Nowadays, promoting and introducing products/services by magazines or lookbooks is no longer a strange thing, especially in the fields of beauty, fashion, Fashion…. Because it is the most practical channel to convey messages and introduce to customers. So what is a lookbook? And how do you create a Lookbook? Find out more in this article!

What is a Lookbook

?Lookbook Concepts

What are lookbooks? You can simply understand a Lookbook as a book, set of photos or videos used to present and introduce products and services of a business or company in a certain unified style, theme or idea, aiming to intended to convey messages through these products.

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Usually Lookbook is most used to present a fashion collection, seasonal fashion collection, themed, some creative idea.

The feature of the Lookbooks is that they are portable, printed in color with good book material. Over time, the Lookbook sets not only appear as a collection that can be held in the hand, but can also appear on major websites, blogs or social networks to reach more potential customers of the business.

Importance of Lookbook

Importance of Lookbook

Lookbook plays an important role for businesses in promoting their brands, products or services, because the most prominent advantage of Lookbook is conveying vivid, impressive and characteristic pictures. at the same time help viewers feel the professionalism of that business.

The contribution of Lookbooks will contribute to proving the quality of good corporate products, at the same time convincing customers to better products/services of the business, turning them from potential customers into real customers.

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In addition, Lookbook also acts as a tool, a reference channel, and evaluates very good products and services for confused customers.

The reason why customers prefer fashion Lookbook pictures to normal photos

What is the concept of Lookbook, you probably already understand, so if you place yourself as a customer, do you like Lookbooks? I’m sure you’ll like Lookbook, because:

The convenience of being able to carry

The Lookbooks, especially the Fashion Lookbook, The Lookbook that introduces the accessory products are all characterized by being held with very good printing materials, almost the best to be able to express all the messages through colors, layouts, and designs. lumps or small details in the image, so customers will be very easily attracted and “bear” to stop to turn each page.

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Great reference

Because Lookbooks are collections of photos, the content in these books is nothing but pictures, and all must have a strong, impressive and special appeal to customers. In the position of a guest who is consulting new fashion models, no one will want to have a headache to find the right accessories or clothes, this job should be for Lookbook.

Because it’s BEAUTIFUL

It’s clear! Everyone loves beauty, the more customers like it, the problem is how to show your product “BEAUTIFUL”? Lookbooks will help you show that.

Moreover, nowadays, customers tend to buy more things online, finding and choosing beautiful products that they have to like is a must. Customers tend to believe in products presented in the form of Lookbook more because they can not only show the exclusive beauty of the product, but also show the professionalism, investment and “worth” of the business. to customers.

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5 tips for taking an impressive lookbook

5 tips to take an impressive lookbook

Definitely your brand

Understanding your brand and products will influence the trends shown in the Lookbook later. Such as your product who is the main customer? Male Female? What age? How is the style expressed? What will be the main colors in the Lookbook?…

Focus on design expression

Always remember that the new product is at the heart of the Lookbook, you should design the Lookbook to make your product stand out the most, without the design frills – although layout design is important in this situation. . You should clearly state your ideas and wishes to the designer – lay out the page!

Photos must be BEAUTIFUL

What are lookbooks? As a photo gallery, there’s no reason to skip the perfect product photos. You need to take the best photos, the best quality, the best effects in harmony for your products, so that you can fully convey your message inside them. .

Highlight special details

Every product has its own speciality. Show them off in the best, most detailed and impressive way, such as unique textures, delicate beaded earrings, etc. See also: Software to Fix Hard Drive Errors On Windows 7, How to Fix Bad Sector Errors On Windows 7

Build a Story for Your Lookbook

After all, the effect of the Lookbook is still to hit the emotional element of the viewer, so in addition to the beautiful photos, you also need to have beautiful and attractive stories inside to both increase the emotions of the Lookbook and at the same time Create more trust in customers more firmly.

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Hopefully with this detailed explanation, you have understood what Lookbook is and 5 tips for taking Lookbook. Thank you and good luck!