Email marketing is a form of using email (e-mail) to bring information/sales/marketing/product introduction to the desired customers. Every email sent to a potential or current customer can be considered email marketing.

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When implementing marketing campaigns, advertising products, sending emails is definitely the first thing that comes to mind. Simply because email marketing is a very useful advertising method for marketing campaigns.

But many of you when starting to create and send email still do not understand the most general way about it, and the benefits email marketing brings to businesses. This article will give you a complete overview of this type of marketing.

What is email marketing?

Table of contents

I. So what is email marketing

?II. How to have an effective email marketing campaign?

I. So what is email marketing?

Email marketing is a form of using email (e-mail) to bring information/sales/marketing/product introduction to the desired customers. Customers who have been researched (potential customers of the business) to distinguish them from Spam email (Send mass emails to any customer), and customers can refuse to receive emails.

1. Status of email marketing

There are many misconceptions that email marketing is outdated. That in the age of technology, marketing by advertising on social networks is what works. That is the view of those who do not know what the real effect of email mail marketing is.

In the past 3 years, the real cost that businesses spend on email marketing has tripled. This investment shows the importance of email marketing campaigns.

Today, Email Marketing is a very popular marketing service applied by many businesses. Moreover, the email sales service has also been integrated into the CRM Marketing toolkit with many optimal customizations for business operations.

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2. Functions of email marketing

– Monitoring and reporting: You will know the rate of emails to inbox, email open rate, click rate, conversion rate. Detailed tracking of customer interaction rates.

– Automate campaigns: You can set up a campaign, and set a specific email delivery schedule, emails will be automatically sent quickly and accurately.

– Various email templates: A variety of professional and diverse templates for you to choose from, will reduce the time in writing content.

3. Benefits of email marketing

First, when compared to traditional advertising by designing banners, billboards, email marketing, it will help to save thoroughly design costs, transportation costs, and venue rental costs. .

Email marketing helps businesses build brands in the eyes of consumers, increase relationships, and create trust with customers.

In addition, when using this form for marketing, you can make detailed statistics of the number of people who click open mail, click on the links from which you will be able to find out the needs of customers, determine meet the needs of customers to make appropriate adjustments.

Moreover, you can also automate marketing campaigns by setting a schedule to send customer care marketing emails on a specific week or month basis.

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II. How to have an effective email marketing campaign?

What is an email marketing campaign? It is an email marketing campaign for a certain purpose, serving the company’s overall marketing strategy. So how to make an effective email marketing campaign.

1. Build website, create registration form

Every business must have its own website. This increases the credibility of the brand. In the website, there should be registration forms such as membership registration, trial registration, product purchase, etc.

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These signup forms play the role of collecting emails of potential customers to send out marketing emails.

2. Remarketing to customer emails

Remarketing or remarketing is also a necessity. Because there is a large percentage of customers who do not make a purchase the first time they are advertised by email marketing or any other form.

3. Create options for customers to continue receiving emails

In outbound email marketing, you need to create a special option for the customer. That is, whether they want to receive follow-up emails or not.

This will reduce the amount of email marketing sent to customers who have no need. From there you can focus more on real leads. This is also a way of respecting the wishes of the customer.

4. Participating in exhibitions, service introduction seminars

This is a way to PR brand, and also effectively promote good products. Being well known will increase click-through rates for subsequent email marketing campaigns.

5. Organize wars Promotions and promotions

Promotional campaigns and promotions are not only effective in promoting sales. It also has a very good brand PR function. Take advantage of this to bring your brand closer to users before each email marketing campaign.

6. Encourage employees to find customers

The ability of each specific object is limited. You cannot leave the responsibility of finding customer emails to the marketing team. Every employee in the company is a human resource that needs to be exploited.

7. Organize group events

Organizing events that encourage customers to bring one more person is a smart campaign. Both participants and companions will have a certain degree of interest in your product. Getting this person’s information fills up a quality email list. Promising a wildly successful email marketing campaign.

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8. Pay more attention to SEO

Having the company’s website rank high on search engines will increase the value of the company as a whole. SEO is very useful in PR and branding.

9. Create gift-giving mini-games to get email lists

This is a way of gathering information for a smart email marketing campaign. Make sure the gifts you give are only suitable for the group of potential customers so that you can get really quality information.

Through this article, hope you have understood what Email marketing is, and what are the benefits of Email marketing. From there towards building a perfect email marketing strategy.

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In addition, when using email marketing services, you can choose to use CRMVIET’s CRM software with many useful features (email marketing, sms marketing, Automation, ..).