What are Backdoors? How to detect and prevent Backdoor – riclix.com | Backdoor is a concept used to refer to a type of Trojan, integrated into the software kernel for many different purposes. Often, determining whether a software is safe or not is inherently difficult, to find and detect Backdoor is a double problem.

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1. Backdoor concept

Backdoor concept

Backdoor is a way to bypass security barriers to infiltrate certain devices and software. After the Backdoor is installed, a service portal will automatically open, allowing the Backdoor creator to remotely connect to the device, from which the device will receive and execute the command given.

Depending on the intended use, Backdoors are divided into two categories: Harmful Backdoors and Harmless Backdoors.

2. Harmless Backdoor

Software or hardware manufacturers often install Backdoors into their products (in a non-public way) to remotely monitor and update software, find the cause of failures, and perform maintenance.

In enterprises, Backdoors are often installed on employees’ computers and (public) phones for the same purpose as mentioned above. But this needs to be stated in the employment contract or the company’s regulations, and done with the employee’s consent.

3. Harmful Backdoor

This type of Backdoor is a real spy program. Once infiltrated the device, it will perform illegal access, steal user information (messages, credit cards, other sensitive information). Sometimes it even opens “backdoors” to sneak other malicious code in to gain control from users.

Backdoors are not easy to detect because they have a very discreet mode of operation. Backdoor is rated as the most dangerous and popular threat among malware types.

4. History of Backdoor

History of Backdoor Since the 80s of the 20th century, the community has started to debate about Backdoor. In the science fiction film WarGames (1983), the protagonist is a teenage hacker played by Matthew Broderick who uses a Backdoor to access a supercomputer designed by the military to simulate nuclear war. In 1993, the NSA developed an encryption chip with built-in Backdoor to help law enforcement agencies collect and decode voice and data transmitted over phones and computers. This Backdoor chip has an advantage over a software Backdoor because they are difficult to remove – unless you take them apart. However, due to privacy concerns, this project was not continued. In 2005, Sony BMG entered the game. The company has released millions of music CDs with attached rootkits to monitor customers’ listening habits and prevent them from duplicating discs. As a result, Sony BMG paid millions of dollars to settle lawsuits related to rootkits and recover the number of CDs it had released. In 2014, Google Android developers discovered Backdoors on Android devices. Samsung products, including the Galaxy series of phones. However, Samsung has called this Backdoor a “feature” and “no security risk”. In the next development, as mentioned, Apple, Google and Facebook are determined not to create Backdoor for their products. they are under political pressure. Pressure increased after the 2015 San Bernardino terrorist attacks, when the FBI recovered an iPhone in the possession of one of the shooters. However, Apple once again refused the FBI’s request to open the Backdoor. This tense situation persisted until the FBI withdrew the request because they had hacked this less secure older iPhone. In 2017-2018, the Backdoor “market” was equally bustling. Major companies that have been reported to have fallen victim to this malicious code include WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, NotPetya – enough to know how dangerous it is.

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The last situation seems to be the opposite of the stories above – where a company wishes they had a Backdoor. At the beginning of 2019, the founder of Canadian cryptocurrency exchange QuadrigaCX died suddenly, taking with him all the passwords that ran the company. As a result, QuadrigaCX had to declare all $190 million in customer crypto permanently frozen.

5. Backdoor infection method and operation

How BackdoorBackdoor infects and works

Harmful backdoors are extremely sophisticated spies, using a variety of tricks to infiltrate devices, such as attaching links in emails or hiding in downloaded files. To solve the problem of “preservation and maintenance of the species”, Backdoor self-replicates and spreads to other related systems without any additional commands from their creators.

The most common example of a malicious Backdoor’s path is when you download pirated software (for example, a crack version of Adobe Photoshop), the malicious code then opens a Backdoor on your device. and do whatever it wants without fear of being discovered.

This ingenious ability of the Backdoor is related to a malicious software package called Rootkit. Once the Backdoor has “stepped in” into your home, it quickly activates the Rootkit to keep the “backdoor” open. Furthermore, it hides anomalous Internet activities to keep the Backdoor from being detected by users and the operating system they are using.

Harmless Backdoors

The harmless backdoor is seen as a procedure in the production process by hardware and software developers. In addition to the functions stated in the beginning, this Backdoor is sometimes created for backup purposes only. But it should be noted that, no one is sure that this harmless Backdoor can fall into the hands of cyber criminals?!

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That is also the reason why Apple, Facebook and Google have refused the request of Five Eyes (a treaty to share intelligence of 5 countries of the US, UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand) about opening Backdoor in the service. their service, despite the persuasion of its benefits (e.g. assisting in the collection of evidence during criminal investigations).

6. What can cybercriminals do once they have opened the Backdoor

?Through the Backdoor, hackers can exploit user information (personal information, Internet access preferences, accounts, passwords, codes) cards, etc., generally anything of value to them).

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Or more complicated, they will use Backdoor as a springboard to introduce other malicious software (such as Ransomware, Spyware, Cryptojacking, …)

7. How to prevent Backdoor

?Change default password, enable multi-factor authentication and use different password for each app and device.Monitor network activity, use wall fire to track activity from installed apps. Be careful when installing apps and plugins – the two most common sources that Backdoor steals into. Android and Chromebook users should get apps from the Google Play store, while Mac and iOS users should use Apple’s App Store. Use quality security tools. Regularly monitor technology news for updates the latest information on Backdoor and network security to proactively prevent timely.

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