Using your computer frequently to exchange data, you may see DMG files on your Windows computer. However, this file cannot be opened normally like DOC, PSD, PNG files… You might have thought that DMG is a malicious virus file because they have unknown format. However, this is a meaningful file, do not rush to delete the .DMG file. So what is a DMG file? How to open DMG file on Windows computer, all will be answered through the content below of


What is a DMG file? How to open DMG files on Windows

What is a DMG file?

DMG file is a image format very commonly stored on MAC OSX. In fact, DMG files are similar to IOS files on computers using Windows operating systems.

DMG images typically contain program installation files for Apple applications, or can be used to store compressed files. Because these are files used on Mac computers, these files will not be able to install on Windows. However, these files inside can bring many benefits to users.

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The simplest way to open DMG files on Windows:

There are many ways to open DMG files on Windows computers or laptops.

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However, would like to introduce you to the simplest and most popular way to open files that is being used by many users today.

7-Zip is a DMG file compression tool on Windows that is considered the most powerful and completely free for users. You can download it for free at the website: . The steps to install and open the specific DMG file are as follows:

Step 1: Install the program, then find the DMG file to open, right-click and select 7-Zip then click the option “Extract here”.


Step 2: The program will automatically extract the DMG file to the current directory on your Windows computer.


Step 3: When done, you will see the files contained in the DMG file in the same folder as the DMG file.


So you can successfully open DMG files on Windows easily and quickly, right?

Alternatively, you can also open DMG files with DMG Extractor, or HFSExplorer.

What is a DMG file, I am sure that through the content of the article below, customers can find the correct answer for themselves. Believe that with the information provided by will help customers get more useful information.