You’ve probably heard of canvas materials but don’t know much about them. This is a material that has emerged recently for the purpose of decoration and home decor. So what is canvas material? Characteristics and applications of canvas material?… that is the information that will be mentioned by THN Vietnam below.

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What is Canvas material

?Canvas, also known as burlap, is a common name for fabrics woven from hemp, the fabric is woven horizontally in the form of a coarse mesh separately. . Canvas has the characteristics of being waterproof, very durable, very suitable for carrying bags. The name Canvas comes from the Arabic word “canabis” which means hemp.

Thanks to these properties, since their inception, they have been used to make tents, sails or even make paper for artists to draw.

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Canvas paintings on the wall with delicate beauty

Cleaning the canvas

With a durable ink like UV, you can clean it with water normally. However, with water-based ink, you should use a damp cloth to wipe the surface of the painting.

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If you want to clean it in a safer way than water, then use bread to clean the dust on the picture, very effective!

In case the painting has old stains that are difficult to clean, the painting is stained for a long time, it is best to replace the painting with a new one to ensure hygiene and aesthetics.

What are the types of canvas paintings

Canvas paintings are divided into 2 types: canvas prints and canvas paintings (oil paintings).

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Canvas prints are divided by purpose of use: restaurant, customer, office, household, religion, feng shui, etc.

The company provides canvas materials and printing machines

THN Vietnam is a company specializing in providing canvas materials and printing machines nationwide. Our canvas material supply service has the following advantages:

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