PIN code is known to everyone when using computers, phones, the internet, transacting at ATMs… However, not everyone clearly understands what a PIN code is and how to deal with forgetting the code. PIN, let’s find the answer through the article below.

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What is a PIN

?How to handle forgetting PIN code on Android1. For devices running Android 5.0 Lollipop or later

What is a PIN?

What is a PIN? PIN is an acronym for Personal Identification Number – A personal identification number used to confirm access to a certain system. Besides, PIN code is also considered as a type of password set by the user but only includes numbers. PIN length requirements are different for each system, usually a PIN code consists of a string of characters from 4 to 6 numbers.

Common PINs

There are many types of PIN codes such as PIN codes to access the phone, PIN codes of SIMs, of applications (Momo, ViettelPay…), of memory cards or credit cards. These PIN types can be the same or different depending on the user’s settings.

How to handle when you forget your PIN on Android

If you forget the PIN code of an application such as Momo, ViettelPay, Grab… then to get your phone PIN back, please contact your service provider for the fastest support.

And if you forget your Andorid phone PIN, the way to handle it when you forget your PIN on Andorid devices will be as follows:

1. For devices running Android 5.0 Lollipop or later

For this type of device, the fix will be to use the Find My Device application or use Find My Mobile, which is applicable to most devices using the Andorid 5.0 operating system and above.

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Method 1: Use Find My Device


Before you do this, you need to locate your Google account and make sure your device is connected to the Internet.


Step 1: Visit the Find My Device website on your computer device or on another device and log in to your Google account.

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Step 2: Select the device from which you need to erase data (if you use this account on more than one device).

Step 3: Select Delete (in the left corner) > proceed to re-login your Google account > Then reset the PIN for the phone.

Method 2: Use Find My Mobile


This feature is exclusive to Samsung devices. You have created a Samsung account and enabled Find My Mobile. You will need to locate the Email address and password that is connected to your Samsung account. The device requires an Internet connection.


Step 1: Visit the Find My Mobile Website on your computer or other mobile device > log in to your Samsung account.

Step 2: Select the item Unlock my device

Step 3: Sign in with your Samsung account password to unlock your phone.

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2. For Android 4.4 KitKat and earlier devices

For Android 4.4 or earlier devices, you can get your Andorid phone PIN back by:

After entering the wrong PIN 5 times, the system will send a reminder message at the login window with the content “Forgot pattern, Forgot PIN or Forgot password”. Once there, just tap it and enter the Username and Password for your Google account to be able to change your password, PIN or pattern.

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