I. What is Assistant Manager?

What is Assistant Manager? Assistant Manager job is the position of Executive Assistant (or assistant director), this is a position that requires very high knowledge, skills and experience. An Assistant Manager must have knowledge of technical issues, communication and negotiation skills.

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Assistant Manager can represent superiors in important activities or events when there is no leader, this is a very important position that is considered the right hand of the leader.

In the assistant profession, the position of Assistant Manager is the goal that every Assistant is always aiming for on the career path. Finding a high-paying job as an executive assistant requires a lot more skills and experience than other assistant positions like Executive Assistant or Personal Assistant.

II. The person in charge of the Assistant Manager position will perform the following tasks

– Perform administrative tasks to support CEO.

– Perform administrative and supervisory duties.

– Record and effectively implement instructions from superiors.

Assistant Manager is the person most trusted by the leader, so there will be many opportunities for growth. The position of Assistant Manager (Executive Assistant) is only behind the leader, they represent the leader in performing tasks when necessary. The job of an Assistant Manager is very stressful, they will be the one to take the lead when problems arise.

When taking this position, you will learn a lot from the leader such as knowledge, problem-solving thinking skills, and decision making. They are close to the head of the organization, hold confidential information about the business strategy as well as the leader’s personal life, practice communication, behavior and management skills. In addition, when taking on this position, you will be respected by everyone in the company and of course this is a high-paying job position many people dream of.

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III. The necessary skills an Assistant Manager must have are

1. Leadership skills

The Executive Assistant must take the lead when problems arise, resolving disputes with employees or customers in a satisfactory and timely manner without leadership in the workplace.

2. Ability to effectively implement work as planned

The Executive Assistant will regularly receive the plans and instructions of the superior and carry out the implementation of the plan according to the request of the superior.

3. Decision making skills

Making decisions on behalf of the boss is a regular thing that an Executive Assistant has to do. Therefore, to be able to do this role well, they must have the skills to think quickly and decisively when making decisions. A good executive assistant must be able to analyze and assess the situation quickly, weigh the benefits when offering solutions and make decisions that ensure benefits for all parties in meetings or when there are problems. issue occurs.

This is a very important skill to evaluate the capacity of an Executive Assistant in an organization. A good assistant will have to quickly assess the situation to support the superior in analyzing and making the right decisions.

4. Ability to take responsibility

An Executive Assistant must have a clear understanding of how the business operates, and must understand the company’s products, services, and processes. This helps you to be flexible and make the right decisions to help ensure smooth operations in the company,

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In addition, the Executive Assistant is also responsible for ensuring that work is done on time, representing the company professionally, and treating employees properly.

The above are sharing about the jobs as well as the skills that Assistant Managers need to have, which can help you better understand when looking for a job in this profession. And have the right orientation and decisions to advance on your own career path.

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