If you are still a “newbie” entering the world of marketing, you have more or less heard of Google Ads or Google Adwords. Are you sure you really understand what Google ads is or what Google Adwords is and how to use it effectively? The following article will give you a basic understanding of one of the most powerful marketing tools available today.

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Paid Advertising – What is Google Ads

(What is Google Adwords)?

Adwords (ads) is an acronym for the phrase “Advertisement keywords”, which is understood as keyword advertising. Therefore, Google Ads advertising (former name Google Adwords) is the name of a commercial service of Google, providing search rankings, priority display positions for objects who need to advertise products and brands. mine.

Google ads (Google adwords) is a commercial service developed and provided by google to companies, businesses or individuals who want to promote their brands, products and services.

To use google adwords (ads) ads you need to pay google to have ads displayed or clicked. Ads will be displayed in the preferred positions on search rankings or on sites belonging to the google display network.

What is the effectiveness of Google ads? What are the benefits of google adwords?

Target the right potential customers

Ads will be displayed at the first positions of search rankings as well as on websites linked to google. Based on the keywords that customers search, as well as information about surfing the web every day, the advertising content of the business will be displayed accurately to potential customers.

Fast, easy to manage and control

Once your product or service is approved, your ad will appear in just 5 minutes after the campaign is successfully installed.

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In addition, you can completely edit, add, delete information, advertising content, add keywords, adjust budget accordingly. Google ads (adwords) also allows you to install the octagon language, in the markets you want to target.

High efficiency, with optimized cost

Understanding what Google ads is, as mentioned above, google ads (adwords) helps to accurately target potential customers, so that the ability to convert orders when running google ads also increases a lot.

Not stopping there, you should also know that only when customers click on the ad, you will lose money, so the cost will be much more optimized. Google also allows you to change the budget, limit the cost of running ads per day. Therefore, the cost of advertising google ads is always optimized and highly effective.

Regularly and accurately updated reporting and statistics system

Google is one of the largest service companies in the world so their products are very professional. The reporting systems are all highly accurate and regularly updated.

The difference between Google Ads (Adwords) and SEO advertising

Just like Google Ads, SEO is also a familiar term for those who work with Google.

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Running Google Ads What is it? How does google adwords advertising service work?

The type of campaign that you choose will be based on what advertising goals are, such as in what form do you want to show ads, where do you want to appear? In how long…

Popular ad campaign types will be available including:

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Google Ads Display Network.Google Ads Keyword AdsAds Google Ads Search with Display Selective.Shopping VideosGlobal Apps

Among the above campaigns, the google advertising campaign is the most used. To save time, I would like to talk specifically about the two most used types of advertising campaigns today: google keyword advertising and google display network advertising.

Google Keyword Ads:

With this type of ad, the ad template appears on the google search results page when the queryer searches for keywords related to your product – service.

What is running Google ads? What is Google adwords advertising? Google Display Network Advertising

What is GDN? As a display network that will include Google’s own products such as Gmail, Youtube, Blogger, mobile applications, especially the system of 2 million websites that are partners of google that are provided by google with advertising positions.

Quality Score of Google Ads

Quality Score is calculated by Google based on the relevance and usefulness of your ad to searchers and the keywords they use. It also takes into account the number of clicks the ad received in the past, aka click-through rate (CTR), and the relevance of the navigated landing page.

For example, a user searches for the keyword “Bitis Hunter Feast” and your ad appears that says “buy Bitis Hunter Feast here”, then once the user clicked it will take them directly to a landing page containing the information. Information about Bitis Hunter Feast products. If the ad’s destination is just the homepage displaying all the Bitis products, the quality score will be lower.

The higher your Quality Score, the greater your advantage over your competitors. Even if your maximum price is lower than your competitors, your ad can still rank above them thanks to its high quality score.

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What is the google ads (adwords) advertising method?

When running google ads ads, you will definitely have to pay attention to the method of calculating the cost of google ads. There will be 3 indicators that you need to pay attention to, including:

What is Google ads advertising method (what is google adwords) – What is CPC? – What is CPM? – What is CPA? ?

CPC (Cost per Click): Is an indicator that calculates the cost according to the number of clicks on the ads of google adwords. Google will collect a fixed fee for each click on a customer’s ad. CPM (Cost per Miles): Calculated according to the number of times the ad is displayed, users of google adwords ads will have to pay 1 amount. cost per 1000 impressions on google.CPA (Cost per Action): Charge a conversion or a user takes a specific action on your website when they click on your ad such as making a purchase, filling out a registration form, download the application… An advertising fee will be charged for the conversion that satisfies the advertiser’s requirements.

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So above are the sharing about the basic concept of what is google ads or what is another name google adwords? as well as issues surrounding google ads (google adwords). Hopefully this will be a useful article for you to refer to and have google ads advertising campaigns in particular and digital marketing campaigns in general, bringing higher revenue.