Currently, it can be seen that a business wants to promote its products, advertising seems to be an indispensable thing. Sales promotions are short-term forms of incentives to promote revenue or cash flow. Based on your company’s goals, budget, and target audience, you typically advertise through one or more types of media. So what is advertising? What is advertising? What are ads? What advertising does, and what types of forms it has to help businesses reach customers in the fastest way.

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2 The most popular types of advertising today4 What is the importance of advertising to customers and businesses5 What are the advantages and disadvantages of advertising

What is advertising?

Advertising (Ad) or translated into Vietnamese as advertising, is a form of possessing the most effective tool in Marketing Ads. The goal of this form is to send to customers the message that the business wants to convey. The message here is simply understood as the unique and different values ​​of the product that are repeated with high frequency. on the media (newspapers, radio, TV, billboards, …) to attract consumers’ attention, go into the mind and then motivate them to buy products.

In addition, print newspapers are also one of the most popular forms of advertising for businesses. Why? Understanding what Advertising is, it is understandable that advertising in print helps to increase the credibility between businesses and customers. Understanding your audience is an essential part of deciding if using print will benefit your business. Start by thinking: where are my customers located? What are their hobbies? How do they get their information? And then see if there is a publication that fits these characteristics. With print advertising, it’s important to remember, the more print media is involved and relevant to your business, the better its impact will be.

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Display Ads

This type of advertising includes both digital advertising and newspaper advertising. Digital advertising (Digital) is an updated version of newspaper advertising, this is a similar type of advertising but developed thanks to the intervention of technology. That means buying ad space on sites of interest to your target demographic. You can create text ads, which essentially look like traditional print media ads, banners that float above your website’s contacts, and even a background image with your product or service in the background. webpage.

Let’s say you post something on your business Facebook page that offers a free product if a follower clicks Like and tag a friend – that’s the kind of ad that is free to post and let people know. about what you offer. Every platform, whether it’s Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn, works uniquely, but understanding every problem can ensure that your business is in front of the right people at the right time. Therefore, understanding what Advertising is will be something for a Marketer to have the basic knowledge to implement a campaign for his business.

Outdoor Advertising (OOH)

Outdoor advertising, or has a guest name is OOH (Out of Home) advertising. This is the only type of traditional media advertising with relatively stable global advertising revenue growth, averaging 4.1%/year growth over the past 9 years. It is expected to continue to grow, and to grow steadily in the range of 2.7% per year with a view to 2023. Promoting this way gives you great brand recognition because of these types of advertisements. This report is seen everywhere every day and makes your offer hard to forget.

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Native advertising, also known as sponsored content, is designed to match the style and functionality of the platform on which it appears. This type of ad appears in the form of articles or videos, and it integrates most naturally under the articles to make the reader feel like clicking on the link in the most natural way. Impactful native advertising provides consumers with valuable content but makes the advertising aspect secondary to whatever message is being communicated. Because they match the page’s natural editorial flow, native ads aren’t obtrusive and users won’t feel like they’re engaged in ads.

Objective of Advertising

Normally, Advertising will have some outstanding main goals as follows:

Announcement: Advertising is generally used for the purpose of increasing brand awareness with customers, advertising will help inform potential customers about the existence of the brand and its products. : Advertising will help convince customers to take an action such as purchase, product trial, product experience… Reminder: Reminder is also a goal of advertising, it helps customers re-brand, recall the brand and not be robbed by other competitors. Other goals: Generate revenue, create demand, expand base, change customer attitudes, build brand…

What is the importance of Advertising to customers and businesses?

The importance of advertising for businesses

Create awareness: Increase customer awareness of brands and products clearly understand their products and competitors, thereby communicating their features and advantages to customers.

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Increase goodwill: Reiterate brand vision with customers and increase goodwill with them

The importance of advertising to customers

Convenience: Customers will find it easier to know what is right for them and their budgets Perception: Customers can know and compare different products for themselves to find the right product Best suitable products Better quality: Businesses focus on advertising quality products to avoid waste, so this also ensures the best quality for customers

What is the importance of advertising?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of advertising?


Reduce costsHelp build brandsHelp launch new productsEnhance existing customers’ trust in the brandHelp increase customer revenueAccount new customersEducate customers


Buyer confusionProvides false information Only for large businessesSells poor quality products


It can be seen that Marketers now understand what Advertising is, what is really needed to be able to create an advantage for themselves. Because of course, advertising is always a really effective method, it creates a huge amount of awareness for the business. Therefore, advertising is the bridge to connect with customers, and choosing the right channel, in accordance with the budget is what determines whether the campaign is really successful or not.