HF: The constellation Leo (Leo), also known as Leo is the 5th sign of the 12 Zodiac signs. People born under the sign of Leo are very prominent with their creative, brave and attractive characteristics. Leo is also known to be the generous leader in the Zodiac. Follow the following article to discover which zodiac sign personality and compatibility is best.

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What is a Lion? General information about Leo:

Zodiac sign: ranks 5th in the 12 signs Birthdate of the Zodiac sign Leo: July 23 – August 22 General properties: symbolizes organized people Element of the five elements: Fire Star of the zodiac: Sun (symbolizes for the sun) strength, power, position, abundant energy and charm)Constellation symbol: LeoDay of the week: Sunday What color is Leo: red, yellow, orange Representative flowers: sunflower, virgin flowerKim type: gold.Animal: dog, leopard, canary Body part: heart, back Lucky number: 1, 4 and 6 Which sign is best for Leo: Aries, Sagittarius Best friend: Taurus, Scorpio Contrasted: Leo and Aquarius are two opposite signs Lucky stones: rubies, diamonds, rubies

Guardian of Leo

The guardian deity of the constellation Leo is the supreme god, the owner of Olympus – Zeus. In mythology, he is described as extremely brave, majestic, exuding pride.

People of the Leo zodiac sign are given more generosity, strength, and bravery by Zeus. They have leadership qualities and the ability to persuade others. Leo guys often have an authority figure that makes others “afraid”. According to Greek legend, Zeus was a hot-tempered, arrogant, somewhat conservative and pompous person.

Characteristics of Lion Men

Leo boys belong to the element of fire, protected by the sun god, so they have an undying temperament, always ready to face any challenge, a strong desire to help their path to fame always shine.

The guy has great leadership

No matter where, whatever the situation, the Leo man always wants to show his leadership ability. They always confidently present themselves in front of the crowd, to take advantage of “raise” themselves. Sometimes you will feel a little annoyed because Leo is too confident and difficult. But you will have to admit that he has a natural leadership talent, decisiveness, good ability to convince the crowd. The guy has enough qualities for his colleagues to trust and promote to high positions.

Frank and sincere guy

The Leo man is always the best choice to choose as a friend. You can talk to him about anything because he will honestly give you advice on what is good and what is bad. And rest assured, he never wastes time talking bad about others or arguing. If he notices a certain girl, he will certainly not be shy but frankly tell her his heart.

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Once a Leo has fallen in love, he will do anything for the one he loves. Leo is known for keeping his word, so whatever he is promising her, he will definitely do it to the end. Although, he has a bit of a flirtatious nature, but when he loves her, he will devote his whole heart to her.

Strong guy

Leos always show they are strong, it is very rare to see them cry in front of someone. They are the type of person who, once they have set a goal, will be determined to overcome all challenges, no matter how difficult they are, they will not back down. Consistency, strong will and determination are necessary qualities of a leader. Leo is the ideal boyfriend for her to lean on.

Loyalty boy

Although he is a romantic guy, he attracts the attention of many girls. But the Lion only listens when he targets the object he loves. When in love, he will give his heart only to her. Although normally Leo is arrogant, likes to lead others, but with the person he loves, he will be gentle and sincere, yielding to her.

Arrogant guy

As the Lord of all species, he is protected by the Sun and the Sun god, so the Leo sign always exudes pride. Although, Leo has many outstanding features that make others admire and admire. But strengths are also the cause of weaknesses. Leo will become arrogant, aggressive and always believe that he is the best. The arrogant personality is deeply ingrained in the subconscious, so it is difficult for Leo to absorb conflicting opinions from others.

Characteristics of Lionesses

The Lioness is a beautiful, intelligent and equally daring girl. Since childhood, she has always been at the top of her class, actively participating in all activities. A person who is always responsible for his words and actions. Always enjoy the freedom and control of any situation.

Personal girl

It is impossible to picture a girl who is small but extraordinary, extremely strong by looking at her face. What a man can do, she can also do. There is nothing more precious than independence and freedom, so she always wants to be on her own Do everything to the best of your ability. She will fall even if she fails. Leo’s will is always so strong.

A free and free life is what she always wants because Leo does not like to bow to anyone. Her strong personality makes the guy attracted. They like girls who like modern girls who both have their own careers and can help take care of the family.

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Love girl

Don’t see her strong and think dry. The Lioness is a person who knows first and foremost about love. Her generous nature is ready to help those in need without thinking about the need to return it. Not only does she always take care of and love her relatives and friends, but she also tells herself that it is her responsibility to protect them.

Happy and cute girl

She always has creative ideas that make the people around her feel happier and more comfortable. Rarely do you come across a sad and moody Leo, because she is always lively and enthusiastic. Therefore, the guy next to her will always be infused with positive energy.

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In addition to the times of being strong and strong, there are times when Lions transform into adorable kittens. With the person she loves, she will retract her claws to show tenderness and care, wanting to be taken care of by him.

She is extremely sensitive

Always equip yourself with a resilient, strong, somewhat stubborn cover. Their pride and self-confidence are too great, they do not allow themselves to be weak and accept opinions on their bad side.

Behind that shell is a sensitive, fragile and vulnerable soul. Sometimes there are times when they are tired, there are times when they are hurt, but they accept to hide all their sadness. They are very sensitive to the eyes of the people around them. It must be said that Leo is the person who hides emotions No. 2, then no one is No. 1. No matter how resilient the Lions are, they are still girls who need to be protected.

Which sign is compatible with Leo male sign


Male Leo with female Aries

Leo and Aries will create a very stable relationship. They have many similarities such as dynamism, enthusiasm and strong personality, so when they are together, they will have an indescribably familiar feeling. This couple will have interesting memories because both of them know how to be creative to make each other happy.

Next to a strong guy like Leo, the Aries woman will become gentle and sometimes feel weak. So that he always has the opportunity to show love, protect and protect his loved ones. So, it’s understandable that this couple is too good together.

Leo Man vs Cancer Woman

The strong Leo man is very easily attracted to a beautiful, gentle and quite shy woman like Cancer. Next to her, he can show his strong, manly instincts. At the same time, Cancer also feels loved and protected in his arms.

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Of course, for a fragile and weak girl, Leo will try to control her hot-tempered, arrogant nature. Leo will help Cancer have bold, powerful experiences that she has never broken through.

Lion Man vs Taurus Woman

The hot-tempered, aggressive nature of Tu Tu makes him sometimes unable to control it. So beside a traditional, tolerant, patient woman is a very suitable choice. Taurus knows how to be soft and strong at the right time, making him unable to be obedient. Taurus also admires the Leo man who is enterprising, responsible for his family, and strong-willed.

In business, cooperation can be very good with each other. A skillful and capable rear man and a resilient and decisive front-line person. These two paired together are hard to beat.

Which sign is the most suitable for female Leo


Leo female and Aries male

Both people, although different zodiac signs, belong to the same fire group, so they are surprisingly compatible. Why are these two people prone to falling in love at first meeting? Understandably, Aries is a gentle, warm guy who loves to take care of others.

No matter how strong and tough the Lioness is, she must be soft in front of this guy. She will learn how to better control her emotions.

Leo woman and Libra man

This pairing together is quite interesting. The humorous guy Libra next to the dynamic woman Leo, even if there is a conflict, they will quickly resolve it with a happy atmosphere.

Both love to travel, parties, crowded places. Because both he and she love to stand out from the crowd and attract everyone’s attention. Leo and Libra are both idealists, so the two are easy to share.

These two people have so much in common that they think they will never quarrel. That’s not it, Leo always feels low because of this guy’s flowery nature.

Leo Woman and Capricorn Man

Leo and Capricorn really make people question whether they are compatible. Both are stubborn and obstinate and always set high goals and ideals for themselves. Lion will Always want to present themselves as a leader, whereas Capricorn will silently achieve their goals.

When together, Leo will realize that behind the “peaceful” exterior is a mature, romantic, and special psychological person. Just one glance at him would tell immediately how she was feeling.

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With an adult man, a Leo woman will freely reveal her stubborn, sometimes childish personality. The law of compensation helps them understand each other better. No one is born compatible, but knowing how to get along everything will be fine.