Investing in securities and virtual money but choosing the wrong exchange means that you have lost from the very first step. And a lot of people are curious about UKTrade Global floor, because the floor is committed to having expert support when participating in transactions, charging low fees, trading high profits. But there is very little information about this exchange online. So today iFintech takes the time to research whether UK Trade Global is reputable or a scam, helping new investors make a more accurate decision.

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What is UK Trade Global

According to research, on the introduction website, UKTrade is the world’s leading trading technology platform for the foreign exchange market. Or to be more precise, UK Trade is a forex trading product based on Blockchain.

KTrade Global is a binary options broker that allows account holders to accurately predict whether asset prices will rise or fall. Use those predictions to check your answers quickly.

Simply, people just need to deposit money into the account, then participate in predicting a certain currency on the exchange to increase or decrease, if the up or down trend matches the original prediction, everyone will make a profit.

About the origin of the UK Trade floor, it has almost no information except for an image, if translated, it is an operating license. According to the information on it, this is the floor due to:

The company was founded in 2006 and licensed in 2019 And licensed in the UK

However, the accuracy of this information will be analyzed clearly below.

How to make money on UK Trade Global

As mentioned above, it is a forex broker, but the way it works is mainly binary – predicting the up and down trends of currencies. To be precise, according to us Vietnamese, it’s not like luck, luck, so if you win, you’ll eat, if you don’t, you’ll lose without any basis.

Right on UK trade’s introductory website, we don’t see any information on how it works, it’s only clear that they self-made themselves which is the world’s leading exchange, making profits, withdrawing money in just a few minutes. 1 minute…And especially, the way to make money on the floor is to predict the rise and fall by determining the market up and down.

UK trade Global exchange

So it can be seen that you will make money very easily, without knowing much, just open an account, then deposit money. Everyone will spend a certain amount of money betting on the currency pair on the floor up or down, then depending on that bet ratio, people will collect the original amount spent and the profit earned from betting. And if you lose, you lose money, lose the money everyone bet.

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Evaluation of UK Trade Global Platform

About the trading platform

According to the information on the website, the UK trade platform supports great platforms: web, macbook, iMac, Desktop and all types of smartphone devices. However, by standard the MetaTrader platforms are commonly used as they allow the use of trading robots. Legitimate brokers are known to offer at least the popular MetaTrader 4 or 5 trading platform.

So from the very beginning, the UK trade floor did not clearly know what platform this exchange was based on, only generally on phones and websites. However, it is still advised that those who invest in forex, meta platform 4 or 5 will be the best priority.

About information on website, web interface

The information on the website is very sketchy, about the information only shows the information in a general way and tends to be in a good direction, what is the best, is also committed => So it is quite suspicious, in When other exchanges only give objective information, neither positive nor negative, the value of information that guides and provides knowledge is key.

The website interface uses hot colors, using a combination of red and blue which is quite bright, looks unprofessional => this color has an impact on user psychology, with stimulating and promoting effects. account, especially the register now button is always arranged from the first page to the last page of the website.

Is the UK trade global exchange reputable?

About profit commitments

Committed to always recovering capital continuously after only 1 minute, that means that no loss can be recovered continuously only. Especially on the introductory facebook page of the exchange, there is a commitment of 0.8-1%/capital/day. That means every month people have up to 30%/capital.

Another point is that when learning about a page called UK trade on facebook, this floor is related to BW group. Meanwhile, upon finding out, BW Group is a maritime company involved in shipping, floating gas infrastructure and deep-water oil and gas production with more than 700 Shipping Vessels with more than 70000 employees on board. around the world. And it is not clear what the relationship is here, but there is no information on the website of the floor.

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However, it can be confirmed that the BW group in the fanpage is not the company we mentioned above because the logos of these two companies are completely different. together. So I don’t know if this is a coincidence or an arrangement.

About cost

For those of you who use the demo investment guarantee, it is completely free on the UKtrade floor. As for the investor when starting a trade, predicting the uptrend of foreign currencies will be charged a different fee and it will depend on the amount of money that people put into the bet.

And the transaction fee is committed to be low, but it is not clear how much because there is no information at all, all the information that the exchange provides is only general, there is no fee table, how to charge or how to invest. how commissions are divided, and perhaps only those who are in the investment can understand.

About operating license

The issue of the operating license is the issue that needs attention, it is the source for people to believe in this exchange or not. On the website, everyone will see a photo of a business registration license as shown below.

The license here people see that it is not clear any information at all, not in detail nor know what this granting unit is. But it must be clear that exchanges in the UK to operate must be licensed by the Kingdom’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). But when looking for information about this exchange on FCA’s system, there is no information, and there is a company with the same name but completely different from the information provided by the company of this exchange.

Is Uk trade Global a scam

Scam or not, I don’t know, but first of all, through what the UK trade exchange provides to customers, it is not enough to be reliable, unprofessional and with many other problems, it can be seen that this company likely not a reputable forex broker.

From the lack of a license to operate properly, the information about the company is not transparent and clear, with a commitment to high profits for players, it can be seen that the floor is quite vague and not professional enough. Especially on the internet today, there is a lot of information saying that the UK trade Global floor is a scam, so it is impossible to know which is the truth.

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But can be sure with everyone that this is an unlicensed exchange in Vietnam, so if it operates publicly, introduces in Vietnam, calls for investment in Vietnam, it is considered a scam. And get a lot of information is to put money in, invest money but can’t withdraw money from the account.

Should I invest in UK trade Global

With the UK trade Global exchange, your investment in to make a profit should be considered, don’t blindly pour money in because of those great profitable referrals.

First of all, let’s talk about that form of binary operation, based on the betting process to predict the rise and fall of a coin, it is actually playing by chance, because in a short time of less than 30 seconds you are not enough to give make any correct statements. In particular, there is no basis for making predictions, so this is simply a bet. Even if you win, it is unlikely that everyone will withdraw their money.

Most reputable exchanges will not call for players, do not hold seminars to introduce or call and convince investors, but will operate on reputation. One of the other problems is that the UK trade floor does not have information about the license granted, even on many securities and foreign exchange management agencies, it is impossible to find any information.

In Vietnam, everyone should consider carefully before investing here, there is no Vietnamese language support, no support for withdrawing money to a Vietnamese bank account, betting investment is prohibited in our country. Next, it is not licensed to operate in Vietnam, so it is certain that when people lose money, or have any problems, they will be completely responsible for themselves, without legal support from Vietnamese law.

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Hopefully, the above information about the UK trade Global exchange that we provide can help people better understand this exchange. As well as here, I want to advise many people when investing in securities, foreign exchange, and virtual currencies, they should consider a reputable exchange to ensure that they are not deceived and are protected by law.