According to VFGAP, agricultural products are defined as products or semi-finished products of the commodity production industry through the cultivation and development of crops. Clean agricultural products, also known as safe agricultural products, are produced according to the following standards: Minimize or do not use chemical fertilizers, pesticides, stimulants to minimize toxic residues. in agricultural products such as nitrates, pesticides, heavy metals, pathogenic microorganisms…and have been assessed and tested by reputable experts and are responsible for ensuring the safety of such agricultural products.

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Agricultural products are considered clean if the producer follows the technical measures listed by VFGAP as follows:

Clean agricultural products are agricultural products grown on clean land, unpolluted by heavy metals, unaffected by wastewater, untreated industrial waste.

Clean agricultural products are agricultural products that are not irrigated with manure, fresh manure, industrial wastewater, domestic wastewater, or contaminated water.

Clean agricultural products are agricultural products that do not use pesticides, pesticides or chemical fertilizers, especially before harvest.

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Clean agricultural products are agricultural products that are evaluated for food safety and hygiene and have the responsibility of reputable agricultural experts.

Currently, through the survey of VFGAP, the actual production process of clean agricultural products that the agricultural industry offers is facing many difficulties (such as according to VietGAP’s process) due to cumbersome procedures, fragmented production areas, and costs. high production….

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Therefore, now, VFGAP is gradually simplifying and technologicalizing procedures so that women and children can access clean agricultural products in the most convenient way.

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Nowadays, product traceability service is becoming more and more essential and is a reliable means and friend for consumers. VFGAP wishes that the traceability system would be more and more widely developed not only in agricultural products but also many food products with “insurance” for traceability.