What Is Parody?

Parody is an imitation of a particular writer, artist or genre, intentionally exaggerating it to create an effect in one’s video. The humorous effect is usually achieved by imitating and emphasizing notable features of a famous literary work, as in caricatures, where certain peculiarities of a person are highlighted to achieve funny effect.

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The word Parody is a word that appears in foreign languages, when its angular source is from Latin, and in English this word translates as adaptation. The word Parody is a tool to exaggerate and simulate almost unlimited genres such as movies, TV Shows, MVs or memes… and it is also a very useful tool in Marketing campaigns. Specifically, videos like this contribute a lot to the success of improving brand awareness, it also generates a huge amount of Reach, along with a high interaction rate with users.

Parody- la- gi

America is the birth country of Parody culture and now it has developed into a special entertainment industry. With professional editing, these fake clips have even higher views than the original MVs, bringing the Parody production team lucrative revenues. The Scary Movie seasons are one of the best examples of Parody comedy when it comes to being a hit!

Depending on the purpose and ability, Parody is made in many different forms such as Parody parody of MV (singer or audience parodying clips of other artists), Parody parodying drama (singer, fan plays the role of other artists). famous movie), Parody makes sub (clip is kept, but with subtitles added, the content is completely different from the original). Accordingly, Parody mimics dramas that are “favorite” by young people because they are staged into short films, with content with many climaxes and “laughing tears” situations.

Currently, the Parody genre is attracting a lot of content creators on the market, in Vietnam this genre developed from 5 years ago and until now it is still developing quite well. Many comedy groups are following the path of making Parody to reach users, this is also a powerful channel that many brands combine with Influencers to create attractive products, integrating brand elements into them. this. So what genres does Parody have?

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The hottest parody genres today

Parody adapts music

This is the most popular genre today that many Influencers choose to follow, because it will be based on an available music to compose lyrics. Understanding what Parody is, it is very easy to do this kind of musical adaptation, as long as you have good taste in music, along with a sense of humor, it is enough to create a well-edited lyric and make a Video. Many influential figures now follow and succeed with this road attracting hundreds of millions of views such as: Vanh Leg, Hau Hoang, Tran Le Ngoc Thang….


Parody- la- gi-Nhac- cover -la- gi? Vanh -Leg -va- Huynh- Lap – 2 -cai- ten-dining -dam- di -theo -phuong -thuc -san- staunch- parody- now

Parody adapts the movie

Next is a Parody genre in the form of a film adaptation, this is the type of clip that the actor needs to invest the most in makeup and makeup. This parody is successful when it has a good script, the content is funny but not too much, it can be based on a certain trend in the market, or it can incorporate slang phrases that are popular with young people. Although many people often ask what is and is it difficult to make Parody, the film adaptation requires a lot of acting, and the ability to be graceful in front of the camera to make an impression on the audience. DamTV, BB&BG, FapTV… are channels that have achieved success by following this production style.

Parody- Male- Autumn- Lien- Hon- Ke

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Meme simulation parody

Although parody simulating memes has only recently appeared, when content creators intentionally recreate stickers, expressions from different applications to create a video. This genre is suitable for those who are not afraid of being ugly, muddy and a little “hyperactive” to be able to create a good video format. Although at first glance, the content created may be quite simple, but it is not certain that you are charming enough to be able to create a good video and attract viewers.

Nu- Hoang-Meme- music- che- Hau -Hoang

Parody simulates a TV show

What is parody in Marketing, the TV show simulation format is very suitable to answer that question. This format is often “followed” by hot programs on television and modeled from the perspective of content creators. The creator of this video must try to make it funny and follow the showbiz acting and script a bit to create a good work. Eager to talk and must have a love for TV Shows to have enough knowledge to create a good content for viewers.

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Parody- Game- show- Truyen- picture

Voice Parody

If to say which Parody format can be most easily done, dubbing can answer this question. This form is often used to replace dialogue in movies or music, especially videos that are of greater interest to the public at that time. Just you need to mute the original sound of those clips, replace them with your voiceover script, then the product is out. However, the difficulty of this format is how to naturally voice and make viewers feel as unnatural as possible is a difficult point that not everyone can do. Therefore, even if you understand what and how Parody is, you must have a predestined relationship to survive in this direction.

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The amazing communication power of Parody

Depending on your goals and abilities, you can create for yourself a trending Parody product in many different forms and collect “terrible” views.

Some common forms of Parody that you can exploit include:

Parody parody MV: cover other artists’ MVs

Parody parody drama: Recap of popular movies

Parody with sub: Clip is kept, but with subtitles and content completely different from the original.

In Vietnam, there are also many associations, groups and individuals that perform parody MVs. The Vietnamese market is certainly a potential place for this type of video to develop and gain a foothold not only in breadth but gradually in depth as well. Viral videos of brands began to take advantage of this format and achieved unimaginable success.

One of the examples that can be mentioned is the MV “Eating charm” in the 2019 Tet advertising campaign of O Long TEA+. The simple message “Eat a delicious Tet, light weight” has been cleverly conveyed through interesting lyrics, exploiting the common concern of everyone on Tet, always having to hold back against the favorite food because of the obsession with weight.

With a cheerful melody based on the original song “Love Charm” and a good combination from “Bich Pho” Quang Trung and comedian Huynh Lap, this MV has garnered nearly 2 million views after only 2 days of release. “Eating charm” became the 2019 Tet advertising product that won the Best Breakthrough Advertiser award in the Youtube Works Awards.

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While exploiting practical problems in life with close and familiar words, Parody promises to become a new race for creatives in the near future.