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keep something as a souvenir to keep something as a souvenir to keep something as a souvenir to keep something

keep, obey, obey, enforce, keep true to keep one’s promise (word) keep a promise

keep, guard, protect; bless to keep the town against the enemy defend the city against the enemy God keep you! God bless you! to keep the goal (fitness, sport) keep the goal

to keep a secret to keep something from somebody to keep a secret to keep something from somebody

to keep (for neatness), to preserve; take care and look after; manager to keep the house for somebody

to keep something to keep something for oneself to keep something for future time to keep something for oneself

((usually) + from) to keep someone from falling to keep someone from falling to keep oneself from smoking

rearing, rearing; bao (girl) to keep a family

(commercial) how often do they keep postcards here? Do they sell postcards here?

keep, let, force to keep silence keep silence to keep someone waiting

do not leave, stay, stay, stay in a state to keep one’s room not leave the room (sick …)

(+ at) to keep somebody at some work to keep somebody at some work

do (celebration…), organize (anniversary…) to keep one’s birthday celebrate birthdays

the weather will keep fine the weather will keep fine the weather will keep laughing keep laughing keep straight on for two miles keep going straight

keep, keep, save (don’t spoil, don’t blow…) (food…) these apples do not keep

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(+ to) hold on, hold on, follow along, don’t let go Go

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(figuratively) can leave it, can wait that business can keep that job can be left alone

(+ from, off) away from, away from; hold off keep off! get out!, get out! keep off the grass don’t step on the grass

(+ at) to do persistently, to do persistently (what kind of work…) to keep hard at work for a week to do persistently for a week

sustenance, upbringing (family…); something to support yourself, something to support (family…) to earn one”s keep

(from America, meaning American) prison, prison

(history) tower, fortress, rampart

to keep back one’s tears hold back tears

hide not say

stay behind, stay behind

get away

to keep prices down keep prices from going up

don’t get up (keep kneeling, keep sitting, keep lying down)

(military) lying in ambush

Can”t keep from laughing

I can’t help laughing

to keep in restrain, repress, restrain, hold back (emotions, emotions, etc.) to keep from going out; penalty (student) to stay after school

keep (flame) burning evenly

stay at home, don’t go out, still be friendly, still get along (with someone)

to keep children out of mischief not to let mischievous children stand outside, not to interfere, not to get involved; avoid

to keep up to keep up, to keep from falling, to keep from falling, to keep from falling; keep well, keep well (machine…)

to keep up a correspondence continued correspondence

wake up at night, don’t let go to bed to keep up the spirit; no decrease, no decrease

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(+ with) keep up with, equal to, not inferior to

to keep one’s end up does not surrender, does not give in; keep your opinion

to keep somebody going to help someone materially (so that they can live, do business…)


Explain EN: A great inner tower serving as the stronghold of a medieval castle. Also, DONJON.

Giải thích EN: A large inner tower that acts as the bastion of an ancient castle. Reference: DONJON.

verb accumulate , amass , cache , care for , carry , conduct , conserve , control , deal in , deposit , detain , direct , enjoy , garner , grasp , grip , have , heap , hold back , manage , own , pile , place , possess , preserve , put , put up , reserve , retain , save , season , stack , stock , store , trade in , withhold , administer , attend , board , carry on , command , continue , defend , endure , feed , foster , guard , look after , maintain , mind , minister to , nourish , nurture , operate , ordain , protect , provision , run , safeguard , shelter , shield , subsidize , support , sustain , victual , watch over , arrest , avert , block , check , constrain , curb , delay , deter , hamper , hamstring , hinder , impede , inhibit , limit , obstruction , restrain , retard , shackle , stall , stop , adhere to , bless , celebrate , comply with , consecrate , fulfill , hold , honor , laud , obey , observe , perform , praise , regard , respect , ritualize , sanctify , solemnize , keep back , provide for , last , stay with , bit , brake , bridle , hold down , hold in , pull in , rein , abstain , forbear , hold off , lay aside , lay away , lay by , lay in , lay up , put by , salt away , set by , discharge , do , execute , exercise , implement , abide by , adhere , carry out , comply , conform , commemorate

phrasal verb hold back , keep , reserve , retain , withhold , bit , brake , bridle , check , constrain , curb , hold , hold down , hold in , inhibit , pull in , rein , beat off , fend , repel , repulse , ward off , carry on , go on , hang on , persevere , persist

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verb consume , disperse , give , give up , hand over , let go , release , abandon , ignore , neglect , let happen , dishonor