Aries (Aries) is dynamic and enthusiastic. Always pioneer in work and friends. As the first of the 12 signs of the Zodiac, Aries is always at the forefront of all activities.

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Résumé of the Aries Palace

• General properties: The supply of the owner, the leader

• Ruler: Mars (symbolizes desire, power, competition, war, violence and courage)

• Location: Located west next to the constellation Pisces, north towards the constellation Taurus.

• Order: The first constellation of the zodiac.

• Other names: Duong Cuu, Mien Duong.

• Symbol: A ram with golden fur

• Day of the week: Tuesday

• Symbolic stones: Diamond, ruby, red quartz

• Elemental: Fire

• Metal: Iron

• Animals: Wolf, rooster

• Color: Crimson, orange

• Flowers: Carnations, poppies, tulips, brooms

• Body part: Head, face

• Health: Attention should be paid to the head, face, brain and upper teeth

• Dating: Leo, Sagittarius

• Make friends with: Cancer, Capricorn

• Perfume: Sandalwood, lavender

• One thing for sure: Wear red

• Slogan: Don’t get in my way!

• Secret wish: To become a leader

• Lucky numbers: 1 and 9

• Zodiac signs: Aries, Leo and Sagittarius

• Incompatible signs: Libra

• Favorite gift: Sports equipment, clothes or work tools

• Likes: Pioneering, winning, creating, working, new beginnings, assertiveness

• Dislikes: Obedience, sharing, losing, waiting, roughness and dependent people

General meaning: People born in the year of Aries are intelligent, courageous, adventurous, have leadership skills. But they often promote individual freedom, sometimes very stubborn, authoritarian. They have a lot of initiative, a lot of energy, are quick, like to compete, so they can make bold decisions. Therefore, they are often pioneers, rushing to work enthusiastically, but when their hot blood is gone, or encounter some difficulties, the work they are doing. , no matter how important they are, they give up very easily. They are also very charming, neat, attractive to those around them, and have a talent for diplomacy.

Significance of Aries

Note: If your date of birth is at the beginning or the end of the zodiac, there may be a shift in the sign (That is, when you are in this sign, sometimes in the other) This also means that you will have a characteristic of both arcs. The way to choose a sign is: Usually we will choose the sign that the date of birth belongs to that sign. But in fact, if you find a sign that suits you better, that sign will be your main sign.


There are many legends about Aries. In particular, this story is the most popular: According to Greek mythology, once upon a time, the king of Beotie, Athamas, had a son Phrixus and a daughter Helle with his first wife Nephele – the daughter of the cloud goddess. Like other kings infatuated with beauty, when bored with his wife, Athamas sent Nephele away to marry Ino, daughter of Cadmus king of Thebes.

Legend of Aries

When having a child with the king, Ino was jealous of Nephele’s eldest son and tried everything to let his son inherit the throne. At that time, corn was the main crop of Croneus for people and animals. Ino prevented the corn from sprouting by secretly persuading the women of the kingdom to roast it before planting, and she also bribed the oracle sent by the king to ask the gods about the phenomenon. for him to lie that Nephele’s two children were the source of the danger. The king had to sacrifice the children so that the crops would be good again.

Loving his son, but in order to save the kingdom, Athamas followed Ino’s advice. Fortunately, out of concern for her child’s safety, the two children’s mother, Nephele, sent a guardian in the form of a golden sheep called Aries given to her by Zeus. When the day of the sacrifice came, the sheep told Phrixus and Helle to sit on their backs and fled from Greece, across the ocean. Unfortunately, Helle died in a strait (where she died was called Hellesponte). Phrixus survived, being carried by the sheep to the distant Asian kingdom of Colchis. King Aietes and the queen here are barren, with only one son, so they adopt him. Aietes has two daughters and a son. After becoming an adult, Phrixus married the eldest princess of The Colchis dynasty was Chalciope.

To give thanks to Zeus, he sacrificed the sheep and hung the fleece in a special place where the dragon never slept at Colchis. And Zeus brought Aries up into the sky as a constellation (with the unusual shape of a saving horn) to honor the animal’s courage. According to folklore, which country has a golden fleece, that country will forever live in peace and prosperity. So Jason from Greece and other heroes made a voyage to the East in the Argo (Ἀργώ), in order to capture the precious fur. The story of the sailors of Argonos begins here.


The symbol of Aries is a broken image of the head of a ram. In Greek mythology, Aries is the golden sheep of the god Zeus, named Aries, who is always hunted by the explorer Jason on the Argo.

Aries sign

However, Aries will never let anyone take away their golden fur. As legend has it, Aries is a symbol of courage that rarely gives up.


People with the Aries personality type work almost without hesitation.


Aries Traits and Personality – Resolute, strong and active. – Sensitive, impatient. – Subjective but absorbs knowledge very quickly. – Strong intuition, relatively accurate. – Sensational, infatuated. – Easy to make money, generous. – Be a loyal, trustworthy and loyal friend. – Extroverted nature, likes change or new things. – Have open eyes, easy to accept many different points of view

Aries personality traits

Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac and spring. Spring arrives on the earth, the vitality of all things manifests in Aries people. The breath of spring brings new life to Aries, Aries full of vitality and immense affection. Aries needs to comfortably burn off their life energy. No temporary plans, no compulsive perfectionism, and never too much attention to details. People of the Aries sign have the advantage of being decisive, quick to act, and quick to win.

He is a person with a creative spirit, a person full of life, enthusiasm, frankness, sincerity, resilience, courage, quick movements and a little stubbornness. Unfortunately, Aries does not speak and work very cautiously, pays very little attention to the way back, lacks a clear mind and thoughtful calculation.

Aries does not like to be restrained and free to act, refusing to go behind others. Aries never hides their feelings, either filled with enthusiasm or indignant. If Aries’ aspirations are thwarted, Aries will never quietly retreat.

Regardless of whether at home or outside, Aries is not afraid of disputes, but Aries always forgets when it’s done, never mind. In difficult and dangerous times, Aries knows how to fully show their dignity and courage, and is admired and praised by everyone. Aries always work hard, no matter what the cost, you have to take the lead.

In general, Aries never bows to any difficulties or setbacks. Aries people are rich in creativity, but easily give the impression of “dictator” to others, which is always detrimental to Aries’ work and relationships with those around them. In addition, Aries always has provocative and influential actions, attracting others into the orbit that Aries wants and making Aries play a larger role.

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Aries has the ambition of the miner. For Aries, struggle, exploration and conquest are more appealing than money. When there is money, Aries often considers money as land, either giving it to relatives and friends, or pretending to invest in a risky career. When economic conditions are tight, Aries will never be forced to sit around and wait for death, but always find a way out of difficulties, starting from scratch…

Aries likes the change of nature, no fuss and light in the opposite direction. Those are indispensable spices in your life, because Aries hates the most monotonous and boring life. The desire to take risks always surrounds Aries people.

Aries people are often extremely strong, brave, passionate and intelligent. Their love can only be described in one sentence: Hot as fire. Aries is more masculine, sometimes childish temperament, impulsive and selfish.

However, their strengths are personality, optimism, vivacity, humour, friendliness, courage, honesty; very responsible and always bursting with new ideas. These people are also extremely opinionated and confident in themselves.

Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac, it symbolizes life. The Lamb thinks only of himself. It is a child, and like every other child, he is completely immersed in his own ego. What it cares about must come first.

Aries doesn’t hesitate to call you at 4 a.m. Aries is so natural and sincere in all of its manifestations, that it seems to lend some beauty to its selfishness and aggression. There is no small sign in the Aries personality. of cunning. And it’s been like that for the rest of life – gullibility, mistake, then gullibility again. All anger and sadness will be forgotten in a moment if it is comforted and comforted by someone. There’s nothing mysterious or complicated about that personality: that person in front of you, all clear as the palm of your hand.

There are several characteristics to identify Aries. Aries usually has a bright face; hair color in sunlight is usually a bit pale; face and head or have moles, or scars. Gestures agile and skilful. Aries’ thinking speed is also fast. The Lamb has a small and strong skeleton that, when walking, leans forward, as if in flight. It cannot be said that Aries has a graceful figure, although its ingenuity to get out of difficult situations is often difficult for those who look down on it. Overall, the appearance of Aries exudes a boundless self-confidence and ego.

If you meet a moody Aries, it is certain that he or she has been deeply hurt and needs time to heal. But trust that the person will definitely recover. Nothing in the world can make Aries break down or lose their character. Surely this is not a pessimist. Those who are sponsored by Mars always look you straight in the eye with endearing sincerity and heartbreaking gullibility. You are very close to Aries. You really love Aries, don’t you? Isn’t it? Tears welled up in Aries’ eyes, but the person was able to control it. And if there’s ever a time when you see the Sheep cry for you, it’s because you’ve hurt her to the core. Aries would rather die than let others see their weaknesses. Sometimes this person really risks his life just to make sure no one thinks Aries isn’t brave enough.

When talking to someone, Aries often looks them directly in the face. If you turn your gaze away, it simply means that Aries is not interested in the story. At that point something else has caught Aries’ attention and he doesn’t intend to hide it.

Aries will do their best to take the lead in their chosen career. A failed Aries is easily recognized by the displeasure at having to conform to others. A victorious Aries is open-minded and exceptionally generous, but secretly wishes that everyone around them would sing their praises.

On the other hand, what you will never find in the Lamb no matter how hard you try is tact and humility. When God bestows these qualities, the Lamb is somewhere far away. Deception and crookedness are not at all attributes of those supported by Mars. Straightforward and absolutely sincere – that’s the Aries business card, although these qualities are clearly not always advantages.

Under certain circumstances, Aries people can be irresponsible. It’s when faced with something promising, utterly captivating, that they can forget their responsibilities. Those who are ruled by Mars are often accused of being too difficult. That is somewhat true. But they don’t hold grudges, don’t stay sad for long, and are often surprised to see someone who can’t forget their anger.

Although the Ram personality is assertive, resourceful, and courageous, there are things it fears as well. This person does not tremble in the face of even dinosaurs, but does not tolerate physical pain. Not a coward at all, but this person is very sensitive to even the smallest pain and pain. Dentists are the real enemies of the Sheep.

Aries often suffers from minor injuries, cuts, burns, and sometimes gets into an adventure of fighting. Common diseases in people born at the end of March – the first half of April are headaches, kidney problems, bone and joint problems, and especially common colds. Aries should take care of their health, have regular dental check-ups, have their eyes checked, eat right, don’t keep their head cold, and try to avoid abusing alcohol (which is contraindicated for those born under the zodiac sign). influence of Mars). In general, the Ram has a strong and supple body if it is not indulged in insatiable passion, which is a pity the Ram often does.

If you see Aries lying in bed, understand that the person’s condition is really bad. But even in such a case, it must be forceful to keep Aries in bed so Aries won’t run away. Thanks to a strong body, the Lamb is able to recover in conditions where others would have long since died. The main reason the Ram can become seriously ill is stubbornness, refusing to follow the sound advice of others. Worth Unfortunately, such an attitude to health is so typical in Aries. Statistics show that people born under this sign have almost no inclination towards drugs. They also rarely use medicine, even common ones like cold and headache medicine.

Thanks to their unwaveringly optimistic nature, Aries (along with two other fire signs – Leo and Sagittarius) very rarely suffers from depression. Mental decline, if even there is a basis for happening, in Aries it will pass quickly, leaving no trace.

Genuine by nature, Aries is incapable of social tricks. It usually takes this person half a life to learn minimal communication. But once that is achieved, combined with natural intuition and immense creative potential, Aries’ success will be truly spectacular. It is a surprising fact that people of this zodiac sign often bring wealth not to themselves but to others. Most of them do not have a home all their life, but only rent houses or apartments as a place to live. But it seems that chasing money is not the main goal of Aries.

Although confidently walking forward with little regard for the feelings of others, even though his attitude towards everything can be succinctly expressed by the tagline “it must be me first…”, Aries is an Aries person. one of the most generous and generous signs of the Zodiac. In this man without cruelty. Aries sincerely believes that she can do anything better than anyone else. If Aries is forced to choose between glory and riches, this person will not hesitate to choose the former. That’s not to say he despises money, not at all. Simply glory was more valuable to him.

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In the person of Aries there is a strange coexistence of reality and ideal. Few people can show such steadfastness and bravery, but at the same time, it is rare for anyone to be romantic, poetic, and believe in miracles like that. People ruled by Mars are completely incapable of admitting defeat, even when it is obvious. They believe in a happy ending – whether in love or in a football match. As gifted players, Aries in games often rely solely on their own strength. They always want to conquer victory. That’s why you hardly ever meet Aries as a beggar, or on a hard-earned allowance list.

Although it is easy to win the sympathy of others, which is very important to a political career, very few Aries become good politicians. For the typical Aries, politics isn’t the best place to show off your strengths. First of all, because Aries is not strong in business. Another is because this person does not know how to control his speech, hates all limitations and pretense. Aries’ forte is creative activities. Without the originality, drive and mental strength of Aries, many projects would not be possible or would take on a completely different, more tedious appearance.

Fire, burning in the soul of Aries, lights the way forward and gives confidence to those who follow. Aries is a pioneer, leading others towards lofty goals. This person’s faith is pure, not mixed with hypocrisy or greed. Aries is rarely the owner of large possessions, but if that happens, this person will never bother to hold onto them. He gladly shares all his treasures with others in the belief that what is spent will return many times over. Bringing joy to people – that is one of the main purposes of Aries. This person sincerely believes that life is full of wonders, and this person is happy to share those wonderful things, if of course you want to too.


March 21 to March 30

Aries born during this time is influenced by Mars. They are especially brave, full of energy, strong, steadfast, disobedient, with a passionate heart.

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Personality Traits: Aries WOMAN

Aries female – She is cute, sometimes hot-tempered but very straightforward, straightforward and sometimes whimsical like a baby who wants to be pampered.

Aries Woman

Want everything at once. Aries girl is passionate and not shy about sharing her feelings with others. Aries girl is also very independent. I hate getting a “No” answer from the other side.

Aries girl is a person who knows how to protect herself. It is not easy for them to open their hearts to others, nor is it easy for others to enter their hearts.

So, if you love an Aries girl, remember to be patient.

Aries daughter loves freedom very much, loves to argue. They like to confront and try to make excuses to defend their point of view Liberated women have a fighting spirit, speak straightforwardly, dare to advance, and are not afraid of obstacles.

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Aries girl has a very strong personality, when emotions are overflowing, she will not be able to control herself, even pursuing the man she likes without hesitation. Usually they don’t like being chased by men.


As an Aries man, you are an active person and you need to be challenged. A job without risk and discovery will not appeal to you.

Aries Male

So you’re the perfect security guard, marine, or police inspector. You may have a bit of a problem with purely intellectual or midwifery jobs.

Your colleagues treat you very cheerfully and enthusiastically. They admire your strength when you pay attention to something. However, if you feel someone is trying to outdo you, your competitiveness will rise and they will know how stubborn you are.

You are a great and comfortable boss. You always lead and care for your team. Your enthusiasm and enthusiasm are easily transmitted from one person to another and it is the impetus for your subordinates to notice and follow you.

The secret to your success is that you always have a goal and no matter what the requirements are, you fight like a warrior to achieve it. You always have determination and confidence in yourself and giving up on that goal is not your choice.

Aries is not a thrifty person because the attraction of shopping, entertainment and other games is too great. They rarely focus their money on the future. For them, the moment they are living is the most important. Because of the mindset and love of work, Aries earns a lot of money but also spends a lot of “evil”.

Aries’ career path and money

Career is the area where Aries shines the most. The creative and ambitious nature motivates people born under this sign to achieve great success in their careers. The natural gift of leadership makes Aries to give orders more than to obey others.

When faced with a challenge, the Aries person quickly assesses the situation and finds a solution. This sign is associated with fire as well as the desire to win. Competition only makes Aries stronger and brighter. Suitable careers for Aries are: real estate, business, management and leadership.

As a person who likes competition, you always choose jobs that can beat yourself and others.

You are enthusiastic, responsive, daring, ambitious, strong and creative. A job in television, radio, advertising or architecture will match your ambitions and creativity. And since you were born to lead, working in the military or law enforcement suits you as well.


“Action” – that is the guideline for Aries. People born in this sign have as many friends as possible. Often make friends with many people from many different walks of life because Aries is friendly and easy to get along with. However, your best friend must also be someone of the same type as Aries.

Independence and ambition. These two characteristics Aries built from childhood. From the moment you live with your family, you have expressed your wishes. Aries is very emotional, family is always an important part of you.

Aries’ Love

Love is understood in a broad sense, including love between men and women, children, friends and family members. Especially in terms of dealing with children, Aries clearly shows protective instincts. Under their impulsive, impulsive expression, there is always a great sense of responsibility for those who are too young, or defenseless.

Aries is creative even in flirting. But not everyone can attract the attention of these sheep, they also have to be active and enthusiastic like Aries. The fire of love in Aries burns forever if it’s the person you’ve been waiting for.


How to Conquer Aries Male: WHAT SIGN IS ARRIVAL WITH

Aries is compatible with the signs: Aries and Pisces

When Aries encounters misfortune, they will immediately come to their soulmate to talk, because this is Aries’ way of venting negative emotions and Pisces seems to be the one to listen to Aries’s confide. While Aries is hurt and bored, Pisces can bring spiritual strength to this Zodiac sign.

Aries makes friends with signs: Aries and Aquarius

Aries requires quality life, they love walking, shopping and traveling. This is very similar to Aquarius, you two have similar interests. Aquarius is very fond of freedom, the two sides do not bind each other, so to make friends, Aries is suitable for each other. Zodiac sign Aquarius.

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Aries is compatible with the signs: Aries and Virgo

Aries’ work is very busy, every day Aries tries to work non-stop. In general, Aries has a clear direction and purpose while working, but is a little careless and does not pay attention to details. At this time, Virgo will compensate for Aries, Virgo works very carefully and pays great attention to details, these two people are each other’s best partners.

IN LOVE, WHAT SIGNS ARE Aries compatible with?

1st place: Lion

Aries and Leo are both strongly “attracted” to each other. However, both love to be the leader in their relationship. The aggressive Aries can’t stand being in second place in a love relationship, while the Leo loves to be admired all the time. and praise. This relationship can survive if Leo acts as the “emperor” and Aries is the “general”. Aries is inherently optimistic and open-minded, while Leo is generous and kind. If one of them knows how to skillfully behave to make the other satisfied, Aries and Leo will become a “match” pair and stick together for life.

Because Aries and Leo people have a lot in common, they are difficult to get along with. The most obvious thing is that they both want to be the center of the story

Attention: The power struggle will soon kill their joint business.

2nd place: Shen Nong

Scorpio can teach art and literature to a lover who is an Aries with an upright disposition, even learning a foreign language can lend a hand. You two are a relatively happy couple. Since both of you can understand the other’s feelings and charms, you will have a love full of life. If there are similar interests in sports, the possibility of two people getting married is very high.

3rd place: Gemini

Aries and Gemini never run out of things to talk about. Gemini likes intelligent, open and straightforward lovers, they are often attracted to the pure, open personality of Aries. The relationship between the two is not bad. Because you are compatible with each other and have a common perception of new information and news, it will be the driving force for your love to develop.

Remember: If you were born on the first or last day of a constellation, in astrological terms, you were born on the “top”. In this case, you will inherit part of the characteristics of the constellation with the date immediately preceding and following your birth date.


Sign 1: Aries – Aries

An Aries woman and an Aries man will create a reciprocity of power and strength, but who will be the boss? Both of these people are impulsive and conceited so they will constantly have to argue about who will get to use the bathroom first. That would make their relationship go to hell in no time.

House 2: Aries – Taurus

Female Aries with Taurus

Aries woman and Taurus man will be drawn to the difference. The Aries woman admires his cooking skills, and he’s happy that she’s always taking the initiative in bed. This means that Aries women can work tirelessly all night and enjoy a perfect dinner throughout the week. Together, these two will be able to have sex anywhere from a sauna to a train bed, but the Aries woman will be annoyed when her partner falls asleep while she’s still alive. want more.

Male Aries with Taurus

A lightning love affair will draw the Taurus woman and the Aries man closer together. The Aries man is often impatient, bold, and cocky, while the Taurus woman will be soft-spoken and admire him for his sweet smiles and sense of humour. However, if the Taurus woman does not rush to force him to marry, this man will stay with her longer than she thought.

House 3: Aries – Gemini

Aries Woman with Gemini

These two are physically attracted to each other and the Gemini man will quickly betray if the Aries woman loses this infatuation. The Aries woman loves Gemini’s wit and carefreeness, but the Gemini woman dislikes sacrifices and commitments. This relationship is passionate only as long as both parties can give each other space.

Male Aries with Gemini

The crazy ideas of the Aries man will make the Gemini woman instantly infatuated with Aries. There is a wonderful physical reciprocity here, but the Aries man is too selfish. That makes the relationship more passionate but also exhausting for both parties. It’s fair to say that the Aries man can’t get along with the Gemini woman because she’ll get tired of this man sooner rather than later than he gets bored of her.

House 4: Aries – Cancer

Female Aries with Cancer

The Aries woman believes that Cancer men are ambitious and love to be the center of attention. But actually the Cancer man just doesn’t I want the Aries woman to know his gentle, soft inner side. This relationship is great only for a short time, as the Aries woman will get fed up with Cancer’s avoidance of life when she just wants to get straight to the point.

Male Aries with Cancer

The Aries man will drown in the softness and femininity of the Cancer woman and she will admire his impromptu sex, but the passion of the Aries man is raw and raw, and in Cancer woman, this feeling is more reserved. Demands of coherence will make the Aries man run away. This combination can only be an instinctive love story because he will never mind her feelings but only his own.

House 5: Aries – Leo

Female Aries with Leo

In her relationship with the Leo man, the Aries woman should wait to adjust to the fact that the house will one day catch on fire. Both of these people always want to shine and be noticed but the Leo man tends to be too arrogant and the Aries woman’s easy charm will make him jealous. This relationship only flashes briefly, not long-term.

Male Aries with Leo

The Aries man is impulsive and conceited, while the Leo woman is proud and does not compromise easily. Leo’s emotions are also often outbursts and that will be dangerous for their relationship as both will become bored with each other because of their rivalry even in love.

House 6: Aries – Virgo

Female Aries with Virgo

The Aries woman and the Virgo man will create an unbelievable pattern of chastity. These two people are mentally and emotionally compatible, but physically they are just like the first wind of the season.

Male Aries with Virgo

The Aries man will be tempted when the Virgo seduce him with her calm and chic appeal. This combination will be great because they are two different halves of each other and they will fall in love if the Virgo man can accept his outgoing personality and he can understand his needs. Virgo’s inner self.

House 7: Aries – Libra

Female Aries with Libra

The relationship between the Libra man and the Aries woman is very flammable and always maintains a passionate yet challenging fire. The Aries woman’s intense sex drive is both fascinating and intimidating to the Libra man, while he has his own aesthetic of love. He likes a flawless beauty and subtle charm. If the relationship between these two happens, it will be difficult to forget the feelings.

South Aries with Libra

When meeting the Aries man, the Libra woman seems to find her other half and the contrast in personality will make their love affair become a lightning strike. Libra Woman