DHCP relay agent is a configuration set for a computer or a router to receive client’s IP allocation request information and pass this information to the DHCP server.

When there are many other networks between the clients and the DHCP server, corresponding to many other routers, it is necessary to configure the DHCP relay agent because the clients use the broadcast address to broadcast the IP allocation request, when the packet is sent by broadcast to the Router, it will removed, so there must be a way for intermediate routers to accept these broadcasts and send them to the DHCP server, this is the DHCP relay agent.

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– Combined with wireless network system (Wireless) provided at hotspots such as train stations, airports, hotels, schools.

The model includes 2 Routers Host1, Host2 used to do the same as PC, configure DHCP on Router DHCP and DHCP relay agent on 2 middle Routers to allocate dynamic IP addresses for 2 ports f0/0 of Host1 and Host2.

Video tutorial for this LAB lesson I made on GNS3, at the beginning of the video I also show you how to load IDLE PC effectively. Watch the video at the end of the post!

– First set the IP for the Router as the LAB model, for the port f0/0 of Host1 and Host2, you go to interface f0/0 and type the command: ip address dhcp to let the port receive ip from DHCP.

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– After configuring IP, you perform routing between routers showing them each other’s networks to send request information or allocate IP, in this article I use static route, after you know More about dynamic routing protocols that I guide in the following articles, you can redo this lab with routing protocols like RIP, OSPF…

On Router Host1 and Host2 there is no need to configure routing because we are just PCs.

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Analysis: The IP request information from Host1 Host2 sent to port f0/0 of DHCPRelayAgent1, IP is the outgoing address to DHCP. The packet is then forwarded to f0/0 of DHCPRelayAgent2 and does the same.

DHCP Relay Agent

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