NodeJS is a platform built on top of the V8 JavaScript Engine – an interpreter that executes JavaScript code, making it simple and easily extensible to build web applications.

According to Stack Overflow’s survey of the most used frameworks and platforms in 2019, NodeJS took the No. 1 position with the number of users up to nearly 50%. That shows that if you learn NodeJS, your job opportunities will be extremely open.

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This article will provide you with the best NodeJS documents (English + Vietnamese), which will help you:

Understand what NodeJS is and master this platform quicklyUpdate new knowledge about NodeJSExchange and learn from the prestigious NodeJS community

What is NodeJS?

NodeJS is a platform built on top of the V8 JavaScript Engine – an interpreter that executes JavaScript code, making it simple and easily extensible to build web applications.

NodeJS was developed by Ryan Dahl in 2009 and can run on many different operating systems: OS X, Microsoft Windows, Linux.

What is the reason to learn NodeJS?

NodeJS is written in JavaScript with a large user community. If you need any help with NodeJS, someone will help you quickly. Fast processing speed. Thanks to the non-blocking mechanism, NodeJS can handle thousands of concurrent connections without any difficulty. Easily expandable. If you have a need to develop websites, NodeJS’s easy extensibility is an extremely important advantage.

NodeJS Learning Materials

The following NodeJS learning materials will be presented in the form of: tutorials, courses and ebooks. You can quickly choose the type of study you’re most interested in to start with.

NodeJS tutorials

1. Learn NodeJS in 1 Hour

Tutorial for beginners with over 1.5 million views, as a guarantee that you will not waste your time in vain. In addition to NodeJS, you can also learn many cool things about programming from the author’s Youtube channel.

Why you should watch this tutorial:

Simple, easy to understand, it only takes 1 hour to know what NodeJS is and is it edible. Detailed introduction to each module in NodeJS and how to use them.

2. Install NodeJS on MacOS and Ubuntu using the command line

Written entirely in Vietnamese, this tutorial is suitable for those who are not good at English. With intuitive explanations and quick support from the author in the comments section, you won’t have any trouble getting used to NodeJS.

Main content of the tutorial:

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Install Homebrew to manage packages in MacOS.Use brew command in MacOS or apt in Ubuntu to install NodeJS and npm.Use npm init to create a NodeJS project using command line.Run NodeJS file using NodeJS command on MacOS and Ubuntu, compare the results.

3. NodeJS Advanced Tutorials

A famous website for programming tutorials like tutorialspoint is definitely indispensable for NodeJS tutorials.

If you are curious to know what this Tutorial contains, it is:

Everything you need to know about working with the major parts of NodeJS, from the installation environment, npm to streams, Buffers, Restful API, Express.. Provides other useful documentation related to NodeJS.

4. NodeJS Tutorial: Learn in 3 Days

If you just want to learn NodeJS at a basic level, without going into too much detail, this tutorial, with a duration of 3 days, is well worth your consideration.

In addition to must-knows like modules, Express or MongoDB, you’ll also learn about:

NodeJS Promises and Bluebird Promises.NodeJS and Callbacks Generator.Test NodeJS with Jasmine.

NodeJS Programming Courses

1. Building Functional Prototypes using NodeJS

Compiled by Microsoft with a duration of about 5 weeks and completely free, the course is well worth your time and effort investment.

The main content of the course revolves around:

Tutorial on creating a back-end web server with NodeJS.Build SQL queries to perform CRUD operations on the database.Deploy the web application on Azure.

2. Learn NodeJS

If you are someone who is not very patient and want to know what NodeJS is as quickly as possible then this is exactly the best course for you. Designed to be extremely concise, can be completed in just 1 hour with more than 45 million participants. What was more amazing!

After the course, you will:

Know the differences between the components of a back-end web application.Explore the NodeJS JavaScript runtime environment.Build powerful apps with Express.

3. NodeJS Programming Course

This is a NodeJS course presented entirely in Vietnamese from Khoa Pham – a reputable unit in publishing online courses. If you complete more than 80% of the course, you will be awarded a certificate, which is quite beneficial when you go to the interview.

Some of the main topics covered in the course:

Learn about NodeJS programming on the server side, NodeJS working process.Build Restful API, connect MySQL, MongoDB databases and how to use Express, SocketIO.Real projects run on NodeJS platform to ensure Make sure you understand what you’ve learned.

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NodeJS Learning Book

1. Get Programming with NodeJS

Get Programming with NodeJS teaches you how to write back-end code in JavaScript, using NodeJS. Lots of fun illustrations, concrete examples and relatively fast paced, you’ll never get bored.

Specifically, the book will cover the following main topics:

Learn the key steps to installing and working with NodeJS. How to set up an application using Express and connect to MongoDB data. How to build APIs, add chat functionality to web apps, and manage code on the environment efficient production field.

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2. Mastering NodeJS

Mastering NodeJS, written by Sandro Pasquali, is one of the books about key NodeJS concepts like streams, child processes, clustering, events…

The author wants to remind readers not only to focus on MEAN Stack or Express – the popular module of NodeJS, but also to grasp its main concepts to be able to think better and design the extensible system more effectively.

After reading the book, you will know:

How NodeJS uses Google’s V8 engine on the server. Take advantage of NodeJS’s module system to design easily scalable applications. Learn scaling techniques and parallel operation on multiple cores.

3. NodeJS Design Patterns

Design patterns are an essential part of quality code, and because JavaScript is a dynamic language, coming up with the best design pattern can seem even more difficult. The book includes many design patterns with examples, you can use them to write quality code in NodeJS.

The book will help you:

Design and implement a wide range of server-side JavaScript patterns, you’ll understand why and when to apply them in different situations. Identify the most important factors and apply unique tricks to make them work. increase scalability for NodeJS applications. Discover the latest trends in Universal JavaScript and learn how to write code that runs in both NodeJS and browsers.

4. The NodeJS Beginner & Craftsman Bundle

The great combination of “The NodeJS Beginner Book” and “The NodeJS Craftsman” will help you to fully master server-side JavaScript development through NodeJS. The book has more than 220 pages, very complete and detailed.

You will know:

Exactly what NodeJS is and how it works. How to connect to a data like MongoDB or MYSQL from a NodeJS application.

5. Mixu’s NodeJS book

The author of the ebook, whose real name is Mikito Takada, is currently a developer at Stripe. With his experience working with NodeJS, the author brings a real perspective and specific examples. Learning NodeJS has never been so easy. You can read it directly on Mixu’s website.

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You will learn the following key points in the book:

What is NodeJS and its related basics: V8, Arrays, Objects, JSON.Common NodeJS libraries and patterns.Learn more about Comet and

6. NodeJS Handbook

Published in 2018 with 189 pages, the NodeJS Handbook seems to contain all the necessary information for a newbie, wanting to learn about NodeJS. The ebook is completely free.

What you get from the ebook:

A detailed introduction to NodeJS, how to install NodeJS and the amount of JavaScript you need to start learning NodeJS.How to use NodeJS and npm modules.How to work efficiently with command line, event loop and asynchronous programming set.

7. Learn and Master NodeJS

As the name suggests, this ebook helps you start your journey from knowing nothing about NodeJS to mastering the platform. With the combination of Ben Sparks and Pablo Farias Navarro, the ebook promises to bring many new perspectives to readers.

You will learn a lot of cool points:

Get acquainted with the REST API and how to create the chart API.How to work with MYSQL and NodeJS.How to upload a CSV file from NodeJS.

8. NodeJS Succinctly

In addition to the basics of NodeJS you can find in many other sources, NodeJS Succinctly also includes many interesting tutorials on how to get the most out of the extremely popular platform with developers.

That is:

How to use Filesystems and streams and the popular NodeJS ecosystems. A guide to writing a real-time web application with WebSocket. Lists useful tools for building and testing.

9. Web Development with NodeJS and Express

If you’re looking for a way to take advantage of JavaScript stacks, this is one of the best books to learn about NodeJS and the Express framework.

Books help you:

Create a system of sample web pages to display dynamic data. Simulate a production environment for testing and development. Use RESTful APIs to provide your resources to other programs. .

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