1.What is an engagement?1.1 Engagement in the North1.2 Engagement in the South1.3 Engagement in the Central region2.What gifts are prepared for the engagement day2.1 Betel nut 2.2 Tea, wine, tobacco2 .3 Green bean cake and com cake2.4 Bride’s cake2.5 Pink silk candle

What is an engagement ? or what is an engagement? this is sure to be asked by everyone. Although not as important as the wedding, engagement is still equally important. Let September Studio help you understand more what engagement> is? in life. If you are interested in this ritual, do not rush to skip the following article.

1.What is an engagement?


An engagement, also known as a wedding, is an official announcement about the marriage. promise to marry children to both sides of the family. This is a big stepping stone to the most important wedding in a person’s life, so there are quite a few important rituals and requirements. Couples should research and prepare carefully. Therefore, depending on the region, customs and practices will be different and the requirements for this holiday are also different. If you want meaningful and emotional sentences, you should choose an English sentence engagement.

Betrothal is considered a very important ceremony of great significance in a person’s life. Performing the traditional engagement ritual helps educate children to respect their ancestors, contributes to preserving the national cultural identity, and is an opportunity to bond the feelings of the two families. However, engagement will divide two different regions.


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1.1 Engagement in the North

Northern families want to keep the decoration style and atmosphere of the engagement ceremony intact. in a classic style. Northerners choose to hold an engagement ceremony close to the wedding day, about a month or even a week from the wedding reception. The engagement ceremony took place at the bride’s house. Northerners attach great importance to traditional rituals, so the ceremony takes place in a very historical way, with a tray of offerings with many solemn traditional dishes. In the gifts brought by the groom’s family, the trays are indispensable for rice cakes and mung bean cakes. Especially northern families often do not like the Western form. In terms of costumes, the bride will wear a long dress, the groom will wear an elegant vest.

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1.2 Engagement in the South

Southern engagement is different from the North style. The South has a more modern Western style. After the ceremony ended, the couples and guests had many fun activities to follow. Like singing or grand a magnificent party. The engagement ceremony of Southerners is different from the North’s, usually longer than the wedding date. The engagement ceremony will take place at the bride’s house so that relatives and neighbors know that the girl is about to make an unforgettable promise in life. The engagement ceremony of Southerners also has many parts, starting with welcoming guests, then a few simple rituals, asking permission and coming to both sides of the family to legalize the relationship of the main couple. . Regarding the engagement gifts, the groom’s family will also prepare a full set of trays with meticulous offerings inside.


In the engagement of the Southern people, there is often a part where the groom gives the marriage proposal ring like the North, the wedding ring to the bride in the presence and witness of everyone. Regarding the costumes in the engagement ceremony, the bride and groom will wear traditional clothes during the ceremony. When you’re at a party, you can wear whatever you want.

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1.3 Engagement in the Central Region

The engagement ceremony of the Central people resembles the modern Western style of the South. At the ceremony in the Central region, the bride’s parents will lead the bride and groom to bring a portion of the gifts brought by the groom’s family to the ancestral altar. The gifts of the Central region are usually full of offerings: betel nut, betel nut, wedding cake, wine, tea, medicine, pair of pink silk candles, other offerings…

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Especially in Central, total The ceremony must be an even number, and is often chosen based on the number of birth or old age. Similar to the South after the ceremony ends, couples and guests have many fun activities to follow. Like singing or grand a magnificent party. Like other regions, there is often a part where the groom gives the wedding ring and the wedding ring to the bride in the presence and witness of everyone. About the dress like the south, the bride and The groom will wear traditional clothes during the ceremony. And when you go to the party, dress up as you want.

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2.What gifts to prepare on the day of the engagement


For standardization Offering gifts on the day of the engagement is a very important job, depending on the ability of the two families, but they definitely need to have all of the following: betel nut, tea, green bean cake and rice cake, cake. spouse, fruit and wine, cigarettes, and red silk candles. To be more formal, the family can also prepare roasted suckling pig, raspberries… and you mustn’t forget to ask family members or close friends to bring the raspberries.

2.1 Betel nut and areca

Betel nut is an indispensable offering in the engagement ceremony, symbolizing the love of husband and wife and long-term attachment. long in the relationship between husband and wife later.

The tray of betel nut is not too picky, the quantity is not required, so the groom’s family can do whatever they want, as long as there is a beautiful tray of fruits and not too sketchy when taking it to the girl’s house.


2.2 Tea, wine, tobacco

This is considered the most necessary and basic sacrifice chosen in the attached ceremony tray. Vietnamese kiss. In different regions, this wedding ceremony is arranged in an indispensable wedding tray. This is also how the bride’s family creates conditions for the groom’s family to comfortably arrange the fruit tray and express their heart to the girl’s family.

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2.3 Green bean cake and rice cake

Mung bean cake and rice cake are also very special and indispensable gifts for the day. Great engagement of human life. This betrothal creates an infinite and inseparable bond of the couple, like mung bean cake.

2.4 Wedding cake


In the engagement ceremony instead of choosing banh chung – banh chung. The bride’s cake symbolizes the fidelity of a young couple who can live together for the rest of their lives.

This is considered a faithful promise and sincere blessing of the groom’s family for the bride’s family. The fruit tray containing the bride’s cake is arranged in a heart shape symbolizing the faithfulness of each couple. This tray is arranged in an even number and is not required in terms of quantity.

2.5 Pink silk candles

Pink candles usually come in pairs, this offering is extremely important and indispensable in the family’s wedding tray. male. The pair of pink silk candles will be used in the ritual in front of the ancestral altar. The preparation of a pair of pink silk candles also helps to carry out the wedding ceremony smoothly, without any shortage of before and after.


So you already know the basic answers to what is engagement. However, the above factors are important and indispensable for a formal engagement ceremony. Therefore, not only the bride and groom, but both sides of the family need to talk and agree to be more harmonious on the matter of preparing for the ceremony. Hopefully, this information will help the bride and groom prepare carefully before entering the official wedding ceremony.

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