You often hear about TESTER perfume. Every day when surfing facebook or going to websites, you see this perfume being introduced a lot, but what is this perfume?. Is it the real thing? Should we buy this perfume, what if the quality is not good?.

There are quite a few questions as well as information about TESTER perfume.

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First of all, let’s find out what TESTER perfume is.

Why should I buy TESTER perfume?

In terms of quality: TESTER perfume is suitable for those who buy it to use, because it is simply “Better wood than paint”. Although the appearance is not beautiful, the quality is not in dispute. As I said above, TESTER Perfume quality is usually higher or at least equal to normal perfume. But there is a downside that should not be bought as a gift, this is a small minus point of this perfume.

What about the price? Because there is no beautiful box like “perfume at home”, so TESTER perfume is usually cheaper from 200-400 thousand VND. But you should never think “cheap is bad”. Thinking that is completely wrong with TESTER perfume.

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Dispelling doubts about fakes and imitations: Over 10 years in the perfume business, we have never encountered a bottle of TESTER that is a fake, simply because people don’t have time to fake TESTER perfume, fake normal beautiful bottles for easy sale. Hehe.

Are these 03 reasons enough to convince you to buy and trust TESTER perfume? I think for a smart and connoisseur of perfume, that’s enough to convince the “fastidious” customers, right??? So, you can rest assured when using TESTER perfume because the quality is completely guaranteed and the price is even cheaper than when you buy a fully-packed product on the market.

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