Find a job

ad or advert (short for advertisement) advertisement application form job application form appointment appointment CV (short for curriculum vitae) resume job description job description interview interview job offer or offer of employment job offer job qualifications

to apply for a job apply for a job to accept an offer to accept a job offer to reject an offer or to turn down an offer to decline a job offer to hire

job job career career part-time part-time full-time full-time shift work shift work temporary temporary contract permanent long-term contract starting date start date notice period notice period leave notice period

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Salary and benefits

bonus bonus car allowance car allowance company car public service health insurance health insurance holiday pay salary holiday entitlement holiday entitlement maternity leave maternity leave overtime paternity paternity leave part-time education training part-time pension scheme or pension plan pension scheme / pension plan promotion promotion salary salary monthly salary increase salary sick pay sick day salary staff restaurant canteen training scheme training mode travel expenses travel expenses wages weekly wages working conditions working conditions working hours working hours

Types of employees

owner business owner managing director executive director director manager manager/head boss boss colleague colleague trainee trainee apprentice apprentice volunteer volunteer volunteer

end of work

to fire fired to get the sack fired (colloquial) to resign resign to retire to retire

leaving date redundancy redundancy layoff redundancy pay severance retirement age retirement age

Other useful words

apprenticeship apprenticeship department department experience factory factory fire drill training in fire health and safety internship internship meeting meeting office office rate of pay salary reception reception security security strike family public (noun) switchboard telephone switchboard timekeeping work time tracking trade union union training course work training course work experience work experience

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to go on strike strike (verb) to be off sick sick leave

self-employed self-employed unemployed unemployed retired retired

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