In modern construction, the study to reduce the weight of the floor is very important. Therefore, for developed countries like Vietnam, prestressed concrete floors have been used because of the advantages that ordinary reinforced concrete floors cannot bring. According to many construction experts, the application of prestressed concrete floor technology in civil and industrial construction is an appropriate choice for modern urban areas in the world. So let’s find out with Hoang Phu Anh the advantages and disadvantages that prestressed concrete floors bring to construction!

Outstanding advantages of prestressed concrete floors

As mentioned above, construction experts apply this pre-stressed concrete technology more and more with the following specific advantages and disadvantages:

widely applicable

Prestressed concrete technology is applied in many different types of works: industrial construction, civil construction. However, the construction in large projects, high-rise buildings of foreign investors or projects is mainly. This is one of the first advantages of this technology.

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Prestressed concrete technology is applied in many different types of construction

Save time

In construction, prestressed floors need less concrete but still ensure better elasticity and responsiveness than traditional concrete. Therefore, the dismantling of the formwork will take place earlier, promoting the work to be faster and faster, and ending the project early is quite possible.

With this technique, although speeding up the construction progress, it still ensures the technique, art and quality of the whole project. In fact, there have been many large projects in the world, especially in Europe, up to 70% of which are ahead of schedule when applying this technology. Therefore, technology is evaluated and considered as the optimal method in the field of construction today.

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Save on raw materials and low cost

Because the concrete floor structure and prefabricated panel are its own weight, the cost of building foundation or building body is lower than using conventional concrete structure. In fact, many large projects can reduce the maximum cost by up to 40% when applying traditional technology.

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Specifically, pre-stressed concrete floors have the ability to span spans up to 20m. However, the span of 8 – 12m is still effective and construction experts say that the span structure is not too large. Therefore, construction with prestressed concrete is always cheaper than traditional concrete. In particular, the fact that technology creates more space when using the same amount of materials has maximized cost savings. In addition, the application of this technology also saves the cost of not using floor formwork in construction.

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The stiffness of the floor frame is many times higher than that of traditional concrete floors

Prestressed floors save up to 80% of reinforcement materials, but increase the cost of high-strength concrete, anchors, high-strength steel and many other equipment. When the structure is large, the stiffness of the prestressed concrete floor frame is smaller than that of compaction. Therefore, when you compare it with the hardness of traditional concrete, it is much higher.

Prestressed floors save materials and reinforcement weight up to 80%

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Disadvantage of prestressed concrete floors

Construction needs an experienced unit

Although technology possesses many outstanding advantages, the biggest drawback is that the construction process requires the unit to have experience and high expertise. According to Mr. Hoang Van Trung – CEO of Hoang Phu Anh company, the application of prestressed concrete floors requires high technical requirements, strict management skills and construction experience. Therefore, the buildings applying this technology are still mostly foreign investment projects in joint ventures or high-rise buildings designed by foreign consultants.

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Above information, Hoang Phu Anh shared in detail the advantages and disadvantages of prestressed concrete floors. We hope that this article will partly answer your questions. As a leading company in providing high quality accessories for the construction industry, especially steel pillow products that meet AS/NZS 2425:2015 standards of Australia and New Zealand. Hoang Phu Anh is proud to be the unit that accompanies investors and construction units to produce the best quality works.

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