If you are a crazy fan of European fashion, it is impossible not to know the fashion style that is considered somewhat “different” Avant garde. This particular style has captivated many fans and the fashion world for a long time. Because of its unique and exaggerated breakthroughs.

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What is the style of Avant Garde

?If in French, Avant garde is a phrase for pioneers with bold, unusual and non-existent thoughts. Avant garde in fashion is understood as a new, creative and different fashion style that is not similar to what is already there or follows any rules. Products of Avant garde always carry the true artistic values ​​of each individual.

Nowadays, the Avant garde style is not only limited to fashion. But it is also widely applied in painting, architecture, interior, … so that each artistic ego can sublimate with his work.

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3 special things only in Avant garde fashion

For fashion, Avant garde is the breaking of the way and doesn’t follow any rules. This style seems to be setting a new statement for the fashion world that never overlaps with the existing ones. With the following special features:

Disruptive and different

The Avant garde style is one-of-a-kind. This style has its own distinctive character that is not duplicated with any other style. Because it is built on a one-way view of a certain individual. In the past centuries, the Avant garde style was also considered a different and extravagant design because of its unusual, monstrous designs and sometimes contrary to current artistic values.

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However, we cannot deny the unique contributions of Avant garde pursuers. Because it has brought fashion in particular and the art world in general with new perspectives on the world and people.

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Color monotony

You will easily notice that the designs of this style are very “lack” of color. Usually, Avant garde style clothes are only about 2-3 colors. With the main colors being black, white, gray, etc. This design style is “boring” in color, but it makes the viewer have to focus a lot on details.

The colors black, white, etc. will help to highlight each crease line and texture. This forces the viewer to pay attention to every single thing present on the outfit. From there, it helps you discover and see unique creations.

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Hidden but never turned off

Although the fashion shows about the Avant garde style in the past faced many objections because of the monstrosity and extravagance. But in fact, the Avant garde flow still exists in many famous fashion brands, typically the Japanese fashion world. The designers who pursue the style are “hidden”, but they always create a strong attraction to the public and have many fans. In particular, you will be surprised to know that recycled fashion ideas are also inspired by this style.

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Currently, the Avant garde style is constantly evolving in different directions depending on the creator. However, it still clearly shows the experience, the ego in each work and the desire to break through the limits and overcome all artistic barriers.