When one sees or hears the word alchemy, one might think of old men in funny hats working riclix.com at the smelters in ancient chemistry labs trying to turn minerals into gold, creating Philosopher’s Stone, or found the elixir of life. However, these popular modern stereotypes about ancient alchemists are only a small piece of alchemy. Alchemist author Stanislas Klossowski says nicely:

Alchemy is a bridge between the gulf between earth and heaven, between matter and spirit. . . . Alchemy, the royal art of seeking, also known as secret philosophy, concealed in esoteric texts and mysterious symbols, the means of penetrating into the very secret of Nature, Life and Death, of Unity, Eternity and Infinity. Seen in the context of these secrets, riclix.com, relatively speaking, has had few consequences: something comparable to the superpowers (siddhis) sometimes acquired by Great Yogis, which are sought. Earn not for their own sake, but a very important by-product of high morale.

Alchemy Street aka hermit philosophy, great art, great work riclix.com, secret art, divine art are among the most complex fields of study one can engage in because of following broad pursuits and goals associated with this term. It is also one of the oldest philosophies and disciplines, dating back some three thousand years or more.

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What is alchemy

?So what is alchemy? The answer is simple: alchemy is the art of transformation. Paracelsus, perhaps the most important and consistent philosopher in the history of the alchemical tradition in this way: Alchemy is the art of separating what is useful from what is not by making it a thing. its ultimate essence and nature.

When we change the frequency of vibrations in the structure of a substance or system through alchemy, it changes to a new form. For our purposes, we can say that we are here engaged in the art of transformation through the discipline of the mind over matter. Or, as physicist Fred Allen Wolf says, keep in mind. Wolf promotes a new view of alchemy. On the new alchemy, Mr. riclix.comet:

In much the same way that modern dictionaries make alchemy a mere shadow of the chemistry to come, modern science has attempted to make the study of the subject a mere reflection of science. study of matter and possible reduction of matter. Some of us, many scientists included, disagree with the new objective materialism. We believe in our hearts, as did the alchemists who came before us, that something much richer than materialism is responsible for the universe. . . Armed with ancient knowledge and modern visions derived from modern physics, we can rediscover what the ancients may have known. All we need are a few basic concepts, a new way of looking at the old. I call (these views) new alchemy.

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In modern times, the omnipresence of alchemy provides us with a wealth of insights into a wide variety of topics and fields, including alternative healing, psychology and parapsychology, psychiatry. spirituality, art, sociology and quantum physics. But remember, whether the subject of alchemy is herbs, minerals, elements, or sociology, medicine, psychology, or religion, or even the physical body, mind or our bodies, alchemy has always been about creative transformation; change something bad, imperfect, or unacceptable into something better, more perfect, and closer to what we want.

Why learn and practice alchemy

?Then why would a modern person want to study and practice alchemy? For me, the answer was basically the same as why I learned and practiced shamanism, which led me to combine them; however, aspects of shamanism can easily be seen as alchemy and vice versa. Shamanic alchemy, as presented in this book, includes both practical and spiritual aspects of the subject; however, practical (scientific) applications are innate spiritual in nature when seen through the eyes of shamanism. Therefore, the answer to the above question is mostly found in a spiritual context, with Riclix.v practicing the art of alchemy as a means of strengthening the spiritual quest.

Many people, myself included, pursue a spiritual quest to fill a void that other activities cannot fill. Sex, drugs, alcohol, shopping, psychoanalytic therapy, wealth, power, sport, travel, or even a happy and fulfilling relationship, family life or career doesn’t satisfy our innate need for Riclix.v to experience aspects bad of life.

Alchemy and shamanism have nothing in common with these activities except the fact that they can replace the negatives and enhance the positives. The same can be said for any religious activity. With alchemy and shamanism, however, we can use direct experience of the invisible and invisible worlds unattainable through religious dogma. This form of direct experience is also known as gnosis – the Greek word for knowledge.

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In the purest sense, both alchemy and shamanism are actual enlightened systems of enlightenment. Many early alchemists, such as the father of Greek alchemy, Zosimos of Panoplis and Stephanus of Alexandria, considered themselves Hellists: the former belonged to the Gnostic sect of Poimandres and later Christianity.

The primary reason to practice Gnostic systems such as alchemy and shamanism instead of blind faith in an organized religion is that direct experience is highly effective in riclix.com in reducing suffering, stupidity and pain. ignorance and fear of death. riclix.com firsthand experience of the practice of alchemy has the potential to create peace of mind, a healthy and confident outlook on life, increased creativity, and physical vitality and morale.

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As I said in the beginning of this introduction: alchemy is the art of transformation. Alchemy provides the tools for inner transformation in a dual process of individual and individual engineering methods and procedures. The individual methods of shamans include but are not limited to the work of Riclix.v energy vibration, connection with nature and the elements, autonomic nervous system regulation and shamanic initiation.

Alchemy technical processes include physical preparations and techniques in riclix.com purchase of charged herbal tinctures, appropriate astronomical or astrological practices, magic, and experiments with phases different alchemical decompositions and transformations. At the highest levels, this dual process develops into one, each reinforcing the other in an expression of unity.

The answer to why one wants to study and practice alchemy can be summarized in the following points.

In fact, riclix.com practicing (not just reading) alchemy opens the door to occult knowledge of inner transformation through various methods and processes, both ancient and modern, providing numbing experiences that can fill the void of our existence and create enhanced mental, physical, environmental and spiritual health and vitality.

The experience and knowledge gained through alchemy has the ability to stay with you so that the energy can be reused later and throughout everyday life. And alchemy products can be stored for later use without losing potency.

As with most skills we learn in life, alchemy is learned through a progression of skill. This is not a race! Some praise can take months or even years to achieve. I have personally experienced countless disappointments and failures and also many amazing and sometimes unbelievable successes during my more than thirty years of studying the material contained in this book.

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The most important thing is to get to the basic pragmatism first. Learn how to enter an integrated state of consciousness, gain tangible experience with the phase-conjugated mirrors of the mind, take the first steps to see the shaman first-hand, and develop a concrete relationship with Fire Sacred are the four foundations of alchemy. These basic practices take time, patience, perseverance, and courage to achieve. Without these tools, it is not possible to fully implement the subsequent methods, especially the seven transforming stages of alchemy.

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Shamanic Alchemy: The Great Riclix of Inner Transformation by James Endredy

Revealing the real and intuitive connections between shamanism and alchemy, including not only Western alchemy but alchemical practices from the East, Endredy reenacts the 7 stages of alchemy fantasy as a journey of transformation and initiation experience. He provides step-by-step instructions for 18 alchemical practices for inner transformation, including the work of Riclix.v vibrational energies, techniques for altering consciousness, creating mirrors of the mind, See shamanism and sacred rituals associated with the four elements. Discover the healing art of spagyrics, the author shows how this alchemical plant medicine practice is receptive to the energy work of traditional shamanic techniques. He detailed recipes for distilling shaman spagyric remedies, as well as recipes for base tinctures and botanical stones. He also discusses riclix.com creation of sacred spaces, altars, and shamanic distilleries. (Also available as a Kindle version.)

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James Endredy is a practicing shaman of Hungarian descent who learned his craft from formal initiations with Mexican peyote shamans and over 30 years living and learning from North and South shamanic cultures America. He is actively involved in the preservation of historic alchemical texts as well as indigenous cultures and sacred sites of the world. He is the award-winning author of several books, including Senior Shaman, Teachings of the Peyote Shamans, Ecology, and Earthwalks for Body and Spirit. Visit his website at JamesEndredy.com