Just answer these 9 questions about Deep web, SecurityBox ensures you will grasp all knowledge related to Deep web. But luckily, we’ve rounded up the best questions about the deep web for you. You just need to learn about the Deep web in this ‘extreme’ article.

Watching: What is the Deep Web

1. What is deep web easily forgotten, which is what makes the Deep web so mysterious.

On the surface are websites about news, services, products (eg lazada, vnexpress, Giaohangnhanh, ..) but on the deep side contains a lot of private and illegal information and is where hackers will used to exploit attacks.

2. The truth about the Deep web

You cannot search Deep web on search engines like google, coccoc, firefrox. Only by using tools can you access the deep web. Deep web is the place where black transactions are done Deep web is where extremists, hackers, and black hat hackers operate. ‘

3. Why is there a Deep web

?Deep web comes from the phrase “Anonymous”. Anonymous is that no one knows anyone, you are not threatened by others, you are not dependent on any object, everyone in the group is equal. That is why some not-so-small objects in society can operate freely, bypassing government control to carry out their actions.

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4. What’s good about the deep web

?The first part when talking about the Deep web is the black market.

The black market is a place where hackers and hackers sell user data for example: credit cards, victim’s confidential information, information of an organization, malicious code, malicious software, .. For example, in a way, hackers can use malicious code attacks or eavesdropping, capture packets to online transaction websites, hackers get the victim’s credit card information and then resell it. to others for other unauthorized payment activities.

5. What is the content on the Deep web

?The essence of the Deep web is the deep web, the web is little known to everyone. More notably, content on the Deep web is often illegal. They can be dissident stories, illegal content about politics, religion, hair-raising images, haunting images, customer data, user data, sensitive information of a celebrity. language or of a certain unit. In addition, confidential information about the military, state organizations, Islamic organizations, mysteries about the universe, and science are also stored in the Deep web.

6. Levels, layers of the Deep web

#1 Surface Web

#2 Bergie Web

#3 Deep Web

#4 Charter Web

#5 Marianas Web

#6 Unknown

#7 The Fog/Virus Soup

#8 The Primarch System

7. How many ways to access the Deep web

There are many methods to access the deep web, but the 3 most popular ways are still accessing it with the TOR browser (for .onion, Fre and .i2p pages).

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8. Is it okay to go to the Deep web? How dangerous is the deep web?

Of course, the “deep web” contains “dark” information, so the best advice is that you should not access it. The interface and content on the deep web are very unusual, some people are haunted by fear, some have a ‘cold’ feeling when accessing the deep web.

Once you have access to it, it is very likely that your personal information will be taken advantage of by bad guys to steal your account, change data, publicly sell it on the black market or more dangerous than your device. infected with malicious code.

If you have accidentally accessed it, it is best to contact security companies or ANM and ATTT services for urgent and timely incident response.

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