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What is Inbound Tourism?Inbound tourism is a term in the travel business that refers to a trip for tourists from abroad to visit and explore the host country.

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For example: Your company in Vietnam, organizes a trip to Sapa and the subjects participating in this trip are tourists from Thailand, it is called an Inbound tour.

Notice in the above Example: “Tourists FROM Thailand” means they move from Thailand to Vietnam to join the tour. Not a person with Thai nationality, living and working in Vietnam, participating in the trip to Sapa in the example above (In this case, it is not called an inbound tourist or an inbound visitor anymore, but has become an outbound). then). From there, we know what is an Inbound tourist? Inbound tourists are Foreigners or Nationals of the Host Country who are currently living and working abroad coming to join a tour in Vietnam. host country.

Repeat the above example: Your company in Vietnam, organizes a trip to Sapa and the subjects participating in this trip are tourists from Thailand, it is called an Inbound tour. And tourists from Thailand are called Inbound tourists.

Here: “Travelers from Thailand” can be Thai people, people from other countries coming to Thailand and maybe even Vietnamese people coming to Thailand to do business and live together to join this trip. All of them are called Inbound Tourists by your company (Those who welcome and organize trips for them in Vietnam.1- Classification of Inbound concepts: International tourists, Vietnamese in Overseas. Visiting Vietnam tourism.Outbound: Vietnamese people, foreigners in Vietnam go sightseeing to visit other countries Inland: Vietnamese people, foreigners in Vietnam go sightseeing to visit Vietnam tourism NamLeisure Travel: Only a popular type of tourism for visitors and convalescence according to normal sightseeing itineraries. This type is suitable for most customers.Adventure travel: Only type of discovery and a little bit of adventure. This type is usually suitable for young guests and likes to explore freely. In this type of tour, travel companies also give specific names of tours such as Biking, Bird watching tour…Trekking: This is really a discovery and adventure tour because guests participating in these journeys will come. places that are rarely visited or areas that are usually reserved for locals only. This tour requires good health, high tolerance and adaptability along with minimal service conditions. Kayaking: An exploration tour in which tourists participate directly in rowing a specially designed boat that can ability to overcome rapids or puddles. Participating in this type often requires very good health and courage to face all the challenges of nature.Homestay: Joining this type of tour, visitors will not stay at a hotel but at people’s houses, living with people. native.Diving tour: A type of tour that participates in scuba diving to explore coral reefs, watch fish and challenge your own endurance. Joining this tour, you will be provided with a scuba tank, a diving suit and an accompanying coach if you are diving for the first time. Usually you can dive to a depth of 7-10m with no problem for the first try. If you’re not brave enough to dive you can try snokling with a snorkel and goggles. With this form, you swim on the water and face down in the water to see the ocean through the glass. If you don’t know how to swim, it’s not that simple.Incentive: A kind of reward tour. Usually only the delegations who are agents or employees of a certain company are rewarded for traveling. This is usually a high-class tour with special services. MICE tour: Is a general concept indicating the type of tour (Meeting), Reward (Incentive), Conference (Conference) and fair (Exhibition). Customers join these tours for the purpose of meeting, exhibition is the main and sightseeing is just a combination in their spare time.

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2- Acronyms on the tour itinerary Usually you will see some acronyms on the tour itinerary: ABF: American breakfast: American breakfast, including: 2 eggs, 1 slice of bacon or sausage, some slices of toast with jam, butter, pancakes (a type of thin flour bread)…juice, tea, coffee.Continental breakfast: Continental breakfast, usually with a few slices of bread, butter, cheese, jams, croissants, danish pastries, juices, tea, coffee. This type of breakfast is popular at hotels in Europe. Buffet breakfast: Breakfast buffet: usually has 20-40 dishes for guests to choose their own dishes according to their preferences. Most mid-range to high-end hotels serve this type of breakfast. Set breakfast: Simple breakfast served at mini hotels with only 1 dish or omelet or noodle soup, noodles with fruit, tea or coffee.L = Lunch: Lunch D = Dinner: Dinner S = Supper: snack before going SleepOn a tour itinerary, if you see the symbol (B/L/D) behind the tour date information, that day you are served all 3 meals in the program.Soft drinks: Non-alcoholic beveragesFree flow soft drink: Usually at parties; non-alcoholic soft drinks are served continuously in large bottles for guests to take freely throughout the party.3- Hotel related conceptsROH: Run of the house: hotel will book you any available rooms regardless of the room type. Usually with group guests, the hotel will provide this form for guests. Each hotel will have a different naming and room classification. There is no standard for this naming, so you must carefully consider the type of room of each hotel corresponding to different prices. However, usually include the following types: STD = Standard: Standard and usually the smallest room, low floor, bad view, minimum equipment and lowest price SUP = Superior: Higher than Standard room with equivalent amenities but larger area or better view. Higher price STDDLX = Deluxe: Room type is higher than SUP, usually on a high floor, large area, beautiful view and high-class equipment.Suite: The most advanced room type and usually on the top floor with equipment and services accompanying special services. Normally, each Suite room includes 1 bedroom, 1 living room, 2 bathrooms and many balconies with the most beautiful direction. Different hotels have different names for this room type to increase the VIP level to sell at a higher price such as: President, Royal Suite, etc. Connecting room: 2 separate rooms with connecting doors. This room type is usually arranged for families in many rooms close together. SGL = Single bed room: Room with 1 bed for 1 person in TWN = Twin bed room: Room with 2 beds for 2 people in DBL = Double bed room: Room with 1 large bed for 2 people. Usually for husband and wife.TRPL = Triple bed room: Room for 3 people or with 3 small beds or with 1 large bed and 1 small bedExtra bed: Extra bed to form a Triple room from TWN or DBL.Full board package : Package tour includes all breakfast, lunch, dinner included in the tour cost.Half board package: Package tour but only includes breakfast and lunch or dinner included in the cost tour. The rest of the meal is left for guests to enjoy.

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Free & Easy package: A basic service package that only includes transportation (airfare, airport pick-up), rooms and breakfast at the hotel. Other services guests take care of themselves.