Do you know what Alias ​​are and how to configure them on hosting? The following shares of Hosting Viet will help you get more information about creating Alias.

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Do you know what Alias ​​are and how to configure them on hosting? The following shares of Hosting Viet will help you get more information about creating Alias.

What are Alias ​​and Aliases

?Alias ​​(plural is Aliases) is an English word, translated into Vietnamese means “alias”.

And in the terminology of the Information Technology industry, Alias ​​(or Aliaees) is known by another name, Parked domain. Means the alias of the main Domain.

This shows that, according to the website language, Alias ​​is another domain of the main domain but the structure is completely similar to the main domain. Therefore, when you access the Alias ​​/ Parked domain or the main domain, the same content is returned even if it’s on 2 websites.


The main domain of your website is

If you use the Alias ​​/ Parked domain function of cPanel and create another domain that runs in parallel, say

Now and both use the same database on the same hosting. And when users visit any website, they also get the same content.

When to use Alias ​​/ Parked domain

?In Windows, Alias ​​domain is used more than Parked domain. In contrast, with Linux, especially Cpanel, the Parked domain is used more often than the Alias ​​domain.

Therefore, whether using Windows or Linux, when you want to run more than 1 domain for the same website, you need to use Alias ​​domain or Parked domain.

At the same time, they also help an email account to use many different domain extensions.

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However, Vietnamese Hosting notes that when using Alias ​​/ Parked domain, you need to clearly define the main and secondary domain names to avoid confusion. In which, the main domain name is used to register for business email services and related transactions.

Eg: is the main domain name. is a subdomain.

You have up to 10 accounts and want these accounts to be able to receive all email by address This means, any email sent to, they are automatically transferred

Thus, you use Alias/Parked domain to be able to do this job easily. Proceed as follows:

– Step 1: Create a DNS record for the subdomain added to the email service

An A record with Host will point to IP This is the IP that the main domain’s mailserver is using. To find the IP address, you use the ping command Create pop, imap, cname, smtp, mx… records similar to creating with the main domain.

Note: To add successfully, you create records for the subdomain with the above parameters.

– Step 2: Add Alias ​​domain on Email system

To add a new Alias ​​domain, log in to your webmail admin account. Then, select Settings, go to Domain Settings / Advanced Settings / Domain Alias.

Next, click New to add a new domain and several email accounts.

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At this point, there will be 2 situations

If you skip and do not perform step 1, the system will display an error message “The mx record for this domain does not match the ip addresses available on the host machine”. If step 1 is done correctly, the system will add the subdomain.

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After the configuration is complete, you wait for 1 hour for the logs to be fully updated. Finally, log in to the webmail admin account to add the Alias ​​domain.

Once the subdomain has been added, any email sent to the subdomain’s rmail address is forwarded to the primary email account.

Do I need to add an Alias ​​domain or a Parked domain when I already have a subdomain, addon domain

?Subdomain or addon domain are all subdomains and they are completely different from Alias ​​/ Parked domains:

– Alias/Parked domain is the alias of the main domain. Although the two names are different, they are actually just one website. In simple terms, your official name is A and at home you are called B.

– Addon domain, subdomain: this is a separate subdomain and is located in another folder on the same server. They are not related to the main domain.

How to configure IP Alias ​​in cPanel

In Web Host Manager (WHM for short) of Cpanel, a hosting account always comes with a domain and is called the main domain (root/main domain) of the host. Therefore, when you want to add a domain running on the same host, you must use the Addon Domain or Parked Domain function.

At this point, Alias ​​/ Parked domain will add a new domain and run the same host with the original domain. By, they and the root domain run the same data structure (files and folders) with 2 source code and 2 independent URLs.

The special point is that the 2 URLs can be independent or not. However, the URL used to run the data from the second time onwards will depend on the config URL of the source code that the original domain is using.

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To create Alias ​​/ Parked domain in cPanel, you do the following:

– Step 1: Access cPanel with Hosting admin account.

Step 2: In the Domain section, select Aliases.

Step 3: Enter the name of the Alias ​​you want to create and click the Add Domain button.

Not only adding Alias ​​/ Parked domain, but Cpanel also allows you to edit or delete Alias ​​Domain.

To delete, you just need to choose what is Alias’s domain to be deleted and receive Remove. Then, confirm the deletion request is complete.

What is the syntax for creating alias in SQL

Aliases in SQL Server are often used to create temporary names for columns or tables.

In there, Column Aliases to create column headers in the results. This makes it easy to see.

Table Aliases are used to shorten SQL to make it easier to read or when you need to connect yourself.

So what is the syntax to create vpn Alias?

Typically, a table alias has the following basic syntax.

1 2 3 SELECT column1, column2…. See also: What is Stress Pattern – Translation Meaning of Stress Pattern FROM table_name AS alias_name WHERE ;

For column aliases, the basic syntax is:

1 2 3 SELECT column_name AS alias_name FROM table_name WHERE ;

By now, you know what Alias ​​are and how to configure them in Cpanel and create email with subdomains. If during the operation, you need support on cheap hosting, you can leave a comment below, Hosing Viet’s technicians will help you fix the problem.