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Hello friends ! In this article, we will start learning a new programming technology, which is WPF application programming technology.

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First, we need to understand what WPF is? and what advantages does it have compared to other programming languages.

1, What does WPF mean?

WPF stands for the first 3 letters of “Windows Presentation Foundation”, it is a platform that allows programmers to create applications based on the .NET framework for use on the Windows operating system.

WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) technology is the next generation of WinForm used to program Windows applications developed on .NET 3.5 and later platforms.

WPF is Microsoft’s new, modern programming platform, most of Microsoft’s Desktop applications are written on WPF.

2, Objectives of WPF . technology

WPF was built with three basic goals in mind:

Provides a unified platform for building user interfaces;Allows programmers and interface designers to work together easily;Provides a common technology for building user interfaces on both Windows and Web browser.

Before WPF was born, creating user interfaces according to the requirements described in the above example required the use of many different technologies. To create forms, controls, and other classic features of a Windows graphical interface, often programmers will choose Windows Forms, part of the .NET Framework. If you need to display text, Windows Forms has some features that support text directly, or you can use Adobe’s PDF to display fixed-format text.

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For two-dimensional images and graphics, the programmer will use GDI+, a separate programming model accessible through Windows Forms. To display video or play sound, the programmer must use Windows Media Player, and for 3-D graphics, he must use Direct3D, another standard Windows component. In short, the process of developing custom user interfaces becomes complex, requiring programmers with too many technical skills.

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WPF is a unified solution to solve all of the above technology problems, in other words, WPF provides many interface programming features in a single technology. This makes the user interface creation process significantly easier.

3, Some outstanding features of WPF

WPF makes programming simpler from interface design, data processing (using Linq combined with Binding mechanism) to make programming easier and more powerful than WinForm.

Together with the .NET 4.5 platform that supports Web API (before, .NET 3.5 used WCF, or Web Service for .NET before that), making it easy to build cloud computing applications.

The following table lists the advantages of WPF programming technology compared to some other programming languages:

However, the introduction of WPF does not mean that all of the above technologies have been replaced. Windows Forms is still valid, even in WPF some new applications will still use Windows Forms. Windows Media Player still serves as a standalone tool for playing music and video presentations. PDF for text continues to be used. Direct3D remains an important technology in games and other types of applications (In fact, WPF itself relies on Direct3D to do all the graphical representation).

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Creating a modern user interface is not just about merging different available technologies. It also shows in taking advantage of modern graphics cards. To release the limitations of bitmap graphics, WPF is based entirely on vector graphics, allowing the image to automatically resize to fit the size and resolution of the screen on which it is displayed.

By consolidating all the technologies needed to create a user interface into a single platform, WPF greatly simplifies the work of frontend developers. By requiring developers to learn a single development environment, WPF contributes to reducing the cost of building and maintaining applications. And by allowing for the integration of a wide variety of information representations on the user interface, WPF contributes to improving the quality, and therefore business value, of how users interact with applications on Windows. .

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4, Conclusion

Above, csharpcanbang gives a brief introduction to WPF technology, in the next articles, csharpcanban will guide you in detail, specifically programming on WPF technology, you should regularly visit the website to monitor.