I’m sure if you’ve ever done keyword research and used Google trends to check interest in a certain keyword, many SEOs these days never use the full potential of this amazing tool. . That’s why I decided to write a specific article about google trends.

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In this article, I will cover some good ways to use Google trends to help with your keyword research and seo services strategy.

All you need to know about google trends and how it works

As I started writing this article, I realized there was some confusion about Google trends data on the internet. Many people think that the trend curve is a direct representation of search volume. However, the number of queries over time is the same as you see in the Google Keyword Planner tool.

Let me show you trending charts for keywords like “Flower” in google trends and the GKP tool.

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If you see any video results ratings on Google, chances are Google has determined that searchers want to see video content on the topic.

So you can be sure that there is pretty good search volume on YouTube for this query.


Google Trends was not created specifically for content marketers and SEOs. But as you can see, it can be very useful for keyword research. (And other marketing-related tasks.)

There’s no other tool that gives you the latest data on what’s trending right now.

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Do you use Google Trends in your marketing? I look forward to learning your tips and tricks.