If someone asks you What is a blog? Already have a Blog? How will you answer? We believe that you have heard a lot about the term Blog, but to answer it completely, few people will be able to answer it.This article is to help you answer the above question in a way. Details and follow are instructions you create a personal Blog quickly. Let’s find out with Mat Bao now.

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What is a blog?

Blog is an online diary in the form of a website, expressing the opinions and personal views of the person or group of bloggers..... strong>

Usually, the latest posts are pushed to the top. Currently, the boundary between website and blog is almost blurred and blogs become “commercialized”, serving business and academic purposes. So what you need to know about What is a blog? Let’s find out!

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Blog is an online diary in the form of a website

What is Blogspot?

Blogspot or Blogger is a website system provided by Google that helps you create free blogs with many different interfaces for different purposes.

With Blogspot, you absolutely do not have to worry about hosting to store the web, the storage capacity of the host, almost nothing to worry about. Because everything is supported by Google. The domain name after the blog is created will have the extension .blogspot.com, or… you can optionally point your own domain name to your Blogspot. To register your own domain name, the first thing you need to do is check your domain name to see if anyone has registered that domain name yet. If the domain name is not yet owned by anyone, what are you waiting for without registering a domain name for yourself.

What is Blogging doing?

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Blogging is a word used to describe the skill of writing and operating a blog

Blogging is a word used to describe the skill of writing and operating a blog, using internet tools to write and manage a blog. Blogging has been around since 2000, blurring the line between journalism and blogging.

Who is a blogger?

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Blogger is someone who writes and operates a Blog

Blogger is a person who writes and operates a blog. Blogger can be an individual, using blogging as a hobby, can also be a profession, if using a blog on a regular, professional basis.

What is a blog for?

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The purpose of blogging is very diverse

Like a website, blog is created for the personal purposes of its creator. The original purpose of blog was blogger‘s diary about life, work, love, etc. Today, a blog can also be a learning website. Art helps blogger share their knowledge and passion. In addition, the blog is also used to promote or advertise business campaigns, to promote efficiency in terms of revenue and sales. In addition, the blog also serves political purposes, non-profit purposes such as charity.

Currently, some businesses use Blogs for the purpose of sharing technical related services. They can share their experiences, knowledge, or concerns about their services. The purpose is to attract traffic, identify services, brands. At the same time, this strategy is very effective in building backlinks. Should build Backlink from blog? With off page SEO, building Backlink from Blog is highly appreciated.

To learn more about SEO and effective SEO strategies. You should check out the article What is SEO?

What are the benefits of Blogs?

Create a Blog will give you a place to share your information, stories, creative ideas.Blog owning makes the difference for you.With a series of Blog posts, I believe you will hone your writing and presentation skills. Besides, it will also help you gain more online sales experience. Moreover, you can also expand your business, promote products and brands effectively. Professional and academic articles on the Blog also help you have a voice in your field of activity, …

Advantages of creating a personal blog using Blogspot

It can be said, Blogspot is Google’s Blog creation platform, it’s the most popular and oldest. This platform, called Blogger.com, allows you to create a free and simple Blog.

Blogspot has a minimalistic, easy-to-use interface that allows you to customize the interface and widgets. However, you need to know a little about Code. When building a personal Blog on Blogspot platform, you will get a lot of benefits:

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You just need to use a Gmail account to be able to create a Blog quickly. Save costs because the platform is completely free. You can use Blogspot’s default subdomain or buy and point the domain name. Blogspot can customize, change the information displayed on the Blog easily. The interface is compatible, friendly with mobile devices. At the same time, your Blog will display beautifully on all types of screens. Another worthwhile advantage is that Blogspot is very search engine friendly. Using it, you can easily get your Site to Top Google.

How is the blog structure?

Basically, the blog structure is not much different from the website

Like regular websites, blog often has a structure that includes title bars containing main categories. blog home page usually contains all the articles, ordered from newest to oldest. The sides of the blog will often have menu items, popularizing additional social media information, featured articles or links. Footer will usually contain contact information, commitments, and policies of the blog.

History of blogging and blogging

Blog, blogging was formed more than 20 years ago

It wasn’t until around 2002 that the term blogging began to be widely used when the use of blogs began to become popular and many different methods of management and operation appeared. . Originating from the story of Heather B. Armstrong creating a blog site dooce and writing about colleagues, privacy issues on the Internet are more concerned than before. From there, new methods of blog management began to be focused.

In 2003, WordPress was born, marking an important milestone in the development of the profession programming, website design. With this platform, creating a blog and website becomes many times simpler.

How to Start an Independent Blog for Your Business?

You can build a Blog for your business in 5 easy steps

If you want to create Blog for your business, you can completely do it on your own without knowing much about programming.

However, it should be noted that Business Blogs require higher security. You should also buy Hosting, Domain to make your site more professional and secure. Or you can also use managed Blog Hosting service. The server provider will be responsible for the technical hosting, and you only need to focus on creating content and developing the Blog. You can start a Business Blog with these 5 steps:

Choose a suitable domain name for Blog, not duplicated.Next, you register Domain from Hosting provider.Install CMS (Content Management System): This is Website content management system. It will control all content activities such as news, Videos, images, categories, … on the Website.Starting Blog: You start to choose Theme, Plugin, customize layout, … for Blog.Up structure for the Blog and have a specific writing plan. To create a blog’s soul, you need to create useful content, build up the basic structure of the Blog such as categories, tags, pages, topics,…

Compare blog and website

Blogs and websites have both similarities and certain differences

Although the boundary between a blog and a website has gradually been blurred, there is still a certain difference between a blog and a website.

Blog needs to be updated regularly and Focus on interacting with visitors. This is reflected in the fact that every blog post has a section for comments from visitors. Blog also frequently changes its “look” as new posts are always pushed to the top. Besides, articles on blog also often have publication date, author, tag, categories,,…

Contrary to blog, the website does not need frequent updates, does not need interaction through comments. Website always has a stable structure and interface, often unchanged over time. Besides, articles on the website often do not have publication date, author, tag, categories,,…

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AskWhat Knowledge FAQ

Why is blogging so popular?

What makes Blog so popular? Initially, people used blogs as a diary to update their thoughts, personal views and share with those around them. Gradually, blog went beyond its original purpose, becoming the main interactive page for organizations and businesses. Due to its attractive and interactive nature, blog is used for monetization purposes.

Can Blogger Make Money?

Blog advertising – what is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a method of using your blog to promote other people’s products and collect commissions or service charges. Blogs with high engagement, relevant topics will receive more valuable affiliate marketing contracts.

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Blog Advertising – What is PPC?

Another simple way to make money with blogging is to allow partners to run PPC ads on your blog and earn a fee. Entertainment blogs such as tutorials, game commentary, reviews, story edits, etc. will often pay very high fees.

Sell your own products/services

You can also monetize your own blog by selling your own products/services.

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Once blog has a certain amount of interaction, you can use it to advertise your products and make money from the business.

What topic should I blog about?

The goal of blog is to attract the attention of people around. So choose a topic of interest to many people. Of course, this topic should be based on your personal passion and understanding. You need to find out one or more issues that visitors are often interested in, then develop it into articles to share from you personally, helping them solve the problems.

In business, you can refer to trending topics such as lifestyle, fashion, fitness, health, beauty, technology…

What platform should I build a blog on?

What is WordPress Blogging Tool?

WordPress is a free blogging platform. You can use your email address to create an account on WordPress and start building your own blog. You can learn more about WordPress Blog in the article: “What is WordPress?

WordPress is supported by millions of developer. With theme and plugin constantly coming out to meet all your purposes.

If you are aiming for professional, serious and long-term blogging. WordPress is the irreplaceable platform today.

What are the disadvantages of Blogs created with WordPress?You need to spend a lot of time to self-study with WordPress and control it. You’ll have to control everything yourself including: security, troubleshooting, data backups, settings, design, and dozens more. Cost: You’ll have to pay extra. fees such as hosting, domain name to blog to operate. You should make sure your blog is profitable.

What is a SaaS Blogging Tool?

SaaS stands for Software-as-a-Service is a service delivery model software application services; where the vendor does not sell a software product, but rather sells a service based on that software. The vendor creates and maintains a web-based software. Customers can access it remotely via intesau after paying a recurring subscription fee. However, this cost is still cheaper than operating a separate website for blogging. For blogging, SaaS software such as: WordPress.com, Blogger.com, Storychief.io

What are the disadvantages of Blogs created with SaaS?You will lose everything if SaaS companies close down. Even a successful migration to WordPress.org will also bring dozens of problems. For example, fees for redirecting links, reinstallation and SEO.Blog design will not be flexible. Often these platforms will limit your website customization and functionality. You need to purchase additional add-ons or expand your subscription to add functionality or customization.

Top 9 Websites for Free Blog Creation

I will list 9 popular Blog building websites below. Hope it will help you to refer and choose the appropriate Blog building platform easier:



Blogger is Google’s free blogging platform. It allows create Blog quickly and easily even for non-tech savvy users.

Blogger is one of the earliest blogging platforms. The platform is completely free and easy to use. You can manage your Blog simply without any programming skills.

However, the drawback of Blogger is that it is tied to Google products.


Squarespace allows you to create beautiful Blogs with easy drag and drop tools. This platform is suitable for individuals and businesses who want to build a professional Blog.

The advantage of Squarespace is its ease of use. Even if you are a beginner Blog, does not know much about Code can still use the very simple platform. Besides, Squarespace’s designs are also very beautiful and impressive.

However, I have a caveat that Squarespace only allows 14 days of free use. After that, if you want to continue using the service, you have to buy the service for 8 USD per month.


For me, this is a centralized Community Blog platform. Your articles will also be suggested to people who read articles on other Blog SETT . SETT allows users to focus on audiences with similar interests.

Your readers will also find it easier to find topics and users with similar interests. They can also create Debate Room, communicate with other users conveniently. Thanks to its high interoperability, SETT can completely help you find more similar users.

However, this is still a fairly new platform. Therefore, many of its features have not been exploited optimally.


WordPress.com is a Blog hosting service provided by Automattic, a company created by WordPress co-founder Matt Mullenweg. And believe me, you will be very satisfied when using this platform, because it is quite diverse in features, themes, good support for SEO,…

WordPress provides free Blog hosting service. You can purchase additional options such as custom domains, additional storage, and other premium services.

To use WordPress.com, you don’t need complicated setup, you just need an Email address to open an account and start create Blog.


Wix has more than 500 Templates and a variety of accompanying applications.

Wix’s interface is built with HTML5 & Bootstrap source code to optimize the visitor experience.


This is a popular blogging site for bloggers who want to share knowledge.

Quora categorizes articles based on Quora Tags. This makes the article easier to find and share.


What especially impressed me is that Tumblr has a combination of traditional Blogs and modern social networks.

Tumblr allows to reblog content from another user’s account to your account.


With Svbtle, you will experience a luxurious and beautiful interface. Blog will be optimized, run smoothly.

In particular, articles on Svbtle are displayed uniformly, regardless of the user’s device.


Postach allows you to share written content on Evernote. It also has an impressive Comments section, supports Google Analytics for custom Domains. Besides, it also has a Markdown tool that allows you to customize the content.

How to create a personal blog

Building a personal blog doesn’t have to be complicated. Normally, the process of completing a personal blog will go through 5 basic steps:

Choose a domain name ( domain )Choose the right package and hosting providerInstall CMSBuild a structure and plan for your blogStart a blog

Here are step-by-step details, let’s find out the details with Mat Bao!

Step 1: Choose a domain name

You need buy a domain for your blog. Some hosting providers will give you the opportunity to choose and use a free domain name depending on their service plan.

For example, buys a .site domain name for all kinds of websites instead, which usually costs quite a lot. Example: ChiaSeOnline.site. If your Blog simply wants to share your personal experience and personal brand, you can buy a Vietnamese domain name with accents to assert yourself. Example: NguyenVanA.vn

Step 2: Choose hosting

When choosing hosting, you need to consider the following issues:

How much traffic Is setup time fastIs it supportedWhat features make the blog stand outHow much does it cost,…

From there, you can choose share hosting, cloud hosting, VPS hosting, Managed WordPress Hosting< /strong>… depending on your needs.

Step 3: Install CMS

You can use WordPress to install CMS for your blog. The first step is to install WordPress blog on hosting, then adjust the default WordPress settings. . You choose the most suitable WordPress theme and install some important plugins. So you can manage basic content on your blog.

Step 4: Build a structure and plan for your blog

In the main interface, you can structure your blog into categories in the form of menus. In the article writing interface, you can choose categories to categorize articles, tags and categories,…

Step 5: Start a blog

To start writing, go to the menu to select “News”, then select “Write a new article” to create your first article.

How much money does it take to create a personal blog?

With each different option package. You will have to pay different fees to create personal blog.

A personal blog will ask you for different fees. For example:

Content Management System: If you choose to use CMS software that has many features to support you.

There will be no specific price, depending on the needs of using the blog that you sign up for the respective services. However, the price can range from a few hundred to several million monthly to maintain the blog.

Hope our article will give you complete and detailed information about blog. Wish you success in building your own blog.