To become a marketing expert, it is extremely important that you define where you are in marketing-related activities. Not fully equipped with knowledge as well as misguided will also prevent you from making great strides in your career.

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The following article CrmViet will help you cover a lot of marketing-related activities based on two concepts that are Above the line (ATL) and Below the line (BTL).

What is Above the line and Below the line?

You can see “line” appearing in both ATL and BTL. They represent the connection of the brand to the customer. This concept will be divided into a large array that is Above and Below. Let’s take a closer look below!

What is Above the Line?

Above the line (ATL) are marketing activities with a large coverage, targeting all audiences so that the scope of the link is as large as possible, in order to build the image and receive the brand’s writing.

The tools commonly used to perform Above the line are usually the mass media with high pervasiveness such as TV, outdoor banner advertising, radio, digital marketing…

What is Below the Line?

Below the line (BTL) is a marketing advertising activity aimed at a target audience group, in a narrow range with the aim of creating a group of loyal customers to the brand. Inspiring customers to consume, motivating them to buy products is the purpose of BTL.

Below the line is often used to develop the retail market, consume for short-term purposes to bring the most effective… The main purpose of BTl is to sell as many goods as possible.

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BTL rarely uses traditional methods like ATL and only focuses on building sales points, building sales teams, etc. to maximize profits. You can see the form Below the line at supermarkets, convenience stores, and grocery stores.

Compare Above the line and Below the line

What’s the difference between Above the line and Below the line?

In general, these are considered the two main communication segments chosen by many businesses today. There will be 4 different points that you can notice in ATL and BTL which are:

Convey the message

ATL uses mass media methods such as: Radio, TV, advertising images, digital marketing… to directly convey the message of the product to consumers. BTL conveys the message indirectly by selling points. , supermarkets, sales staff, fairs….

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Market Coverage

ATL has a wider coverage because the purpose of this method is that as many people as possible can reach the business brand. BTL is mainly to increase sales as well.

Measurement of effectiveness

Measuring ATL will be very difficult because you cannot control how many people your Marketing campaign has reached, calculating the cost to produce a conversion will be more difficult than BTL .

As for BTL, you can completely control sales, sales campaigns, free trial products…


Statistics show that in Vietnam, businesses have invested their budget in ATL up to 70% of Marketing campaigns, which shows that businesses are now paying great attention to building images and creating images. brand coverage.

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In the future, Marketing activities will no longer appear the boundaries between the two definitions of ATL and BTL, but will be a combination and complement each other to create the best Marketing strategy.

ATL helps customers easily see the product, thereby helping customers gradually recognize the brand and entice customers to find the product. Now the next step is to use BTL so that customers can experience the actual product such as: holding, holding, tasting, smelling…

The combination of ATL and BTl in the Marketing campaign will help you draw an overall picture of the customer, and the measurement will also become easier when we combine these two forms of advertising. .

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Hope the article will help you to define what Below the line and Above the line are? The combination of these two forms when doing marketing will help bring incredible results.