The graphics card supports very well optimization for the ability to process images for gaming effects as well as applications. Viewing: What is Amd catalyst control center

Here, I will guide you how to optimize AMD Card performance into the game. Or in simple words add games to the card.

Step 1: First you need to check that your computer has fully received the graphics card or not (My machine is using AMD R5 M330). Right-click your computer on “This PC (Windows 8/8.1/10)” or “My Computer (Windows 7)” -> Manage -> Device Manager -> Display adapters.

Check the video card driver

If you see “AMD Radeon R5 M330” appear, the device has received all the drivers. On the contrary, prove your computer is not yet.

You will access the following links to download and update all drivers

Step 2: Continue to right-click on the main screen and select “AMD Radeon Settings”.

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Select must select on the screen

Step 3: Select the “+” sign to add the integrated game to the card.

Select the plus sign to add games

Step 4: Find the correct file path of the game.

Select the game’s run file

Step 5: Game has been added, now you can experience the results.

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Finished adding games to the list

You will do the same with other games. Good luck.

In addition, according to the survey on the situation of laptops for graphics for gaming, Ngoc Minh Long also provides the market with laptops specializing in graphics, programming and games. Elite lines such as:

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