types of snakehead fish.

+ Shark Fishing Lake (difficulty level): located behind the middle gate, contains many types of the biggest and most difficult fish such as sharks, rays, pompano, …

Around the lake are arranged stone steps, which is the position you sit to fish when downloading the avatar hack game. Once stabilized, you can cast and wait, the fish that bites on the screen appears a random string of arrows. Pressing the key in the correct order of display will pull the fish more gently. After catching fish, you go back to the shop selling fishing rods to chat “banca” to choose the fish you want to exchange.

Entertainment centre

hack avatar auto blue diamond

Developed thanks to many fun mini games with auto diamond avatars, for example: crab, diamond, pet racing, etc.

Residential area

Avatar hack chooses 3 types of houses suitable for life such as: Inn; Townhouse; Villa

Each type of house has a different area in which the inn is the smallest and the villa is the largest.

Choose a house you like when downloading the avatar game to decorate it (tile, paint the wall). There are many types of tiles and paints to choose from according to the preferences of each gamer.

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In summary, many interesting things are waiting for you to discover in this avatar auto farm game. Join your friends, let’s start the hours of entertainment right away.