Ex: Here are your clean clothes – please put them away.

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The clothes are clean, please put them away

2. Put Back= return an object to the location where it came from: return the old location

Ex: After you’re done using the dictionary, put it back.After using the dictionary, please leave the old position.

3. Put Down

Put down = To writeon a piece of paper (sometimes we just say “put” without “down”): write down, write down

Ex: I alreadyput downbread, cheese, and butter – what else do we need to buy?I already wrote down bread, cheese and butter, what else do we need to buy?

Put down = To criticize and humiliate: criticize someone, criticize / humiliate someone

Ex: My brotheralwaysputsmedownby saying I am stupid. My brother always criticizes/humiliates me by saying I am stupid.

Put down= To kill an animal that is sick, old, suffering, or dangerous: to kill (animal)

Ex: When our cat got cancer, we decided topherdown.

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When our cat got cancer, we decided to free it

4. Put Forth / Put Forward= to offer an idea, plan, or proposal for consideration: Proposal

Ex: I’d like toput forwarda recommendation or twoI’d like to suggest 1 or 2 suggestions

5. Put Off=To delay doing something, procrastinate: delay, back off

Ex: I’ve beenputting offthis assignmentfor the past week; I just can’t seem to get started!I’ve been postponing this exercise for a week now, I can’t seem to get started right away.

6. Put On=Start wearing or using (clothing, accessories, makeup): put on

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Ex: She tries to put on the boots but they’re too small She tries to put on the boots but it seems too small

7. Put Through= transfer or connect somebody on the phone: connect by phone

Ex: The secretary couldn’t help me, so heputmethroughto a manager. The secretary couldn’t help me, so he transferred the phone to me directly to the director.

8. Put somebody Up = Give somebody a place to stay at your home

Ex: I canputyouupat my housefor a few days.

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I can let you stay at my house for a few days

9. Put Up With = tolerable; accept an annoying situation or behavior: endure

Ex: I can’tput up with all the noise in the dormitory – I need a quieter place to study.I can’t stand the noise in this dormitory. I need a quieter place to study