To come to Canada to work and settle under the temporary worker program, the first step, a foreigner will need to apply for a Work Permit. A work permit can be obtained while you are already in Canada, however, in most cases you will need to apply from a foreign country (such as Vietnam) to gain easy entry to this country.

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Work Permit is also known as work permit. This is one of the certifications issued by a competent authority in Canada that allows the foreign worker to legally work in Canada. In addition to workers, international students graduating in Canada also have the right to be granted a Work Permit to continue working after graduate school in this red maple leaf country.

Conditions to be able to apply for a Work Permit Canada?

For foreign workers

For foreign workers, the conditions to apply for a Work Permit must meet the following factors:

The worker must have received an invitation from a business in Canada.

Enterprises where employees are invited to work must sponsor and help workers apply for a permit to confirm the labor market. Employees must ensure all elements of health and background when applying for a work permit. come to work in Canada. After the business owner sponsors the worker, the worker can basically come to Canada to work. A few small notes are that when reviewing documents, employees must pay an amount of CAD 150/person to the Immigration Department and a number of other fees.

For students studying in Canada, conditions for a work permit

International students studying in Canada have a wide variety of Work Permit options. It can be an Off-campus Work Permit, a Co-op Work Permit or a Post Graduation Work Permit.

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As for the Off-campus Work Permit, this is a type of permit that is included in the study permit (the study permit is still valid), so Canadian students can work part-time outside the school. is natural. However, students are only allowed to work up to 20 hours/week while studying and full-time while in the middle of a planned vacation (usually meaning summer vacation). With a work permit for studying (Co-op Work Permit) requires the program that students are studying to have an internship. This internship should not make up more than 50% of the curriculum. However, this is only a work permit within the framework of the study program. Students are not allowed to work outside. Finally, there is a Post Graduation Work Permit. This type of license has stricter conditions than the above two types. Requires students to be continuously enrolled in a full-time program at a university/college in Canada and have completed the course of study for at least 8 months. In addition, students must complete and pass all subjects of the study program and have received notification from the school that the student is eligible to graduate and receive a degree.

How long does it take to get a Canadian work permit from Vietnam?

Obtaining a temporary Canadian work permit is a multi-step process that can take several weeks. The estimated processing time for a work permit application from Vietnam updated in June 2020 at the Canadian government website is 10 weeks, equivalent to a student visa. The work permit processing time does not include the time to submit the application to the visa office and collect the fingerprint biometric sample.

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Canada’s Work Permit Process

There are several different ways to get a work permit depending on your nationality, occupation and intended work in Canada. To receive a work permit, a Canadian employer will need to provide the foreign worker with an approval form from Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC). The job offer number is issued by Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

Depending on their nationality, foreign workers may need a Temporary Resident Visa (TRV) to come to Canada.

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4 basic steps to apply for a Canadian Work Permit

Employer applies for a Labor Market Impact Assessment or gets an Exemption, if necessary. Employer renews job offer. Foreign worker applies for a work permit. Permit work is granted.

Benefits of Work Permit Canada

Each year, nearly 300,000 foreign workers come to work in Canada on a Temporary Work Permit. Although there are some exceptions, the general rule is that foreign workers need a work permit to work in Canada on a limited-time basis. Owning a work permit, you will have the following basic benefits:

Allowed to work and live in Canada within the limits of the work permit. Example: Working for a business and according to the field and period registered in the work permit. Spouse and children under 22 years old can go Together with the work permit holder to live in Canada. After coming to Canada, the spouse can apply for an open work permit to freely find work in this country. Children can attend public schools for free in Canada. High school level. Many opportunities to participate in different immigration programs and become permanent residents while living and working in Canada.

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Open Work Permit Canada

What is Open Work Permit Canada? (OWP)

Open Work Permit is a short-term work permit with no specific job or industry regulations. Because this type of permit is not restricted by location or employer, you will enjoy two very special NOs, which are:

You DO NOT need an LMIA: Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) from “Employment and Social Development Canada”, and You DO NOT need Proof that an employer has submitted an “offer of employment” through the Employer Portal to apply for an Open Work Permit

Subjects granted Open Work Permit Canada

– Spouses or some type of student holding a Work Permit. Specifically, students who are enrolled in a full-time program and who hold a WP with a job on the NOC list from level O, A or B

– International students have completed and graduated from a study program in Canada and it is one of the recognized schools in Canada.

– International students studying post-secondary programs at DLIs. WP. This permit allows students to work up to 20 hours per week during study time and unlimited hours during breaks.

– Individuals born permanent residents If you have applied at a Canadian office or submitted online and hold a Work Permit.

– A permanent resident individual sponsors a spouse with a marriage record.

– Refugees, asylum seekers, protected persons and their dependents.

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– Holders of temporary residence permits for more than 6 months or some types of young workers participating in special programs.