If your WooCommerce store sells items such as pictures, digital photos, art, jewelry; or fashion, clothing… then featured products are a must… There is a plugin that allows you to set up and add featured products, it’s Barn2’s WooCommerce Product Table plugin!

WooCommerce Featured Products allows online store owners to showcase specific items on their website. It’s a great way to draw attention to your best-selling products, products that are currently on sale, or products you want to promote.

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Figure 01 – Setting up featured products on a website using WooCommerce

With WooCommerce, you can showcase featured products in different sections of your online store – in the sidebar, above the fold on your sales page, and even in blog posts. . It also makes it super easy to turn featured products on and off.

With this in mind, in this article, we will explain how You can place and add featured products in WooCommerce and display them in a front-end table layout. Before we begin, let’s quickly look at some of the different situations where you might want to add featured products to your online store.

When (and Why) You might want to add featured products to your online store

Set WooCommerce featured products allows You to easily increase product visibility on your website. As a result, You can effectively execute all kinds of marketing campaigns and ultimately increase sales.

Also, here are some reasons why you might want to add featured products to your online store:

Special Offers: to promote items for which You are offering discounts. This is also great for running marketing campaigns, selling bundles, or any other kind of limited time offer. Selling products in stock: online store owners need to sell products. Inventory in their online store can use WooCommerce featured products option to feature them on the store’s front page or use sidebar display. High converting products: the WooCommerce featured products also makes it easy for online store owners to put their best-selling products front and center. This is a great way to get products in front of customers and skyrocket sales.

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Certain types of products are in demand at different times of the year: if you sell seasonal products – such as shorts and coats, recreation or back-to-school products – you can You might consider using WooCommerce featured products to showcase items that are seasonally in high demand.

As you can see, there are countless scenarios where you might need to order and add featured products to your online store. Before we start the tutorial, let’s quickly go through some examples of businesses that might need to feature products on their online store.

Types of businesses that may need to feature products on their online store

The cool thing about featured products in WooCommerce is that any type of online store can benefit from them. This includes both digital products and physical goods.

Category 1: Graphics or digital art

If You sell graphics, digital art, mockups, templates or any other type of digital product, You can use WooCommerce featured product option to increase product visibility. This is also a great way to showcase your best-selling products.

Figure 02 – Sales of digital graphic products

Type 2: Outfit

If you own an online store that sells clothing, using the featured products option of WooCommerce is a must. Whether you’re trying to promote products on sale or quickly sell out seasonal items, making them featured will help grab your visitor’s attention.

Figure 03 – Selling fashion products

Here’s an example of how reform does it. See how they promote an item from three different product categories, plus Sale: up to 70% off messages on their homepage.

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The main difference between selling physical products and digital products online is shipping and delivery. Physical products need to be shipped to customers, while digital goods can be made available immediately for download (directly via the online store or via email).

By now You should have a clear understanding of what kind of online store you will need to set up and add featured WooCommerce products. Next, we’ll walk you through a quick tutorial that explains how you can set featured products in WooCommerce without messing around with codes.

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How to use the Product Table WooCommerce products to list featured products

The good news is that setting up and adding featured products in WooCommerce is super easy. Plus, You can easily switch between featured products, in case You need to change things up from week to week.

Assuming You already have a WooCommerce store set up with some products added, here’s what you need to do to set up and add WooCommerce featured products to your online store.

Add and set featured products

With WooCommerce, there are two main ways to place featured products – through the product page and from the All Products screen.

When You add new products to your online store, You can use Featured option in Publishing Settings to mark products as featured products in WooCommerce.

Figure 04 – Highlight featured products

Another way to set featured products in WooCommerce is to highlight them in the product list.

Figure 05 – Tick featured products on the list

All You have to do is navigate to Products -> All Products from the admin panel and click on the star icon for each product You want to feature.

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Turn featured products around

If you sell seasonal products or need to clear inventory quickly, you may need to switch featured products around frequently. The easiest way to do this is from the product list screen (e.g. Products -> All Products).

When You hover your mouse over the star icon, it will tell You if the product is featured or not. Simply clicking on the star icon allows You to turn it on and off.

Increase (or decrease) product visibility (less flexible option)

There are a few different ways to display WooCommerce featured products on your online store. It’s up to You to decide which one to use depending on Your specific needs, the type of products You sell and the number of products You want to feature per page.

Example: You can add this shortcode to any WordPress page or post You want to add WooCommerce featured products to

This shortcode will display all 12 of your featured products in a grid layout (4 columns and 3 rows). It will look something like this:

Figure 06 – Displaying featured products by shortcode

The problem with this approach is that some of your featured products may not be immediately visible to customers. If you need to showcase more of the featured WooCommerce products on your online store, you might consider using the WooCommerce Product Table plugin instead.

Display WooCommerce featured products in table layout for increased visibility (more flexible option)

Once You have installed and activated the WooCommerce Product Table plugin for your WordPress site, You just need to use the term option with shortcode for any page or post You want to display featured products in WooCommerce above.

Example: You can add shortcode