Following the development trend of the media industry, advertising on the Internet has also grown. Especially the search sites are the focus of a series of advertised items in the market. And want to bring the highest efficiency, experts always recommend using MCC. So what is MCC and how does it work, let’s find out together below.

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What is MCC

?Manage multiple Google Adwords accounts

To be able to learn specifically, we first need to understand the term MCC. So what is MCC? Actually, MCC stands for My Client Center, which in Vietnamese can roughly be understood as My Customer Center. This is an account type that allows you to do more than one thing at the same time. Things like managing multiple Google Adwords accounts at the same time, being able to pull information from accounts you own, or running different scripts at the same time. With MCC, you can easily take an action that will apply to all accounts.

The question of what is MCC has been answered, so who should use MCC? You are required to own at least one MCC account if you are one of the following. Being an expert in special search engines like Google. Or an employee of direct advertising. And also be a business manager on the field of advertising. People in these areas of online search engine advertising really need the help of an MCC account. It will help their work become more efficient and work efficiency is also increased.

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Benefits of having an MCC Account

So why do we have to own an MCC if we are in the field of search engine advertising? Like when answering what MCC is, we can also list a lot of reasons why we should use MCC such as:

The operation is very simple and easy when just creating an account, you can manage all other advertising accounts even if you don’t own that account.

Overview information from other accounts will be more easily managed and stored. And it is not difficult to find the required account information.

Create multiple advertising campaigns at the same time by using different accounts at the same time from an existing Google Adwords MCC account.

The effectiveness of each campaign will be evaluated specifically through a comparison of campaigns performed at the same time.

Even if you own a number of Google Adwords advertising accounts with the number up to thousands, MCC can still manage smoothly and produce accurate data.

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In addition, if you create a reputable and good quality MCC account, you can also work as an assistant or partner in the advertising field for Google.

Steps to Create New MCC Account

Create a Google MCC account

To set up a new MCC account, the steps to follow are very simple. And we can do the following procedural steps:

Step 1: Visit google website

Step 2: Select the item Register now (Start Now)

Step 3: Fill in the required information sheet as shown below

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Step 4: After completing the registration steps, Google will send you the MCC account registration email with an authentication email. After choosing to agree, you can use the features of a normal MCC.

Link Existing Google Ads Accounts To MCC

After registering for an MCC account, how can you manage the sub-accounts as described in the section on what MCC is. The steps are as simple as follows:

Step 1: Select the Accounts section with a house icon. Then to add sub-accounts to MCC we click on the plus sign that appears on the screen.

Step 2: Continue to select Create new account (Create a new account) fill in the necessary information for the account and complete.

MCC account interface

If you want to change the settings for your MCC account, you can choose the tool to convert. There is also a Keyword Planner tool for you to choose from, to effectively create your articles.

MCC account settings

Notes When Using Google Adwords MCC Account

In the first part when learning what MCC is, we know that MCC can manage many Google Adwords accounts at the same time, but that does not mean that you can own many Google incentives for each account you own. . In fact, using a Google MCC account only helps you manage information in the most optimal way, the information of Google Adwords accounts will be used more effectively. So when using it, you really need to understand and fully comply with Google’s advertising policies.

Google’s Policies

There is one more thing to pay attention to when using a Google MCC account. That is if only one Sub-accounts that violate Google’s advertising policies will have little effect on the MCC account. But if there are too many child accounts in violation together, then Google will now have to reconsider the possible risks. And there is a big chance that your Google MCC account will have to be suspended. That can directly affect other sub-accounts and the programs you are running, so pay close attention.

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Google MCC account is actually a very useful tool for those who are working in the field of advertising. And through the article, hope that you may already know what MCC is as well as the benefits it brings. To be able to most effectively apply those benefits in your current work.