According to the concept of feng shui and spirituality, the lipstick mole brings a lot of unexpected luck to the owner. Even now, many people who want to get this “red lipstick dot” do not spare money to go to beauty salons to intervene.

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So what is the nature of the lipstick mole? According to spirituality, which places on the body have a lipstick mole that bring luck? Let’s go with to find out through the article the meaning of the lip mole right here

What is a lipstick mole?

Lipstick moles are damaged, sunken skin cells below the surface. There is a raised red pigment above normal skin color. This phenomenon is caused by an enlarged blood vessel. Moles will have a different red color depending on the extent of damage to the microvessels.

Picture of a lipstick mole on the skin.

Unlike black or brown moles, lipstick moles are red moles. It is believed by many people that when appearing on the body, it will bring luck, fortune, and a peaceful life to the owner.

In addition, people, especially women who own lipstick moles in positions that attract the eyes of the opposite sex, become more beautiful and beautiful.

Meaning of Son moles at different locations on the body

As mentioned above, the vast majority of people who own a lipstick mole have a fairly comfortable and lucky life. Only a few are unlucky or in trouble. The locations where the lipstick moles appear on the body bring luck that you can compare specifically as follows:

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1. Lipstick mole on top of head

Having a lipstick mole on the top of the head signals a peaceful life, not competing with life, adults do not have to worry about life’s burdens, life’s storms.

2. Lipstick mole on forehead

In some movies, we often see high-ranking people often have a dot of lipstick on their forehead, specifically in the middle of the forehead. Visually, when there is a lipstick dot, the person’s entire face will become bright, easy to see, and powerful.

Meaning of lipstick mole on forehead.

If you have a lipstick mole on your forehead, be proud because this shows that your destiny has been predetermined by God to be rich, lucky and rich. Your work or life will be smooth sailing, your support. The more the lipstick mole on the forehead is in the middle, the darker the red, the more comfortable your life will be.

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3. Lipstick mole on earlobe

A full life and a long life are the blessings that people with a mole on the earlobe have. This is also the luck that God bestows on those who have lipstick dots at this position.

4. Lipstick mole on lips

Having a lipstick mole on the lips are usually people who are good at speaking and socializing. Females are usually polite and charming to attract the opposite person. Men often have a good fortune and position in society.

5. Lipstick mole on chest

Lipstick moles on the chest usually belong to many women. These lipstick-dotted women are usually peach blossom women when single, prosperous when married. As can be seen, this is a lipstick that makes women look more lovely and salty. In life, they are always pampered by men, wherever they go or do they are supported by nobles, open and liberal personalities, loved by many people.

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6. Lipstick mole on abdomen

Lip mole on belly

Fortunately, there is a lipstick mole on the abdomen. Men will be great officials, women will have the beauty that attracts the opposite sex. Such people life is never miserable both in terms of money and mind.

7. Lipstick mole on wrist

Successful work, where to win is the luck that the owner of a lipstick mole on the wrist has. If you have a lipstick mole on your wrist, boldly do business and trade to reap more success.

8. Lipstick mole in palm

The position of the note and lipstick in the palm of the hand

If you have a lipstick mole on your palm, you are completely confident in your work and business. This is a position that brings the meaning of wealth and money to the owner. People with a lipstick mole in the palm of their hand are always good at calculating, foresight, opportunity or luck always comes.

9. Lipstick mole on thumb

People with a lipstick mole on their thumb are often lucky in love, loved by many people. Experiencing a life with less pain and peace.

10. Lipstick mole on index finger

Lipstick mole on index finger

Wherever you go to work, you will be supported by the nobles, some people will share the work and the burden. People with lipstick moles on their index fingers will all become talented leaders.

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The above positions spiritually believe that if there is a lipstick mole, it will bring a good omen for you. Lipstick moles when growing in the following locations will bring unexpected luck to the owner. Therefore, do not be shy or embarrassed, even try to remove the mole. Please keep the status quo because this may be a grace that God has bestowed on you.

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