Many times the word CELEB is mentioned on the pages of newspapers with sensational “headlines”. Let’s find out the meaning of this phrase Celeb and what Celeb is – who they are in the following article.

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What are Celebrities?

Celeb is a shortened word from “Celebrity” in English. The meaning of both words means famous person. A celeb can be an entertainer, businessman or public figure…

Taylor Swift – one of the most famous Celebrities in the world

Most of the Celebs operating in the entertainment, sports and business industries attract a lot of attention and love from the media and the community. In the world, everyone must be familiar with faces in the entertainment industry such as singer Taylor Swift, actor Chris Pratt or the group Big Bang, …

Singer Son Tung MTP – celeb is sought after and attracts the most attention in Vietnam

In Vietnam, perhaps it is impossible not to mention male singer Son Tung MTP. As a young and talented artist, he has won much love from the audience. With this singer’s virality, fashion brands are willing to pay him a large amount of money just for him to wear an ootd set with that company or brand name. So on social networks Son Tung quickly became a fashionista loved by young people to imitate. You can learn what ootd is and how celebs can get millions of likes here. Also in other areas like business, we can come across inspirational stories from celebs. entrepreneurs or start-ups. People who influence the public and become famous, we call them celebs or celebrities.

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What makes a person a CELEB

?Not every star or singer is a celebrity (also known as a celeb). Here we can use the word “star” to distinguish them from a celeb. While Celeb is for calling people of greater stature and influence. This will need to include their achievements and possessions as well. Who is the richest celeb? It is the huge fortune of a celebrity that will make their name and attract the attention of the public. That question is often asked each year in the lists of the richest Celebrities in the world and in Vietnam.

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Billionaire Pham Nhat Vuong – Chairman of Vingroup

Surely Vietnamese people are no stranger to the name Pham Nhat Vuong. He is the head of Vingroup and is currently the richest man in Vietnam. He deserves to become an exemplary celeb with many great achievements contributing to the development of the people and the country.