What are stem cells and how do they benefit human health? Learn more about stem cells in this article!

What are stem cells?

Stem cells are the building blocks of the body’s organs. They have self-renewal and differentiation potential. That is, stem cells have the ability to divide to create many other cells or to form many other types of functional stem cells such as hair cells, skin cells, bone cells, etc.

Stem cells continuously replace damaged, old cells in the body. This process helps the body stay fresh, healthy and slows down the aging process. That is why their role in the body is very important.

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What are stem cells?

Stem cell application

Stem cells have the ability to renew, repair and replace damaged and aging tissues. Stem cells hold great promise in medicine.

After finding the answer to the question what are stem cells? We already know that stem cell technology was born with a new medical specialty – Regenerative Medicine. Stem cell technology helps to regenerate organ tissue, heal injuries, cure diseases and improve quality of life.

Application of stem cells in medicine

Have you got more information about what are stem cells? What about the “miracle” applications of stem cells in medicine? Let’s find out in the section below.

What are the applications of stem cells in medicine?

Support in the treatment of cancer and serious diseases

On the basis of the results of scientific studies that have proven that stem cells help support the treatment of cancer and serious diseases very effectively, scientific researcher Szabó László and his colleagues found a mixture of substances derived from nature helps to stimulate bone marrow to release more stem cells into the bloodstream, from which stem cells will travel to parts of the body to replace damaged or aging cells. In particular, this mixture of substances has the ability to help regenerate cells that have been destroyed from radiation and chemotherapy. Szabó László’s father became seriously ill, and almost all therapies failed to help his father get well. It was this that prompted him to search for methods from nature and this is a world famous scientific research. Find out more information here.

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With stem cells to support the treatment of diabetes patients, modern medicine has applied stem cell transplant therapy to help the body regenerate insulin-producing beta cells, helping patients stabilize blood sugar levels. . Currently, there is a safer and simpler solution, which is to use an oral endogenous stem cell proliferation product that supports the activation of stem cells in the bone marrow and releases more stem cells. Stem cells enter the blood, from which the regeneration of beta cells and insulin production takes place continuously, maintaining a stable blood sugar level for the patient.

For Cardiovascular Disease

Olimpiq SXC 250% helps bone marrow to release more stem cells into the blood, thereby helping to improve atherosclerosis, strengthen vessel walls, increase elasticity, thereby helping to stabilize blood pressure and blood pressure. against atherosclerosis.

For Myocardial Infarction

The method of endogenous stem cell proliferation was tested and showed that for patients with myocardial infarction, Olimpiq significantly improved in reducing the duration of treatment.

For Multiple Sclerosis:

After a period of using Olimpiq, the muscle stiffness of some patients is significantly reduced, the movements are much improved, the muscle pain is reduced, coordination of movement is better, there are people who only use a wheelchair but after 3 months they can walk with walker.

For Encephalopathy

Under the influence of Olimpiq, the number of brain cells increases, connections between neurons become stronger, motor coordination improves, intellectual development increases, mental disorders Mental status improved, epilepsy decreased.

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For Parkinson’s disease

With the method of endogenous stem cell proliferation, stem cells help regenerate neurons that produce dopamine, improving vibration for people with Parkinson’s disease.

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For liver disease

The liver is the best regenerative organ in the body, and both liver cells and stem cells play an important role. The use of stem cell proliferation solutions when suffering from liver disease is very effective. Under the effect of Olimpiq SXC 250% SL product, stem cells are born to replace damaged liver cells. Since then, improving the condition of liver disease is shown through the test results.

Supporting burn patients

Olimpiq is very effective in supporting the treatment of burn wounds. Through blood circulation, stem cells promptly reach the wound to replace the damaged cells. The timely treatment of steam burns using the product can in many cases replace a skin transplant.

Application of stem cells in anti-aging

Stem cells have the ability to repair, renew and replace damaged and aging tissues. But according to the law of nature, stem cells will also decrease rapidly with time and age. Humans have 100% stem cells at birth, 45% at 18 years old, and 25% at 30 years old. This is the aging process. So what is the application in reversing aging of stem cells? Stem cells have the ability to stimulate the activity of reserve stem cells in organs so that they replace aging cells and rejuvenate organs This process also helps to slow down the oxidation processes. , improve skin, strengthen hair…

How do stem cells in anti-aging work?

Some leading Hungarian professors and experts have published successful studies on a mixture of substances that stimulate the bone marrow to release more stem cells into the blood. This mixture helps to increase the number of stem cells in the blood naturally and safely. This mixture is found in the product Olimpiq SXC 250% SL. Olimpiq SXC 250% SL is produced in capsule form in Hungary, imported and distributed exclusively in Vietnam by Vietnam Pharmaceutical Corporation – JSC (VINAPHARM).

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How to increase endogenous stem cells in the body

?In recent years, exogenous stem cell transplantation therapy in some incurable cases has had great success. Therefore, stem cell technology in general is of great interest. Therefore, the solution of endogenous stem cell proliferation is also widely studied because of its outstanding advantages such as ease of implementation, reasonable price, high efficiency, no side effects both in disease prevention as well as in the treatment of cancer. cure.

Olimpiq SXC 250% SL Capsules A+B Endogenous Stem Cell Proliferation Tablet is a health protection food that helps increase the number of endogenous stem cells safely and effectively. The product box includes 2 bottles: Bottle A and Bottle B.

Olimpiq SXC 250% SL product includes 2 bottles: Vial A and Vial B.

Tablet A helps protect healthy stem cells. The ingredients in tablet A include substances rich in falavonoids that help to fight oxidation, reduce the number of free radicals, antibacterial, and reduce the risk of cancer.

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Tablet B helps activate stem cells in the bone marrow causing the number of stem cells in the blood to increase naturally. As a result, the body has the ability to repair errors in organs caused by disease, accident or simply due to the aging process itself.

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