What is the ship code?

This is a new concept for all those who are new to online sales or starting to buy online to provide the best information to customers.

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Ship COD is an acronym for Shipping Cash on Delivery – So Ship Cod means the COD collection service, in which the Buyer will pay at the time of receiving the goods.

What is the ship code?

The concept of “Ship Cod” is strongly reflected in Vietnam’s online shopping culture because compared to developed countries such as the US or Europe, the buying culture Buyers will pay by online payment via bank. , visa card, paypal card or other forms of online payment. Then the delivery person only needs to bring the goods to the buyer’s house without collecting it there.

Why has Vietnam developed Ship Cod

?For online payments, it means that the percentage of people using cash is low (like the US is only 10%) and the rate of using cards and payments. Online high.

In addition, in Vietnam, there is no good form of consumer protection, so buyer confidence is low, when Ship Cod, buyers will be able to see the goods when buying, so they will be more confident, and the seller is more responsible.

Where is the Ship Cod

?Ship Cod at shipping companies that have a collection service, including

Ship Cod service nationwide to the Provinces:

– Post Office – VNPost

– EMS – Viettel Post

– Giaohangnhanh

– Kerry Express

– Giaohangtietkiem

– GoldTimes Post

Some intermediary COD delivery units such as:

– Shipchung

– ShipAnToan

– Quick.vn

– Wefast.vn

Door to Door shipping units such as:

– Ahamove

– Lalamove

Ship cod What is a post office

?Ship Cod Postal service is a shipping cod service by Vietnam Post Corporation called VNPost for short.

Service characteristics: Is a Ship Cod service with a traditional, diversified model and many fast and slow service packages, parcels, …

Form of fee collection: Divided into several levels, the cost is often difficult to calculate accurately.

Market coverage: 13000 communes, 700 districts, 63 provinces and cities are covered to all post offices.

Is the Ship Cod unit with the strongest coverage (average 1 post office/commune)

As a member of VNPT Group

How to Ship Cod by Post Office

?To ship Cod by post, you can contact the nearest post office in your area:

Step 1: Go to the nearest post office to bring your goods

Step 2: Contact the Ship Cod service at the post office

Step 3: Send the goods to the service counter, the goods should have the information of the sender (Full name/sdt/address) – recipient (Full name/sdt/address) – Amount collected

Step 4: Pay the shipping and delivery fees including:

– Delivery service fee depending on the package used (Express, slow, parcel, …)

– COD collection fee (depending on the value declared with the Post Office about 1.2 to 1.6% of the value of the goods)

– Co-checking service fee (For customers to see the goods)

– Surcharge (Remote areas, remote areas, regions)

– Fuel surcharge

Step 5: Bring the bill for the order to be delivered successfully

Delivery time depends on the service selected by the customer and the delivery area.

After about 7 days.

Bring your order receipt to receive money

Large customers can sign a contract and usually have a KHL code (Big Customer) to manage goods.

What is Ship cod EMS

?Ship cod EMS is a shipping cod service provided by Post and Courier Joint Stock Company.

Market coverage: 63 provinces, for district and commune orders delivered via VNPost.

Is the fastest and most stable Ship Cod unit in 63 provinces and cities.

As a joint stock company and a member of VNPost

Ship Cod process of EMS is similar to VNPost, to send Ship Cod to individual customers of EMS service, you can directly contact VNPost post office, it will be convenient to travel.

For large customers and businesses, please contact the EMS post office directly.

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– EMS only has Ship Cod service according to Courier package

– EMS COD collection fee is only 1% of the declared value (1% of the order value)

What is Viettel post cod shipping

?Ship Cod Viettel Post is a shipping cod service deployed by Viettel Post Corporation.

Market coverage: 63 provinces, nearly 400 post offices; for orders at district and commune levels through a team of collaborators who are demobilized soldiers and local workers.

In addition, in the islands and remote border areas, because Viettel Post is a military unit, there is a team of postmen to serve.

Is the Ship Cod unit with the widest coverage.

Is a member company of Viettel group

How to ship Ship Cod of Viettel

?The Ship Cod process of Viettel Post is both traditional and modern.

In the current period, Viettel Post, through the cooperation of technology partners like ShipChung, has helped Viettel Post to have an Online order management system.

In addition, Viettel’s post offices still use the old model in COD delivery:

Step 1: Go to the post office

Step 2: Write order information, collect it on the bill

Step 3: Send goods, pay bill and keep bill

Viettel’s Cod shipping fee includes:

– Delivery service fee (Fast or slow)

– Household collection fee (1% for provincial centers and 1.5% for districts and communes)

– Fuel surcharge

– Surcharge for remote areas – 10% VAT

Step 4: Bring the bill back and wait for about 7 days to collect money at the post office.

For large customers, corporate customers, you can sign a contract and pay the collection through a bank account.

What is Ship Cod Kerry Express

?Ship Cod Kerry Express is a Ship Cod service operated by Kerry TTC Courier Joint Stock Company (Formerly Tin Thanh Company)

Coverage: 63 central cities of 63 provinces, a few other big cities

Is the service with the fastest transportation segment. Because of the intercity truck system going through all 63 provinces of Kerry. For heavy goods, overland, Kerry seems to be the right choice between cost and speed.

Problem: Kerry does not have a post office system as well as a postal service at the district and commune level, which makes it impossible for Kerry to deliver goods to the district and commune lines.

Some other Express delivery units at the provincial level will combine with local partners to deliver the district and commune lines, but with Kerry, they have not yet supported this issue.

This makes it inappropriate to use Kerry without a specific routing system.

How Fast is Delivery Cod GiaoHang

?GiaoHangNhanh is a Courier unit born that only chooses the COD collection shipping segment, which means that the entire operating system of Quick Delivery is only for service. COD collection goods.

Coverage: 63 provinces and 700 districts and communes already have a team, currently at the post office, GHN

Service Features:

– Most are express delivery (Effective package is quite expensive)

– The minimum weight is quite high (from 0 to 1000g means that 200gr goods are no different from 1000gr)

– Very good service managed entirely by technology.

How to ship Ship Cod GiaoHangNhanh

?Step 1: Go to website 5sao.ghn.vn

Step 2: Create an account

Step 3: Create an order

Step 4: Wait for the postman to pick up the goods

Step 5: Delivery and receipt of the bill (Not receiving the bill is also possible because the postman GHN has an App that will update and receive the goods, your computer will also be updated)

Payment on delivery.

Step 6: Update payment and wait to receive money

With the company, you can just sign a contract to get VAT.

What is Economic Shipping CoD

?Ship Cod service is quite famous for its fast service at 2 ends: Ho Chi Minh – Hanoi

Especially intra-provincial services. Currently, GHTK has returned to SEA, a unit that is the owner of Garena and Shopee, so it is very strong in financial resources, and is promoting nationwide.

Coverage: 63 provinces, 700 districts and communes are developing more

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Characteristics: like GiaoHangNhanh, GHTK 100% invests in technology for COD, especially the Delivery App system.

Transport fee:

– Giaohangtietkiem is relatively cheap, compared to GiaoHangNhanh, it is a bit cheaper, if you analyze it specifically, it is relative.

– The base weight range of the GHTK is quite low – 500g

– Relatively fast shipping time because of GHTK’s strategic goal.

How to ship Ship Cod GiaoHangTietKiem

?Step 1: Go to website GiaoHangTietKiem.vn

Step 2: Create an account

Step 3: Create an order

Step 4: Wait for the postman to pick up the goods

Step 5: Delivery and receipt of the bill (Not receiving the bill is also possible because the postman GHTK has an App that will update and receive the goods, your computer will also be updated)

Payment on delivery.

Step 6: Update payment and wait to receive money

With the company, you can just sign a contract to get VAT.

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In general, the process is similar to GHN, GHTK, the time seems to be a little better, but basically, the two parties’ services are equivalent. Currently GHTK is promoting advertising so the price may be better.

What is Ship Cod Grab

?The Ship Cod service deployed by Grab is also known as Grab Express.

Coverage: Inner Ho Chi Minh City or Hanoi

Form: Door to Door means receiving the goods and delivering the goods immediately to the recipient.

As for other forms of COD delivery, after delivering the goods to the postman, they will be sent to the post office, the post offices will transfer to the exploitation center and then transfer to the post office to send the goods and then transfer to the postman to deliver the goods to the customer.

How to send Ship Cod Grab

?Step 1: Download App Grab – iOs and Android

Step 2: Sign up for Grab

Step 3: Create a grab menu

Step 4: The shipper comes to pick up the goods and send the invoice

Step 5: Shipper goes to deliver

Note: Grab used to support COD, but now Grab has refused COD service, only delivering normal documents.

To use COD service, you should use Ahamove

What is Ship Cod Ahamove

?Ship Cod Ahamove service is a Ship Cod service operated by Ahamove company, a member of GiaoHangNhanh specializing in COD – Door to Door service.

Coverage: Inner Ho Chi Minh City or Hanoi

Form: Door to Door is similar to Grab

How to send Ship Cod Ahamove

?Step 2: Register for Ahamove

Step 3: Create an Ahamove application

Step 4: Shipper comes to pick up the goods – Advance payment to 1,000,000 VND

Step 5: Delivery

Special: Ahamove allows multi-point delivery, collection and advance

FAQ about Ship Cod for customers:

What is Phuong Trang Ship Cod

?Ship Cod Phuong Trang is a Ship Cod service operated by Phuong Trang passenger transport company – Futa Express, sending goods via Phuong Trang bus.

This service has a fee. Services and prices can be found at: futaexpress.vn/bao-gia

Cheapest Ship Cod Service – Where is the cheapest Ship Cod service

?The cheapest Ship Cod service depends on the service package you use.

Usually Ship Cod via Post, slow delivery package will have a relatively good price.

But depending on the area, the place of delivery, whether or not the price is good.

Because the Post Office has a collection fee of about 13-16k, while GiaoHangNhanh and GiaoHangTietkiem do not have this fee.

Where is the reputable ship cod service

?Ship Cod service Prestige depends on whether the company is large or small, reputable or not, it is relative to each person. Basically, a long-term business company must be reputable to be able to survive.

Which company’s ship code is good

?Ship Cod service is good for each company. I can judge by the following factors:

– Fast: GHTK and GHN have relatively good service in terms of speed

– Price: Viettel Post and Post Office – VNPost usually has good prices

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– Deliver many points, strong coverage: Viettel Post and Post Office – VNPost are the 2 best coverage units.

– Periodic automatic payment: GHTK and GHN

There are quite a few criteria, depending on the wishes of the customer to choose.

What if the customer does not receive the Ship Cod

?Usually, if the customer does not receive the Ship Cod, you will be refunded. This order will be subject to an additional fee of 50-100% of the shipping fee, depending on the unit.

How does Shopee ship the code

?Shopee Ship Cod is actually a misunderstanding of the customer. Shopee is essentially an e-commerce website, selling directly.

Shopee often promotes 100% shipping fee reduction for customers, which helps Shopee attract a large number of sellers to Shopee to sell.

On the other hand, Shopee currently does not charge a sales fee, so it attracts customers to order directly on it.

Should I use the postal or viettel post Ship Cod service?

Viettel Post’s service is quite good, highly appreciated for its quality and reputation for responsible issues

The Southern Post Office is quite appreciated for its quality, and the quality of transportation at the district and commune level is quite good.

Depending on each person, each area and the relationship with the post office, the shop should choose the service accordingly.

Which side does Sunday ship cod service

?Sunday Ship Cod service currently only has GiaoHangNhanh and Giaohangtietkiem deployed.

Which side is the evening ship cod service

?Sunday Ship Cod service is currently only deployed by Giaohangtietkiem.

Is shipping cod expensive

?Ship Cod service will incur a collection fee of about 1-1.5% of the order value. Usually the minimum is 10,000 VND to 15,000 VND per order for carriers such as Viettel Post, Post Office, EMS, etc.

Only GiaoHangNhanh, GiaoHangTietKiem do not have this fee.

Basically, if you Ship Cod, most of the time, it will cost about 10-15k more.

Can you check the goods when shipping the cod

?When the Ship Cod chooses the Co-Check service, the customer will be able to check the goods.

Ship cod is fast

?Ship cod has a fast speed depending on the service package used, if it is delivered by express, it is equivalent to Express delivery service.

However, due to collection of goods, it will take a little longer to meet the buyer to successfully deliver the goods.

What is English shipping code

?Ship COD in English is Shipping Cash on Delivery

When will the viettel cod ship receive the money

?Ship cod viettel usually receives the money after about 1 week after successful delivery. Because Viettel Post does not apply technology and the money transfer time is quite long.

Is it safe to ship cod

?Ship Cod or any other form of shipping with high value goods is often easily lost due to the transportation process, possibly by the postman or by any other problem. it during shipping. Therefore, the shop should buy goods insurance about 1-2% of the value of the goods to ensure that if lost, they will be compensated 100% of the value of the goods.

How long does it take to get the money from the shipping code

?Depending on the shipping cod service, the time to get the money is different, usually after successful delivery, the longest is about 10 days.

How to ship the code?

See each carrier to know the service clearly

How much is the shipping code?

COD shipping fee

How many days to ship the code?

Usually Ship Cod time depends on the area:

Usually with the Courier package:

Inner province: 1-2 days

Same Region: 2-4 days

Lien Mien: 3-5 days

Distance from Region: 3-5 days

Depending on the service package, fast or slow and the shipping unit.

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Ship cod EMS how long to receive money?

Ship Cod EMS is similar to the post office, after 1 week of delivery, you will receive money.