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The importance of jewelry for women today cannot be denied, it has become an indispensable accessory that not only beautifies but also makes users more confident. Silver 925 conquers the most demanding customers. So what is 925 silver and why are more and more prestigious jewelry brands using 925 silver? This silver coin entered the Vietnamese market, it was well received and responded to by consumers, in response to customers’ trust in us, through this article, I would like to share with you useful information about this product. Silver 925 you may not know.

1. What is 925 Silver?

Silver 925, Italian silver is also known by another name – Italian silver 925, simply because they originate from romantic Italy. This is the cradle of the world jewelry industry, very famous for the quality of standard silver.

Silver 925 with pure silver composition accounts for 92.5%, the remaining 7.5% will be other metal compounds. With the above mixing ratio, Italian silver is now not as soft as ta silver (9999 silver), but still retains the necessary shine and shine. Thanks to that, silver jewelry artisans will easily style their jewelry.

This is really a big turning point in the silver processing industry, because 925 silver has a very high hardness, a luster suitable for creating objects with sophistication and precision down to millimeters.

925 sterling silver ring with two waves embracing the stone – a harmonious and delicate combination.

In addition, mixing with other metals also helps to reduce the tiny holes commonly seen on pure silver and increase the shine, making silver products look better.

2. Does 925 silver tarnish like our silver?

The common psychology of most people who use silver jewelry is worried that one day their jewelry will be black and tarnished. So will 925 silver get rid of this ‘trash’?

Pure silver is difficult to oxidize under normal conditions, while alloy silver is more easily oxidized, especially with copper silver alloy and 925 silver is no exception. When using silver jewelry for a period of time, it often becomes black, dull whether in good maintenance conditions or not in use, except for pure silver. Depending on the location of each person, the time silver tarnishes quickly or not.

Silver jewelry is black and tarnished over time because the silver material has been affected by sulfur in the sweat glands, in the air, in the living environment and they interact with each other. According to the chemical reaction, the finished product will be silver sulfur salt, they are black and form a thin plaque on the jewelry layer, causing your jewelry to lose its original sparkling beauty.

It is true that 925 silver will tarnish. But now there are many methods to whiten silver and are often performed by jewelry stores and dealers for free for customers. So this is not a big concern.

925 sterling silver jewelry will tarnish after use and when polished, it will have a shiny new shine.

3. What are the uses of 925 silver?

The first use is probably beauty. Any piece of silver jewelry will contain its own design concept. And they have the same purpose of making girls more attractive, men more masculine…

The second great use of 925 silver is the effect of blocking the wind. Not only does it charm the wearer, using silver jewelry, you will receive countless benefits for your own health.

Silver 925 is similar to silver we have antibacterial, anti-toxic, can react strongly with H2S. To form a new compound and according to research this type of compound is absolutely safe for us humans.

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Silver 925 also owns its own luster and shine, which is what makes the brand and creates a foothold in the jewelry market.

925 silver jewelry has the same anti-wind effect as silver and has a rich and diverse design.

The third use will surprise you, 925 silver warns you about your health:

When silver tarnishes – you may have an endocrine problem

According to folk opinion, when silverware is covered with a gray-gray coating, the color changes, the user is in a bad health, melancholy mood, often stressed, tired. Some other opinions suggest that it is a sign of digestive disorders, which is the folk experience left by our forefathers without any scientific basis to prove its correctness. When the jewelry is tarnished color, it is a reminder to check health.

Silver is always shiny – maybe your kidneys are in trouble?

Silver doesn’t tarnish but is shiny, what’s the problem?

American medical scientists confirm That is a sign related to the kidneys. Poor functioning of the kidneys is that the body begins to accumulate nitrogenous substances, which combine with sweat and sebum in the skin to escape to the surface of the skin and immediately produce a chemical reaction. with silver, making silver brighter, but that’s just hypothetical, to be exact, you need to go to the hospital for a health check.

4. Why should you choose 925 silver jewelry instead of pure silver?

As noted above, 925 silver is harder than pure silver. According to jewelry makers, with the perfect hardness of Italian silver, it is easier for them to style items, whether it is elaborate motifs, patterns, many small details.

Silver 925 has up to 7.5% composition of alloys of other metals. In recent years, silver manufacturers have researched and found the right ratio to blend, helping to reduce tarnish and discoloration during use. Thanks to that, the durability of 925 silver is definitely better than our silver.

The 925 sterling silver chain is the perfect choice for gentle, gentle girls.

In addition, Silver Italy can now combine and use many different types of poker to meet the ever-changing tastes of customers. The most popular types of Italian silver today are 925 silver rhodium (white gold): Rose gold and platinum silver. These things are very difficult to do on pure silver.

5. Where to buy standard 925 silver?

This is the thing that is of most interest to consumers, when there are so many beautiful and cheap 925 silver product lines on the market that startle buyers. But very few stores can give authentic proof of product origin and quality as advertised.

A trick of the manufacturer, you should be alert with the number 925 on the product, to gain trust from customers, they have engraved the symbol 925 on the product like reputable fashion brands with brands in the market. market to convince buyers.

In order to buy a satisfactory product, quality 925 silver, we recommend that you go to reputable and well-known addresses in the market to receive many incentives from suppliers, product warranty, care and advice. question for you.

Eropi Jewelry is a jewelry brand that is worth a try and experience. We provide the market with thousands of diverse jewelry models with competitive prices and long-term warranties. Coming to Eropi Jewelry, you will be cared for, consulted and will surely find the most satisfactory item.

Let’s admire the beauty of some 925 silver products of Eropi . jewelry

925 sterling silver ring with perfect design, bringing elegance to the user.

Meticulous to every detail, attracting all eyes with 925 silver products.

Eropi Jewelry brand with rich and diverse designs, unique designs, you are spoiled for choice. Do not hesitate any longer, quickly own a set of products from Eropi Jewelry.

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